Former ATL Mayor Kasim Reed Fake Strip Club News Didn't Sway Election ... Just Say Bye, Felicia!!!


Atlanta voters weren't swayed by T.I. and Isaac Hayes III spreading fake news about mayoral candidate Felicia Moore and strip clubs -- according to one of the city's former mayors, she just got drubbed.

We got Kasim Reed, who served as Atlanta's mayor from 2010 to 2018, at LAX and asked him about Moore's gripe that celebs spreading misinformation about her plans to shutter strip joints led to her defeat in the runoff election.

Kasim says Felicia needs to just move on, because the voters clearly said "bye Felicia" at the voting booth ... pointing out she lost with just 41% of the vote, compared to the winner, Andre Dickens, who got more than 60%.


TMZ broke the story ... Felicia claims T.I. and Isaac damaged her chances by spreading fake news from an article they screen-grabbed and reposted with the headline, "Woman Running for Atlanta Mayor Promises to CLOSE ALL STRIP CLUBS!!!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

While Kasim admits T.I. and other celebs carry some weight in Atlanta, he says their influence is just a drop in the bucket compared to the 20% losing margin for Moore.

We also asked Kasim how important strip clubs are to the city -- and his answer might tell you why Felicia thinks the fake news did her no favors.

Vegas Strip Club Packed Audition Shut Down ... You're Not Suing Me Like Travis Scott!!!


Fears a Las Vegas strip club tryout would turn into an Astroworld-esque fiasco got officials to shut down the event, and video shows organizers openly worrying they'd end up in the same shoes as Travis Scott.

Club Ice is a new strip joint in Vegas, and owners hosted open tryouts for dancers this week at Blume Lounge. We're told more than 1,000 girls signed up to show off their stuff, but interested patrons also showed up in droves to watch the dancers.

Problem is, too many people crowded into Blume ... pushing in from the back and squeezing people at the front.


In this video, obtained by TMZ, you can hear one of the event organizers telling everyone to take a step back to avoid a possible Astroworld crush situation. He yelled at the crowd, "Y'all gonna try and trample each other. Y'all not gonna be suing me, talking about 'I let y'all do this s**t.'"

We're told that effort still wasn't enough, and the fire marshal shut down the audition to avoid any potential injuries.

The good news -- even though tryouts were cut short, it went on long enough for some dancers to earn spots on the Club Ice roster.

Macy Gray I Love Me Some Chippendales ... Private Party at Bar!!!

Macy Gray put together an impromptu private party with a bunch of Chippendales hunks ... and she had the guys act as her backup dancers as she belted out some tunes!!!

Sources tell TMZ ... Macy was having dinner with some friends Wednesday night in Vegas when they had the idea to celebrate the world opening back up, so she enlisted the male revue.


We're told Macy rented out the Star Piano Cocktail Lounge, with a few requests ... 5 Chippendales dancers and enough musical equipment set up for a gig.

Macy and her crew rolled up to the piano bar at 10:30 PM and stayed until about 1 AM ... singing some Fugees and even some of her own hits like "I Try."

With Macy showing off her pipes and playing the piano, the Chippendales did what they do best ... dance.

We're told the booze was flowing ... Macy bought a bottle of Casamigos tequila and a bottle of Champagne ... and she cracked jokes in between songs.


Gotta love Sin City!!!

'RHOSLC' Star Jen Shah Hosting Strip Club Event in NYC ... As Fraud Trial Looms

Jen Shah is trying to pack in all the fun -- and paychecks -- during what could be her last few months of freedom ...  'cause she's hosting an event at Larry Flynt's strip joint.

"The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" star's set to make a pretty penny on October 22 at Flynt's Hustler Club NYC, just days after her heavily-publicized telemarketing fraud trial was supposed to begin ... though it's now been pushed to March 2022.

We're told Shah will be doing meet-and-greets and signing autographs at the popular strip club, and will also get an onstage shout-out with Alexis Monroe ... an adult actress who's celebrating her bday that night.

According to a Hustler Club rep ... Jen was all about hosting the event, and she's "receiving a large sum (of money) in exchange for her appearance, most likely enough to put a dent in her legal bills." Sources with direct knowledge tell us it's tens of thousands.

As you know ... Shah was arrested in March for allegedly targeting and scamming people -- "vulnerable, often elderly, working-class people" -- out of their money, and the feds have recently accused her of "greater culpability" in the scheme.

She claims total innocence and pled not guilty. She was released on strict conditions. In fact, Jen has to get permission to travel, so we've reached to her to confirm that's what she did for this gig. Court records show she hasn't yet requested a travel accommodation.

Her legal issues have been airing on the current season of 'RHOSLC,' with a recent ep showing her arrest on the federal fraud charges that could land her up to 30 years in prison.

Of course, there's a lot of other drama surrounding Jen too ... just the way she and her fans seem to like it!

'FBOY Island' Star Chaun Williams I'm Going Back To Chippendales ... For Show's Big Return!!!


"FBOY Island" star Chaun Williams is going back to his roots ... he's going to be dancing for Chippendales again when the male revue returns next month from a 17-month hiatus.

A rep for Chippendales tells TMZ ... Chaun is returning to Chippendales when the show comes back to the Rio hotel and casino in Las Vegas for the upcoming Labor Day Weekend.

Chaun's famous now for being dubbed the nicest guy on "FBOY Island" ... but before his big break on the HBO Max hit, his claim to fame was dancing for Chippendales when he was just 18.

Ya gotta see the video of Chaun's shirtless dance moves during the latest rounds of Chippendales rehearsals ... looks like he's already back in his male revue groove.

Chaun went on to perform for Zumanity by Cirque du Soleil after getting his Sin City start with Chippendales ... but with Zumanity shuttered by the pandemic and not reopening, Chippendales is welcoming him back into the fold for their big return.

Another reality TV star will be joining Chaun on stage when the Chippendales come back to Vegas Sept. 1 ... we're told Ricky Rogers from MTV's "Double Shot at Love" and "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" will also be dancing ... and stripping.

Usher 'Bucks' Make Sense Now Hot Pole Dancer Steals the Show!!!

Usher took major heat earlier this year after being accused of throwing fake money at real strippers -- but when you see this ... his so-called "bucks" are A-OK in context.

Check out these videos taken from one of Usher's Vegas residency shows from this past weekend -- during which an exotic dancer took the stage (and the entire building) by storm after performing a pole routine during Mr. Raymond's "Bad Girl" ... with a club-like set in tow.

The woman's name is Isis (the Goddess) ... and she's half naked on the pole, doing all sorts of flips and tricks in the air, while also twerking and knocking her boots ON BEAT at the same time -- this while Usher and the rest of his fellow performers look on and throw some kinda green her way. Some have speculated that, yes, they might be Ush bucks.

It's all part of the performance for that track, it seems, with the stage design made to be part of a larger set piece highlighting the "Bad Girl" narrative Usher's singing about. So, in this setting -- where the dancing isn't "real," per se -- it's NBD to throw his phony cash. Right???

Even More 'Bad' MOves
@isisthe_goddesss / Instagram

WRONG!!! Or so it seems, anyway, based on some Twitter users' reaction to the clip -- which has since gone viral -- who *seem* to actually be upset that this gal might've been getting funny money thrown at her instead of real bills ... even though she's in on the show.

Whether the so-called outrage over this is sincere or not -- we can easily weigh in and say, the idea of being mad that this dancer wasn't collecting real greenbacks during the show is utterly outrageous. Because, frankly, she's probably collecting way more for her role BTS.

Of course, it's quite possible people are simply giving Usher a hard time (in jest) because of the brief controversy from a few months ago, where a stripper who wasn't part of his show claimed he'd thrown Ush bucks her way instead of real dough ... which he refuted.

Anyway, the dude's residency continues to be a smashing success -- the place is looking packed just about every time he goes on, and celebs have been making a point to come by and catch this one in person. And, with show-stopping numbers like this ... you can see why!

Mary Carey Pulls Out of CA Governor Race ... Deck Stacked Against Me!!!


Mary Carey's got a case of politico interruptus -- she's bailing on her latest attempt to become California's governor, and the ex-porn star's blaming the current Gov for screwing her.

Now-former candidate Carey tells TMZ ... she just didn't have enough time to get her affairs in order to officially enter the race ... something she feels was impossible because Gavin Newsom shortened the deadlines for recall candidates to complete their paperwork.

Mary says she only had 2 weeks to gather her docs -- including 5 years of tax returns -- and she says it just wasn't feasible, and she told us why she thinks Newsom wants to rush the recall election.

As we first told you ... Mary planned to hit up strip clubs across California, gathering voter signatures for her M.I.L.F. campaign, a grassroots movement short for Moderates and Independents for Liberation and Freedom.

Now that she's pulling out, Mary says the recall won't have a happy ending -- for her or Californians -- but she'll still be going to gentleman's clubs to spread her message.

Tristan Thompson Paternity Accuser Hosting Strip Club ... Might Need $50k Real Quick

Tristan Thompson's paternity accuser is on the verge of losing a lawsuit against the NBA star, which could mean coughing up a lot of dough ... much of which she could raise at a strip club.

Kimberly Alexander, who claimed Tristan fathered her 5-year-old, is hosting an upcoming event at Larry Flynt's Hustler Club New York ... and the club tells us her appearance fee might be enough to pay off the nearly $53k she could soon owe TT.

TMZ broke the story ... Tristan sued Alexander last year for libel, claiming her baby daddy allegations hurt his rep and cost him endorsement deals, and now the court is leaning toward awarding him a chunk of cash.

We're told Alexander's July 1 hosting duties will include photo ops and meets and greets ... and she's going to get on stage with porn star Alexis Monroe and several strippers. Oh, and the club says she'll also get the "royal treatment" with bottle service and private dances. Y'know, fringe benes.

Of course, Tristan is a single man these days after his latest split from Khloe Kardashian, but don't expect him to roll through the Hustler Club when Alexander's hosting.

Talk about a bad look.

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club Holds Pop-Up Vaccine Clinic ... That's So Vegas!!!

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club had one sweet vaccination deal going over the weekend -- get jabbed, and get a dance from one of their strippers.

The famous Las Vegas strip club turned into a pop-up vaccine clinic as health officials there try to encourage the public to get COVID-19 vaccines -- as demand has dropped dramatically -- and this was one of the more creative ways to do it.

Free Johnson & Johnson shots in a strip joint? Jokes kinda write themselves.

For those who showed up Friday, the club offered a 1-year Platinum Membership Card, a complimentary bottle, free dances from a vaccinated entertainer, tickets to see its famous Sexxy After Dark show and a limo. The total value of this lovely package ... a whopping $5,000.

JoAnn Rupiper, the chief nurse of the Southern Nevada Health District who monitored the pop-up clinic, told the AP, "This is just another way to access our population. It might attract some people who like the novelty of it, I suppose."

The Hustler Club's joint in New Orleans hosted a similar vaccination site ... offering those who showed proof of vaccination a membership card that gave them and 5 friends free admission, among other perks.

All in all ... the pop-up clinic in Vegas administered around 100 shots before the strip club got going for its regular biz.

Other vaccination incentive packages across the country include cash lotteries, marijuana joints or free beer, but Vegas? Well, go with whatcha know!!!

Mary Carey I'm Running For Governor of Cali Again ... Campaigning at Strip Clubs

Mary Carey is gunning to become the next governor of California again ... and her campaign's gonna be all about M.I.L.Fs.

According to new docs, obtained by TMZ, the ex-porn star filed paperwork to enter the race for Governor of California ... joining a crowded field that already includes another celeb ... Caitlyn Jenner.

Mary tells TMZ ... she's hitting the campaign trail at strip clubs across the Golden State, where she'll be getting voter signatures for what she's dubbed her M.I.L.F campaign.

Mary says M.I.L.F is short for Moderates and Independents for Liberation and Freedom ... and she's calling it a grassroots movement to stop what she sees as an oppressive CA government driving families and businesses out of state due to "insane" taxes and regs.

Mary's already picked up endorsements from The Hustler and Déjà Vu strip club chains ... and she says her gentleman's club campaign stops will prove she's got nothing to hide!!!

Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan Fighting Over 'Magic Mike' Money

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are at odds over the 'Magic Mike' franchise ... the exes are fighting over money and want a court to intervene and settle the dispute.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... one of the lingering issues in the wake of the divorce stems from holdings related to the 'Magic Mike' franchise, which they built together during their marriage.

Remember, Jenna helped Channing find a choreographer for the live 'Magic Mike' shows, and she moved to London to support their family when he was in production across the pond.

Our sources say Channing and Jenna have been unable to agree on how to split the assets from 'Magic Mike' ... we're told they were recently in intense mediation over percentages, but couldn't strike a deal.

Channing has turned 'Magic Mike' into a hugely successful business, with the movie, live shows and an upcoming reality show ... and our sources say there's a lot to sort out.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Jenna is requesting a trial in their divorce case to settle a number of issues, including a property settlement and spousal support. Jenna is currently engaged and recently had a baby with Steve Kazee.

Our sources say Channing and Jenna are in agreement about one thing ... the best path forward is to let the court step in and settle things once and for all.

We reached out to reps for both ... so far, no word back.

Stay tuned ...

Sterling Brown Assault Extended Police Video ... Shows NBAer Completely Covered In Blood

Miami Dade Police Department

NBA player Sterling Brown was COMPLETELY covered in blood when cops found him after he was attacked at a Miami strip club ... new police video obtained by TMZ Sports shows.

In the footage from the scene, which was captured on an officer's body cam in the early morning hours of April 19, you can see Brown was constantly pressing his shirt hard against a gnarly wound on his head to try to stop the bleeding.

Video shows Brown -- who just minutes prior had been reportedly hit in the head with a liquor bottle -- was clearly annoyed with the situation ... consistently being short with cops and brushing off officers who tried to ask him questions about the incident.

Brown repeatedly asked first responders for an ambulance ... and when he got close to one of the officer's cameras, you can see blood was oozing so heavily from his head, it gushed all the way down to the bottom of his stomach.

Eventually, medical personnel arrived ... but things clearly didn't go smoothly as they tried to tend to the Houston Rockets guard.

Brown's teammate, Kevin Porter Jr., had made his way to the scene ... and for some reason, he became argumentative with cops in the area.

Police redacted the audio -- they said in a document it's currently being reviewed as part of an open internal investigation -- but it's obvious the two NBA players were very upset.

You can see in the clip, Porter Jr. was animated ... waving his arms and making gestures toward one of the officers.

Eventually, things calmed down enough for medical personnel to bandage up Brown ... and he was ultimately stitched up at a local hospital.

The NBA said Wednesday it's completed its investigation into the incident ... and hit Porter Jr. with a $50,000 fine for violating the league's Health and Safety Protocols, which prohibits players from attending "indoor social gatherings of 15 or more people or entering bars, lounges, clubs or similar establishments."

What's interesting -- despite visiting the club with KPJ, Brown is NOT expected to receive a fine, according to Marc Stein.

The report adds the league's investigation into the incident is officially closed unless further information surfaces that would require the probe to be re-opened.

Brown remains sidelined as he recovers from the incident ... and his timetable for return has not been determined.

NBA's Sterling Brown Suffered Horrific Injuries In MIA Attack Teammates Feared For His Life

The injuries Sterling Brown suffered during a violent attack outside a Miami strip club this week were MUCH worse than originally reported -- he was rushed to the emergency room while bleeding profusely and some teammates feared for his life.

It's all spelled out in a bombshell report by The Athletic ... which details how the Houston Rockets player was badly beaten outside the Booby Trap strip club in Miami early Monday morning.

According to the report, Brown accidentally got in the wrong vehicle on the way out of the club -- and the people inside didn't take too kindly to the mix-up.

The men reportedly launched a vicious attack on Brown -- cracking him in the head with a liquor bottle ... which opened up gashes all over his face.

Brown's teammate, Kevin Porter, Jr., reportedly took action and tried to rescue Brown ... but suffered his own injuries in the process. Porter's injuries were minor ... and he ended up playing Monday night.

Brown, on the other hand, is still in very bad shape -- one source told The Athletic, "His face is jacked up."

Brown required "multiple heavy stitching jobs for his facial injuries," according to the Athletic -- which describes the scene at the hospital this way, "blood was everywhere."

One source summed it up this way ... "If he hadn’t been as physically strong and tough, he might not have made it out of the situation ... He could have died.”

Despite the severity of the injuries, Brown has since been discharged from the hospital ... and has returned to Houston for more treatment.

The Miami police are reportedly looking into the incident ... and the team is expecting the NBA to launch a full investigation.

Usher Didn't Pay Strippers with 'U$her Bucks' ... Big Ol' Misunderstanding

The internet is ablaze with fury that Usher allegedly made it rain on strippers with fake ass money -- with his face on it, no less -- but take a breather, because that's not how it went down.

You might have caught wind of this today -- a dancer going by the handle @beel0ove on IG posted photos of three "Usher bucks" that came in $100, $20 and $1 denominations ... all with Mr. Raymond's face in place of the usual dead Presidents.

She posed the question ... "Ladies what would you do if you danced all night for usher and he threw this??" The insinuation was she actually got the bogus cash for services rendered, and called for Usher to be "blasted" for passing the funny money.

She kinda got her wish, based on all the Usher memes out there now -- BUT, turns out there's way more to the story ... according to people directly involved.

For starters, this all happened at Sapphire in Vegas -- and a rep for the club tells TMZ Usher did NOT tip the strippers with this fake money, and actually dished out authentic greenbacks, while also going on to tip the staff at large quite generously.

We're told Usher and co. ended up spending thousands on the dancers (REAL thousands, mind you) and also enjoyed bottle service ... which he definitely didn't cover with these Usher bucks. It goes without saying ... Sapphire tells us they'd love to host him again, anytime.

Now for some more intel on what the hell actually happened here -- sources close to Usher tell us that somebody in his crew (not him) left some stray Usher dollars behind on the stage as a bit of a gag ... both to be joke-y, but to also promote his new Vegas residency.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We've been assured by folks in the singer's camp that he did, in fact, tip the girls who danced for him ... and that the Usher bucks in question weren't used for payment AT ALL.

That begs the question ... was Ms. @beel0ove simply misinformed here, or knowingly trying to make him look bad? It's unclear if she'll stick to her story, but 2 separate parties tell us her version is BS.

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion 'Disgusting Strip Club' Complaints Hit FCC for Grammys 'WAP'

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion are being compared to the likes of Pepe Le Pew and Dr. Seuss after their Grammy night performance of "WAP" prompted dozens of heated -- and sometimes amusing -- complaints to the FCC.

Based on the 80 or so reviews (yeah, that's what we'll call 'em) ... you'd have to say the rappers' were every bit as eye-popping and titillating as intended -- especially since one Colorado viewer groused it was "as if they were dancing in a strip club."

Bingo!!! Remember, the stage included a stripper pole and women drowning in dollar bills.

In many of the FCC complaints, uncovered by WFAA in Dallas, wardrobe was a big issue ... particularly for an Idaho viewer who called their outfits "absolutely disgusting" -- while a Texas critic said Megan was "barely dressed in a thong" with "naked look-alike legs."

Sorry, sir or ma'am, those were Meg's actual legs.

One person in NJ complained, "Why was that performance okay but Pepe Le Pew is offensive?" -- a reference to the Looney Tunes character getting canceled for allegedly perpetuating rape culture.

Likewise, another viewer wondered how Dr. Seuss's books were being yanked while Cardi is allowed to "sing about her [WAP] on national television."

Truth is, this was a light night for the FCC compared to something like Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction" at the 2004 Super Bowl -- which drew 540,000 complaints!!

Soooo ... Cardi & MTS still have some work to do.

Tekashi69 Sued I Got a Bottle Upside My Head!!! Stripper Blames Rapper

Tekashi69's got the wrong idea of what bottle service means in a Miami strip club, according to a dancer who claims he smashed her in the head ... after someone called him out for snitching.

Now Alexis Salaberrios is striking back at the rapper with a lawsuit she filed Friday over what she claims was a bloody incident inside Gold Rush Cabaret on February 20. In the suit, she alleges Tekashi threw a "deadly object with intent to commit serious bodily injury."

Her attorney, David M. Tarlow, tells TMZ the object was a champagne bottle, and he's claiming Tekashi threw it because someone called him a rat. Problem is, the bottle missed his intended target, and Alexis alleges she ended up taking it to the dome.

He tells us her alleged injuries required a trip to the ER where she got several staples to close a head wound.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Alexis is also ripping Gold Rush for its lack of security around Tekashi, considering he's known to have a "propensity for violence."

After she was injured, Alexis alleges club staffers ushered 6ix9ine out of the joint, and immediately pressured her not to call police. Tarlow says Alexis ignored them, and did report the incident to cops.

She's suing the club for gross negligence, and Tekashi for aggravated battery -- but he feels the lawsuit's just a money grab.

Tekashi's attorney Lance Lazzaro tells TMZ ... his client was not involved in any such incident, and adds, "There are video cameras in the establishment. It’s an attempt to shake him down. If he is served properly, we will immediately move to have it dismissed."

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