Lil Wayne Out of Hospital Needs 2 Weeks to Recover

Lil Wayne's been released from the hospital, and we're told he's taking a break from work to get himself right ... on doctor's orders.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ ... the seizures that forced him into the hospital Sunday were due to a super busy schedule mixed with the fact he was getting NO sleep. We're told the attack had nothing to do with him frequently sipping lean.


As we reported ... Weezy was the picture of health onstage at back-to-back concerts before the seizures struck. However, we're told he was going out after shows, and then straight to the studio, and the lack of rest triggered the emergency.

Our sources say Wayne's been advised to avoid overdoing it on tour, and he'll be taking 2 weeks off for some much needed R&R ... his next show is September 23 and we're told he'll be there.

Lil Wayne Drinking Massive Amounts of Lean Hours Before Seizures

Lil Wayne ingested an extraordinary amount of lean in the hours leading up to his multiple midair seizures ... according to witnesses close to the rapper.

We're told Weezy was cruising around with five 16 oz bottles of Promethazine/Codeine syrup during his club appearance in Milwaukee over the weekend ... with one onlooker telling us Wayne downed 3 bottles just by himself.

We're told he continued sipping during the after-party.

TMZ broke the story ... Wayne was hospitalized in Omaha, Nebraska after suffering multiple seizures aboard his private jet ... prompting 2 emergency landings.

Wayne previously said he doesn't sip lean anymore because of his history with seizures and epilepsy ... but clearly that wasn't the case in Milwaukee.

A rep for Wayne says the rapper is currently in stable condition and "good spirits."


Lil Wayne Seizure Forces Emergency Landing

2:28 PM PT -- Wayne has been transported to a hospital by ambulance.

2:00 PM PT -- We're told Lil Wayne just suffered ANOTHER seizure after refusing medical attention and going back onto his private jet. We're told his plane was in the air for minutes when the 2nd seizure occurred ... and was forced to land in Omaha once again.

Our sources say Wayne once again lost consciousness ... and the paramedics are treating him on the aircraft.

Lil Wayne suffered a seizure during a cross-country flight, forcing his private jet to make an emergency landing in Nebraska ... TMZ has learned.

Wayne was flying from Milwaukee to California when the seizure struck -- and we're told he'd blacked out when the pilot put the jet down Monday afternoon in Omaha.

Paramedics are at the airstrip right now, and Wayne is alert again. As of 1:30 PM PT ... we're told he's refusing medical treatment.


TMZ broke the story, the same thing happened to Weezy in 2012 ... when his private jet made emergency landings two days in a row. He also suffered seizures in 2013 -- one of which was nearly fatal.

Wayne has said he's epileptic and has suffered seizures since childhood. Years ago he said he quit drinking lean because of the seizures, but last night in Milwaukee he was double-cupping in plain sight.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Lil Wayne My Seizures Strike Without Warning

Lil Wayne says he doesn't know what it's like to experience a seizure ... because every time he has one, he completely blacks out.

Wayne -- along with his mentor Birdman -- sat with Sway from MTV and explained how his seizure episodes always strike without warning.

"So everybody knows, I don't know that it happens," ... adding, "I go to sleep and wake up in the hospital."

"I don't feel anything. I just hope it stops happening."

Wayne says he's struggled with headache issues in the past ... but he hasn't experienced any head pain in the moments before the seizures strike.

Wayne has suffered multiple seizures over the past few months ... and was hospitalized for several days in L.A. in March after a series of very serious episodes.

Weezy says the doctor has given him some tips to stay healthy ... and so far, the rapper says he's following orders.

Lil Wayne Hospitalized For Another Seizure

11:40 AM PT -- Weezy just tweeted that he's fine.

Lil Wayne was hospitalized again for a seizure ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Wayne tell us ... the rapper was taken to Cedars-Sinai in L.A. late Tuesday night by his bodyguards. We're told he suffered a single seizure and was treated and released early this morning.

As we first reported, 30-year-old Lil Wayne spent a week at Cedars back in March after suffering multiple severe seizures that nearly killed him. He spent 6 days in ICU.

Wayne subsequently went on the radio and explained he's an epileptic, and has been suffering from seizures since he was a kid.


Lil Wayne said publicly for the first time what we told you about 2 weeks ago ... he was near death after suffering multiple, violent seizures.

Wayne, during an interview with Power 106 in L.A. yesterday, said he's an epileptic and prone to seizures. And he said ... he's been having seizures for a long time.

As for the episodes earlier this month that landed him in ICU for 6 days at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center ... Wayne said he suffered 3 seizures in a row and his heart rate went down to 30%, adding, "I could've died."

Soulja Boy RIPPED for Codeine Pics After Lil Wayne Overdose

Soulja Boy's fans are turning on him ... blasting the rapper for posting glammed-up pics of the drug codeine on Instagram ... just days after Lil Wayne nearly died from an OD.

Soulja's known for posting pics of the painkiller on social networking sites -- along with giant bags of weed -- but fans went nuclear over these new photos.

Among the angry comments -- "How the f**k u drink s**t that you know can kill you?" and "Who brags about being sad and addicted to prescription medication?"

The comments continued ... "Who the hell thinks drinking cough syrup is cool?!?!? ... Look at lil Wayne had to have his stomach pumped 3x cause that damn cough syrup bulls**t."

Soulja Boy ... where stupid can't get any stupider.

Lil Wayne 'Kiss My Fist I'm More than Good' (Video)

Lil Wayne has gone from seizures to BBQ on the brain. Swag was at an all-time low last week, but now he's turnt up major ... you gotta watch Wayne in this video which he gave to TMZ.

We broke the story ... Wayne was rushed to the hospital last week after suffering massive seizures.

But now Weezy gotta holla at his fans -- letting them know ... it's all good.

How good? Wayne and T.I. are talking albums, concerts and most importantly ... barbecue.

Lil Wayne Released from Hospital

Lil Wayne said ICU later to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in West Hollywood ... because TMZ has learned he was just released.

Wayne spent 6 days in the hospital -- most of it in the Intensive Care Unit -- after suffering what appears to be a drug OD that triggered a series of massive seizures.

Sources connected with the rapper tell us ... Wayne is feeling weak but he's a lot better. He plans on laying low until he makes a full recovery.

Lil Wayne OUT OF ICU Upgraded to Stable Condition

Good news for Lil Wayne -- the rapper has finally been moved out of the Intensive Care Unit at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles after doctors determined his condition has stabilized ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the rapper tell us ... Wayne has been moved into a "regular room" at the hospital and no longer needs intense, round-the-clock treatment after a suspected codeine overdose last week.

We broke the story ... doctors pumped Wayne's stomach at least 3 times after the rapper began experiencing severe and violent seizures. He had been in the ICU since Wednesday.

Now, we're told the 30-year-old has been walking around the hospital floor on his own -- accompanied by a team of bodyguards.

We're told he's also eating on his own ... and could even be discharged from the hospital in the near future.

Lil Wayne Day 6 in Intensive Care

Lil Wayne is still in rough shape ... and remains in the intensive care unit at an L.A. hospital 6 days after being admitted for seizures stemming from a suspected drug overdose ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us ... Wayne's condition has not improved enough to be moved out of the ICU ... and he continues to be monitored very closely by staff at L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai hospital.

We know Wayne has been surrounded by friends and family since he was admitted to the ICU this past Wednesday ... and we're told the mood around Wayne's bedside has been very serious.

Among Wayne's visitors -- Drake, Chris Paul, Nicki Minaj, Birdman and others.

TMZ broke the story ... Wayne's stomach was pumped at least 3 times after doctors suspected he had overdosed on the prescription drug codeine ... the main ingredient in "sizzurp."

Wayne has struggled with codeine for years -- and just a few months ago suggested he had quit using the powerful painkiller.

Eminem Mum on Lil Wayne After Dinner in L.A.

Eminem made a rare public appearance this weekend -- dining out at a popular L.A. restaurant ... and it's possible he's in town to visit his friend Lil Wayne.

TMZ shot footage of Em leaving Marino restaurant on Melrose by himself Friday night ... covering his head with a hoodie.

But when we asked about Lil Wayne -- who he's rapped with on multiple songs including, "Forever" and "Drop the World" -- it was clear, Mr. Mathers wasn't in the mood to talk.

We broke the story ... Wayne is in the ICU at an L.A. hospital after suffering multiple seizures last week.

Nicki Minaj Checks in on Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj spent her Saturday night visiting Lil Wayne at Cedars-Sinai hospital -- where he's recovering from several seizures he suffered earlier this week -- officially adding her name to the HUGE list of superstars checking in on the rap mogul.

Our photog spotted Minaj (and her plethora of get-well balloons) arriving at the hospital around 8:00 PM. She was seen again, about an hour later, leaving. The two go way back, Nicki has been signed to Young Money (Wayne's label) since 2007.

Minaj is the latest in a long list of celebs to visit Weezy ... others include Birdman, Drake, and Clippers star Chris Paul.

TMZ broke the story ... Wayne was hospitalized Tuesday night after suffering multiple seizures. He was released and then re-admitted to the ICU on Wednesday after his body guard found him lying unconscious on the floor. He is currently recovering.

Lil Wayne Birdman Pays Weezy a Visit

Lil Wayne's latest hospital visitor was perhaps his most important: his mentor ... Birdman.

The rap stars are as close as close can be, so much so that Birdman calls Wayne "his son." Birdman famously gave Wayne $1,000,000 in cash on his 26th birthday.

Wayne -- who has been in the hospital since suffering multiple seizures earlier this week -- has also received visits from Drake and Los Angeles Clippers star Chris Paul.

Birdman tweeted after Wayne's health scare last night, saying, "My son is feelin Good.will be home real soon."

Lil Wayne All Smiles w/ Son ... Days Before Hospitalization

Lil Wayne was the picture of good health while exploring an Atlanta aquarium with his son last weekend -- this just three days before suffering a slew of seizures that left him hospitalized in L.A.

The pics were snapped at the Georgia Aquarium on March 9. Wayne was there with his 4-year-old son, Dwayne Carter III, checking out the Ocean Voyager exhibit.

Sources on scene tell us ... the rapper was having a blast with his lil guy and kept pointing the fishes out to his son. We're told Wayne even took time to talk to fans before taking in the dolphin show later that evening.

Sadly, the happy excursion ended up a far cry from the rest of Wayne's week. TMZ broke the story ... Wayne was hospitalized in L.A. Tuesday night after suffering multiple seizures. After a short release, he was re-admitted Wednesday to the ICU -- after one of his body guards found him unconscious on the floor.

We're told Lil Wayne remains in critical condition in the ICU, but is stabilizing slowly.

Chris Paul Member of the Lil Wayne Celebrity Visitor Club

Lil Wayne had no shortage of famous visitors last night -- Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul and his wife Jada stopped by Cedars-Sinai to see how the famous rapper was doing.

Cameras also caught Drake, Weezy's protégé, visiting Wayne last night as well.

As TMZ first reported, Wayne was hospitalized twice this week for seizures. His situation was dire last night, but his condition eventually stabilized. According to our sources, Wayne went on a Sizzurp binge between his hospital visits and doctors had to pump his stomach three times to flush the drugs from his system.

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