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Sarah Palin


Out of a Straw

3/17/2013 5:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0317_sarah_palin_gettySarah Palin attempted to mock the proposed ban on large sodas in New York City by sipping on a Big Gulp during her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday.

For those of you outside of the Big Apple, Mayor Bloomberg is trying to implement a ban on soda cups bigger than 16 ounces ... in the interest of health.

The former VP hopeful took a dig at Bloomberg when she brought the large cup on stage and said, "Bloomberg’s not around. Our Big Gulp’s safe."

Seems no one told Palin that the 7-Eleven Big Gulp is NOT part of the proposed ban.

Maybe if she read a magazine or newspaper ...


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Nice try to mock Palin here, but her slam on the RIDICULOUS ban on sodas over 16 ounces by this nanny state is in everyone's best interest. First soda, then food, then alcohol, then what, words?. Big Gulp is over 16 ounces so it is, in fact, part of the proposed ban. Like her or not, she's for your right to do what you want. Everyone should want that - putting personal attacks aside.

583 days ago


when it comes to delivering punch lines, the freshly botoxed Palin should go back to being a half term governor,

583 days ago


Hmmmm....Looks like a pro!

583 days ago


Thanks TMZ for adding that part about 711 not being included in the coverage of this bill. It is basically a bill designed to put mom and pop shops out of business. I agree, if Palin ever read a paper she would know the details of this bill.

583 days ago


this is the same picture used in the dictionary next to the word moron

583 days ago


TMZ is a joke - a resounding speech from Palin and I'm not fan. Numerous standing ovations - she rocked..TMZ loves Obama and the Kardashians - need we say more????

583 days ago


I'm not a big fan of Sarah Palin but I would tap her in a heartbeat! Speaking as an Independent, ever notice how Republican women are smoking hot and Democratic women look like hags? I

583 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to miss the point.

583 days ago

john johnson    

wow, where did all her wrinkles come from all of a sudden? she used to look kinda cute. as for her sucking on big thing, all ya have to do is ask glen rice!

583 days ago


She (and I for that matter) were not referring to the actual Big Gulp but that a Big Gulp is over 16 ounces. It's called "referencing" and the audience knew what she meant. People keep trying to define her by what the media says about her or by a soundbite - but it shows they know nothing. Too bad, because like her or not, she's a tough broad. If a liberal gets picked on they scream "racist" or "sexist' or whatever. Palin can take it and doesn't care or blame. I'm not a Palin fan per se, but I can recognize that she's for individual rights and is a tough broad to take the beating she's taken in the media and now appears stronger. She has a lot of power but it's not recognized and "laughed off" by the left. Mistake. One thing about liberals, they will attack the thing that is the threat So, conservatives relish the attacks because they know they've hit a button.

583 days ago

Me Too    

I get Sarah's point, but You know she's drinking a diet soda. The ban is more geared to regular high calorie sugar drinks, not zero calorie sodas.

583 days ago


Of course if this was Michelle Obama mocking a ridiculous Republican proposal, you guys at TMZ would have LOVED IT

583 days ago


BTW, she didn't ATTEMPT to do anything. She did, in fact, mock Nanny Bloomberg. Your blind stupidity notwithstanding.

583 days ago


Sometimes you are just plain stupid TMZ.

583 days ago


maybe if you tmz was not so ignorant you would know that it was ANY soda over 20 oz do ur research before you talk **** you liberal verbal diarrhea website keep your opinions to yourself and stop being an socialist loving moron

583 days ago
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