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Lil Wayne


Pays Weezy a Visit

3/16/2013 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0316-birdman-cedars-tmzLil Wayne's latest hospital visitor was perhaps his most important: his mentor ... Birdman.

The rap stars are as close as close can be, so much so that Birdman calls Wayne "his son." Birdman famously gave Wayne $1,000,000 in cash on his 26th birthday. 

Wayne -- who has been in the hospital since suffering multiple seizures earlier this week -- has also received visits from Drake and Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul

Birdman tweeted after Wayne's health scare last night, saying, "My son is feelin Good.will be home real soon."


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Whoever made the long drown our comment about how lil wayne is promoting the further down fall of the black race, kill yo self... Sweet heart, an educated person should know better. It didnt start from lil wayne and it didnt start from rap music. Anyhow, tmz and these tabloid publications are garbage. And second any person spitting garbage about how this man deserves to die wouldnt say it to his face. Hes a father and someones son. Oh how funny it is to sit online and bash people who have so much more than you and mean so much than you. Losers..

552 days ago


I call dibs in his teeth

552 days ago


Madonnawannabe Said: "Whoever made the long drown our comment about how lil wayne is promoting the further down fall of the black race, kill yo self... Sweet heart, an educated person should know better."

And if YOU had completed the fourth grade, you would know the phrase is "drawn out", not "drown our." But you merely prove my point -- that Wayne and other rappers prosper because of the collective ignorance of black youth (with a few ignorant whites thrown in for good measure). You, an adult, are incapable of even formulating a simple grade-school-level sentence. You lack the intellectual a***en to persuasively express yourself, so you seek to attack me. Why? Because you disagree with my primary point -- that Wayne PROMOTES violence and self-hatred among HIS OWN PEOPLE? "Promote" does not mean "create." I did not say blacks' self-hating, self-annihilating, self-deriding mindset STARTED with Wayne. I said he is PROMOTING it. "Promote" means to foster, to help it grow (my, how our public school system has failed you.) An intelligent race of people would WANT to stop the flow of blood in their own communities. Instead, blacks lionize those who promote it. And worse, you get ANGRY at those who merely state the truth, but NOT at those (like Wayne) who encourage the violence. It is insane reasoning. If you have a problem with me, I implore you to dig deeply into that dark, empty chasm that should house your brain and try to attack the SUBSTANCE of my post -- that Wayne is a negative influence on black youth. If you disagree, offer an intelligent response (hey, that even made ME laugh). Please, tell us about the "good" that Wayne has done -- his many donations to black charities, his mentoring programs, his scholarship funds or computer or book donations. Tell us ANYTHING that disproves my position. Sadly, you cannot. The only thing you are intellectually capable of doing is writing another kindergarten-level sentence attacking ME because you can't handle the truth.

552 days ago


Who cares about this worthless thug? It's just a matter of time before the world is rid of this dude,
one good seizure and poof!

552 days ago


I guess thatz what happens when you are gremlin and try to eat and DRINK after 12 (D*ck)
its sad that these guys make so much and they still
junkies no better then the f*cking then the losers on the block!!

552 days ago


Does anyone else find it strange that his mother has not been to see him? Im a mother and if one of my children were in the hospital with something as severe as sizures I would have been on the next thng smoking!!! I think they dont want anyone to come there and be grieving! the truth will come out about this.

552 days ago


Quick recovery Weezy...............we love u;

552 days ago

rosemary williams    

what do u have in fhat cup it sure aint coffee sometime u are so high

552 days ago

big moe    

you people are idiots lil wayne in on his death bed!

552 days ago


"I'm sipping out two cups at one time and I thank God I can say **** one time." Lil Wayne 30 minutes to new orleans

552 days ago


"Weed and sizzurp til I die.. as a matter of fact its gonna kill me." Lil Wayne duffle bag boy

552 days ago


"Sizzurp got me moving like a turtle" lil Wayne watch my shoes

552 days ago


Just tried to watch YET ANOTHER lilwayne video, the one called "Love Me" on youtube and AGAIN could NOT get through this trash.

I'll say it, he and his posse are DISGUSTING. Comparing himself to Satan, referring to b*tches, women in cages, get a grip people, this is a DISGRACE.

Blacks of all the people here should be the FIRST to point out how disprespectful, shameful, and heinous he is. No this is not art, this is a deliberate tool to keep you all down, oppressed at the bottom of society, and you follow mindlessly like dimwitted, brainlacking fools.


I will say it, this is inexcusable to willfully subject yourselves to this FILTH!

Get a brain, though it seems that it's too late for so many "fanns."

Look within and get help fast if you are listening to this despicable noise, you are causing your own demise.

552 days ago


Still praying for lil Wayne. Get well soon!.

551 days ago


He should teach his son not to be stupid n get him help

551 days ago
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