COVID Lockdowns San Diego Strip Clubs Threatened with Legal Action ... Stop the Entertainment, Or Else!!!

San Diego strip clubs are intentionally violating California's stay-at-home order, and one of Joe Biden's cabinet picks is laying down the gauntlet ... shut down, or else.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, who will become the Secretary of Health and Human Services next month, fired off a letter to the owners of Pacers Showgirls International and Cheetahs Gentlemen’s Club, making it clear they have crossed the legal line.

The letter reads, “Specifically, the Regional Stay at Home Order requires that restaurants, including your clients’ restaurants, may continue to operate for carry-out and delivery services but may not offer indoor or outdoor dining or other services that cause people from different households to come into contact for extended periods of time and thereby increase the risk of transmission of COVID-19.”

We're told Becerra and his office were acting on behalf of orders from CA Governor Newsom and the California Dept. of Public Health ... aka they weren't carrying out the orders independently.

Now the threat ... “Therefore, MIDWAY AND F-12 are hereby ordered to cease and desist from operating in violation of the Regional Stay at Home Order.”

Becerra promises the State will go to court to shut the strip clubs down if they don't comply.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Fact is ... not all judges are sympathetic to the State. A Superior Court judge issued an injunction last month, siding with strip clubs that were prohibited from providing live entertainment under a public health order.

As for what goes on inside ... let's just say masks are few and far between.

'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Stripper Scandal Too Much for Tanya ... Bails on Filming


"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is known for some steamy scenes, but apparently season 13 gets so wild ... one woman's walking away mid-season.

Tanya Sam -- who's not an official Housewife but a "friend" of the show -- has officially bailed on filming the rest of the current season ... production sources tell TMZ.

As for why ... well, we're told it revolves around Cynthia Bailey's bachelorette party and what Tanya and Porsha Williams did with a male stripper while cameras were rolling ... and what they may or may not have done when cameras shut down.

Our sources say Tanya's not happy about the alleged stripper sex incident being so heavily promoted for the upcoming season, so she stopped filming about halfway through.

We're told she had other issues too -- like her relationship with her fiance and his alleged cheating taking center stage on season 12 -- but the stripper scandal was the last straw.

Our sources say she hasn't officially quit 'RHOA,' but she's done for the new season ... so viewers will notice her drop out after a few episodes.

We're also told that as of right now, Tanya's so ticked off she's not even considering doing the reunion show when the season wraps up.

Season 13 premieres on Dec. 6.

Tyga Makes it Rain at FL Strip Club ... Hardly a Mask in Sight!!!


It's COVID vs. Capitalism, and we know which one wins ... at least at this Florida strip club where Tyga and everyone else are partying like it's still 2019.

The rapper proudly shared videos of himself throwing stacks of cash in the air as barely clad -- and some fully nude -- dancers did their thing ... with absolutely zero pandemic precautions in place.

In fact, other than one woman seen wearing a mask, you might forget the air in the Miami club could be raining down coronavirus along with all the dollar bills.

Can't just blame Tyga and his partying pals though -- despite surging COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations across the country ... Florida has stuck to no statewide restrictions.

For the record, Miami-Dade County does have some restrictions -- including a 6-person limit at restaurant tables, and if there's dancing ... everyone has to wear masks. We guess Tyga can say he wasn't the one dancing here, but it's still a bad look.

Paging Pfizer and Moderna ... those vaccines ready yet???

NFL's Marcus Peters Clowned Over Strip Club Answer On 'Family Feud' ... 'Panties?!?'

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Name the first thing a stripper takes off ...

That was a topic on an NFL players edition of "Family Feud" Thursday night ... and Marcus Peters' answer was so bad -- the Baltimore Ravens star was clowned like hell over it!!!

Here's how it went down ... Peters was facing off with Adrian Peterson when Steve Harvey asked the two, "What's the first thing a stripper takes off?"

Peters -- confident as hell -- buzzed in and blurted out, "Panties!"


The answer was immediately hit with a red X ... and when Harvey got over to Peterson's NFL legends team -- they laughed their asses off over it!!

"See, that's the difference between old school and new school," Harvey said. "Panties, right now!"

To his credit, Peters laughed it all off with the rest of the guys ... and, hey, watch the clip -- it wasn't like anyone else's answers were much better!

(Looking at you, Hines Ward ... A wig? Really?!)

Pole Dancing Strippers Get Your Booty to the Poll ... Make Sure You Vote!!!



That's the message a group of pole dancers is sending with this sexy and humorous PSA urging citizens to vote in this election.

The spot is super cheeky, for sure, but otherwise the strippers keep things PG-13 as they bust out their best pole moves while dropping some knowledge about why it's important to vote ... and not just for President.

The women point out, District Attorneys are responsible for prosecuting "dirty cops" -- and they run down lots of other county level offices, and public schooling issues all hanging in the balance when you vote.

Yeah, we know sex sells ... but these strippers are hoping it can also sell you on casting a ballot. Why else would one gyrate in a thong with "vote" written on one's butt cheeks?? Besides tips, that is.

As one interested polester puts it, hit the polls to make sure the people who will run your community have your best interests at heart.

Now get out there and make it rain!!! We mean ballots, of course.

NBA's Lou Williams Call Me 'Lemon Pepper Lou!!!' Gunning for Trademark After Strip Club Debacle

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It's the nickname born from a strip club chicken wing scandal -- "Lemon Pepper Lou" -- and now Lou Williams says he's trying to lock up the trademark.

The L.A. Clippers star says he's already tasked his lawyer to file for the rights to the nickname ... claiming if anyone should profit from the scandal, it should be him!!!

Remember, Lou was busted at the legendary Magic City strip club in ATL back in July while on an approved leave from the NBA Bubble to attend a memorial service.

He was specifically instructed to stay out of crowded areas due to the COVID pandemic -- but Lou had a hankering for MC's famous lemon pepper wings ... and made a pit stop at the club for some takeout.

Williams tried to keep a low profile, but rapper Jack Harlow accidentally dimed Williams out on IG ... which led to a mandatory 10-day quarantine when Lou finally returned to the bubble.

Social media went crazy over the story -- with everyone referring to Williams as "Lemon Pepper Lou."

But, Williams ain't mad about the jokes -- he's trying to MONETIZE! He immediately called his lawyer and ordered him to try and lock up the trademark for LPL, stat!

The whole trademark process can take a while -- but Lou says it's already begun ... and he's already cracking jokes about it.

"Ya'll make jokes and t shirts but it's gonna cost ya lol," Williams said on IG ... "Yep. First time I've owned a joke lol."

Gotta love the business savvy -- maybe a line of chicken wings next?

Who wouldn't buy from a dude named "Lemon Pepper Lou?!"

TikTok's Bryce Hall Hosts Sway House Rager in L.A. ... Packed, Viral Stars Galore


TikTok might be on the verge of shutting down in the U.S., but its American stars are far from winding down -- in fact, they're doing the opposite ... dangerously turning up.

Check out these videos that were captured Friday night from a massive house party out in the Hollywood Hills, celebrating the 21st birthday of TikToker and YouTube personality Bryce Hall. It's ridiculously packed, and of course ... no one is wearing a mask or distanced at all.

Just looking at the raucous scene -- which was full of dancing, drinking and eventually stripping too -- it's clear this isn't safe, but it doesn't look like Bryce and the rest of the (new) Sway House inhabitants really give a damn, and neither do their guests.

It's crazy ... because you literally see a lot of famous faces here -- tons of other TikTok stars and viral personalities and even some reality TV stars too, like Harry Jowsey from 'Too Hot to Handle.' Looks like it was a who's who of Gen Z fame, really. And, yes ... things got wild.

At one point, some male strippers dressed as cops come in and dance on Bryce -- and then later, the female strippers are brought in and do more of the same. Finally, real cops showed.

Word is the shindig got shut down around 4 AM or so, when LAPD rolled through and kicked everyone out. You see this and wonder ... maybe a TikTok ban ain't that bad of an idea.

Just sayin' ... 🤷🏽‍♂️

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club We're Going Virtual ... Too Short Performing!!!


Larry Flynt's Hustler Club is putting strippers back to work, but the strip joint is gonna look a whole lot different in its grand return ... because everything will be virtual.

With Las Vegas strip joints still shuttered due to COVID-19, the Hustler Club is moving over to Only Fans, where it can virtually entertain folks stuck at home during the pandemic ... and it's getting an assist from Too Short!!!

The Hustler Club tells us it's going virtual with live, uncensored content on Only Fans every Saturday in August, trying to give folks as close an experience to the real thing as possible -- private dances, strippers on stage, live celeb performances, virtual bottle service and the option to buy drinks or send tips to the exotic dancers.

The strip club is debuting it's new format Saturday at 8 PM PT with a soft opening, featuring a surprise set from a celeb guest ... and the following weekend will see Too Short rock the virtual mic.

Sorry, ya gotta supply your own glitter.

Pole Dancing Bear Watch Me Twerk ... Megan Made Me Do It!!!

Caters News

Everyone wants to shake their booty when they hear Megan Thee Stallion ... especially in the animal kingdom!!!

Yes, even wild bears are classy, bougie and ratchet when they hear some MTS ... and this pole dancing bear is a straight up SAVAGE!!!

Check out this wild video straight outta the mean streets of Bear Country USA in South Dakota ... where the bears are sassy, moody, nasty, and acting stupid by grinding their bear-y big badunkadunks on any pole in sight.

This furry MTS fan got off all fours to grind all up and down this pole in the middle of the drive-thru wildlife park, deep in the heart of the Black Hills.

The bear is giving Megan a run for her money in the twerking department ... and the best part is the arms moving and grooving to MTS' "Savage" beat.

Oregon Zoo

Move over, Takoda, the Internet has a new favorite bear!!!

Virtual Strip Club Celebs Ready For Demon Time ... Crazy Guest List!!!


The most popular digital strip club -- all the rage during quarantine -- has celebs lining up, virtually, for the first night of Justin LaBoy and Justin Combs' new Demon Time format.

Here's the deal ... LaBoy is moving Demon Time -- the online stripper stage -- from IG Live to OnlyFans, and Friday's launch has a crazy celeb guest list.

Usher, Winnie Harlow, The Weeknd, YG, Trippie Redd, YBN Almighty Jay, Karrueche Tran, Nav, Will Packer and Luka Sabbat are all expected to be in the virtual house ... along with sports stars like Kevin Durant, Odell Beckham Jr., Victor Cruz, Delon Wright and Caris LeVert!!!

Demon Time's been a huge hit on IG with celeb and normie fans, strippers who'd otherwise be out of work now ... and a little someone by the name of Beyonce!!!

Bey gave Demon Fans her stamp of approval on her remix of Megan Thee Stallion's hit, "Savage," so you already know it's gonna be lit!!!

In fact, it was a little too lit for IG Live ... which, we're told, had some issues with some of the sexier performances.

LaBoy's digital club won't have those issues with its new partner, OnlyFans. We're told the remodeled, if you will, Demon Time already has more than 2,000 subscribers on the new platform ... all ready for Friday night's premiere.

Those "stay-at-home" orders are getting a little less boring.

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