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Charlie Sheen

Please Deliver Dog Poo

To My Kid's Former School

3/14/2013 12:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0314-viewpoint-charlie-sheen-denise-richards-sam-tmzCharlie Sheen has issued a call to arms against a school where his daughter was allegedly horribly bullied -- and Charlie's method of retaliation involves toilet paper and feces.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Sam -- Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards' 9-year-old daughter -- had been attending Viewpoint School in Calabasas, CA. Our sources say a 9-year-old named Victoria made Sam's life a living hell.  We're told Victoria teased Sam mercilessly about her skin, her looks, her hair, and even Charlie getting fired from "Two and a Half Men."

Sources say it got to the point where Sam became physically sick and could not attend class.  We're told Denise had 3 meetings at the school to complain about the bullying ... to no avail.

During the third meeting last May, we're told Victoria's parents met with Denise and the parents insisted Sam was lying about the whole thing.  That's when Charlie and Denise decided to pull Sam out of Viewpoint.

Charlie just went on a Twitter rant, saying, "If you have a rotten egg, a roll of toilet paper or some dog s**t, I urge you to deliver it with 'extreme prejudice' to the campus run by trolls and charlatans.  Make me proud."

Charlie goes on:  "And if you're feeling the 'show and tell' of it all, smear the s**t to spell one name on the front door: VICTORIA."

It's unclear what set Charlie off months after the fact.  One source says it's because Sam has applied to several schools and the admission acceptance letters are about to go out.

We called Viewpoint ... they hung up on us.

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From Starpulse: "[Lark Voohries'] mother Tricia told People magazine that [she] was struggling with erratic behavior for years and was medicated for bipolar disorder." Lark refuted her mother's story insisting she's not bipolar, nor is she seeing a doctor or on any medication.

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Why isn't this women abuser Charlie Sheen in jail for strangling his wife on Christmas morning while his children were in the same house. And didn't his ex-wife take two of this childrens puppies that were in his home because they were on deaths door with one puppy having to be put to death because he didn't take care of them while he was home and unemployed.

533 days ago


poor Charlie. gettin more and more insane as the years go by and aint been the same since
"Two And A Half Men" canned him. i wonder if he's sick, literally, with an ailment because he's looking pretty unhealthy. might be cancer, since he smoke like a freight train.

533 days ago


still am ass, as always yet ppl just this jackass to death. hope the school sues his ass if some fools does this to the school or hury any of the kids. he is a damn moron, and so is denise to still associate with him other than his kids

533 days ago


Go Charlie!

533 days ago


While I do not approve of any form of bullying, how would he like it the general public tossed fecal matter at this wife beating drug using alky, and illegal narcotics supplier. And one who let drug dealers into his home and in close contact with not only his chidlren but near the children of others, too.

533 days ago


Charlie Sheen could really do a lot to stop this national problem of bullying. It is an epidemic that is destroying the lives of too many children across America. Sadly, on a regular basis, we read about another child who has suffered so much to the point of suicide. The one group of all, whose work I have followed in stopping this destuctive problem is Focus Adolescent Services. For 20 years I have supported their never ending dedication to this and other issues that are so harmful to our youth. Charlie Sheen should put his support behind them and really fight the problem. For that matter, we all should support them in our small and large ways. They are saving the children of America. There are others so please help those whose work you admire. We must end this national tragedy and it can be done if we want.

533 days ago


Bullying is out of control. My friend's grandaughter was beatten by 6 girls after school,and had to be hospitalized. WHEN she gets a little older, I want to pay for her to go to self defence classes.Maybe Charlie and Denise should do the same.

533 days ago


I have to agree with Charlie on this one this time. He is absolutely right to call to arms.

533 days ago


Yes a call to arms as someone said. But not like he said. All that does is make matters worse. The school should have done more than they did. Since both parents went to them for help and got none. Shame on them for not stepping up to stop this awful thing done to kids by other kids.

533 days ago

charle fan     

Charlie Sheen has every right to be upset ... i hope Charlie Sheen takes Viewpoint School in Calabasas, CA. to court .... It's his job as a parent to protect his child and if suing them is the only way to speak out for his child ((( Speak Loud and clear ))) get the best lawyer you can find and take the school to court no child should be bullied to the point that they become physically sick

533 days ago



533 days ago


WHAT THE HELL??? this sweet little girl, doesn't need the added pressure of her INSANE FATHER encouraging other crazy people... to do this disgusting stunt. WHAT AN *******. Instead of him sniffing around after sicko drunk Lindsey 'Lowlife" Lohan, he needs to GROW THE 'F" UP and address this issue in a mature way like a parents should, NOT EMBARRASS HER MORE. Sheen you truly are a freaking MORON.

533 days ago


I actually like Charlie Sheen ... at times. But this is very classless. Come on, Charlie, you need to grow up, especially when protecting your children from MORE ridicule. Dog poop. Really?

532 days ago


What a total piece of garbage this man is.

532 days ago


come on now how do you know you're kid ain't a brat!

532 days ago
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