Lil Wayne Gives Strippers Healthy Tip

2/16/2016 2:04 PM PST

Lil Wayne Gives Strippers Healthy Tip

Exclusive Details

Lil Wayne got paid $60,000 to make a very special appearance at Ace of Diamonds strip club after the Grammys, but he immediately spread that wealth around ... to a special lady.

Wayne strolled in and immediately got some face time with a stripper named NoForeign. They chatted at his table before she was called to the pole. 

Wayne was laser-focused enjoying her performance -- then literally threw two bricks of cash worth $12,000 onstage for NoForeign and her comrade in heels, Malaaysiaaaa

Wayne posted a hot pic of NoForeign a few weeks ago, so pretty clear Weezy was on a mission. And if $12k doesn't sound like that much ... that's a nice fat 20 percent tip off his appearance fee.

Kind and fiscally sound.