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MIchael Jackson's Family

Don't Ask

'Who's The Daddy?"

3/19/2013 12:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Michael Jackson
's family is pleading with the judge in their wrongful death lawsuit against AEG Live to EXCLUDE any evidence of the paternity of MJ's 3 kids.

TMZ has obtained legal docs in which Katherine Jackson, Blanket, Paris and Prince argue ... it's irrelevant for a jury to hear evidence about the conception of the 3 kids. Specifically, they believe AEG has no right to delve into their biological parentage. 

The Jackson crew also wants to exclude any evidence that MJ's siblings have financial problems.  They worry AEG might try to argue that the real force behind the lawsuit is the need for cash.

And mama Jackson and the kids want the judge to bar evidence or any mention of child molestation allegations, partly because MJ was never found guilty.

A judge has yet to rule on the motions.



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Cry Baby    

The first, called "the boy: a photographic essay", was an art book depicting photos taken in 1963 during the shooting of the movie Lord of the Flies:


Luz, you are so ignorant, or pretend to be. That book is the Bible for the Men love boys club. You must be a member of the club.

548 days ago


My money is in Corey Feldman being Prince's Dad .... Spitting image!!!

548 days ago





TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


548 days ago



Prove what the FBI couldn’t find, because there was nothing to find..
Prove that the CPS after a thorough investigation regarding the TOUGH STREET WISE –ARVISO degenerate’s found absolutely nothing.
Prove a trial that found him NOT guilty. Despite the malicious Prosecution.
Prove the thousands of Children that walked through his home Neverland.
Prove the countless Children that stayed at his home with their parents and family's over 20 years.
Prove the fact that MJ has been all over the world, helping in hospitals, orphanages and destitute families?
And it talks TWO EXTORTIONIST and thouroughly evil parents and kids, in the USA to destroy his life?
Go figure, and then grow a brain. Tabloid junkie??

547 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

In my post I was only referencing the weeks before his death where his drug use was mentioned as part of the Murray trial.

MJ had a long history of surrounding himself with bad and/or incompetent people. Ultimately, especially when it comes to children under his care, and the environment that they are in, it was his responsibility. In my opinion he, himself was the one putting them in a dangerous environment. You can put some of the blame on others but it's not like he became rich shortly before his death so being naive is no excuse.

It is illogical to take the stance that AEG entered into any agreement with the hopes that he would fail. All major tours and contracts have insurance and of course there would be worry if they saw anyone they were relying on showing signs that they couldn't fulfill their obligations. Murray was given the task and MJ got him to give him what he wanted, in the way he wanted. Don't you think Murray would have been dismissed if MJ wasn't pleased with him?

As far as the kiddie porn it was taken into evidence but never used. The explanation that it was a gift from a fan, that he accepted, and locked away in his bedroom, without ever looking at it is laughable. What major artist would have a security team that would allow that? It could have been a bomb.
As far as any adult porn, check out profiles of child molesters and see what it says. While you reading such profiles, see how other things line up as well.

547 days ago


''so being naive is no excuse''....

So, what's your excuse?
Extreme stupidity or that you are a utter liar?
There was No child porn ever, ever taken into evidence and you know that, because there was no child porn.
If there was, Sneddon would have him in jail , and stop spreading your lies.
Dose, you are not fooling anybody.

547 days ago


This **** is pissing me the **** off!!! Leave the kids alone!!!

547 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Dose Of Reality
It is illogical to take the stance that AEG entered into any agreement with the hopes that he would fail....Don't you think Murray would have been dismissed if MJ wasn't pleased with him?
I agree with you. I don't subscribe to any 'premeditated murder' theories. AEG did want the concerts to be a success BUT AT WHAT COST? That is the point.
They were so driven to make money that they failed to consider MJ at all. They abused him.
The emails show they predicted possible problems and lied to MJ.
Now, to me, that is immoral, but whether it can be deemed 'illegal' is a different question. I suppose we will find out the answer soon enough. The legal arguments should be interesting.

547 days ago

Brigha from UK    

Dose Of Reality
....As far as any adult porn, check out profiles of child molesters and see what it says. While you reading such profiles, see how other things line up as well.
You are mistaken. MJ did NOT fit the profile.
Nowadays it is not the eyes, but the hard-drives, that are the window to the soul.

The LAPD search revealed only two books which the prosecution tried to claim were suspect.
But they wanted to justify their actions so they chose to ignore ANY evidence of heterosexuality (and there was tons of it) that they found.

Regarding the books: according to the bodyguards, MJ was accustomed to buying whole shelves of artbooks and having them delivered. Now, if you go into any bookstore and browse their art section, you will find some pictures of child nudity. It is not, in any way, sexual material. I sure if I searched my own collection I could find similar material. They are not pornography, just art.
Until around 20 years ago, child nudity was not considered sinister. Nude kids were seen on TV, on beaches etc. Everyone took pictures of their babies naked on a rug.
Times have changed and nowadays people are so over-sensitive to sexual abuse that most men dare not even look at a child. Fathers no longer bathe their own children.
No doubt, in the next 20 years, society will swing the other way. It always does!

Regarding MJ, the two artbooks were just a grain of sand on a whole beach of heterosexual material. Every single website he visited (on 3 computers) was heterosexual material. Every sexy magazine was heterosexual. He even cut out articles on the female G spot and filed them!
Contrast that to only two books, (in a library of over 100,000) which showed child nudity.
I ask you, wouldn't you expect to find much more evidence in the home of a paedophile?

Put it another way - if the LAPD raided the home of say, Mel Gibson, and found tons of paedophilia on his computer and in his library, would you then argue that he was heterosexual because they found two copies of Playboy?

Obviously not. So why consider MJ differently?

547 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

OK, no child porn. Just books with naked pictures of children, primarily boys, he had locked in his bedroom that the police found necessary to take into evidence.

How often do you have to look at his freakish behavior and say "it was all quite innocent" before you question it? How would a regular person fair under such cir***stances?

547 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

Brigha from UK,

Homosexuality is different from pedophilia. Actually, in MJ's case, hebephilia. If MJ had homosexual relationships with consenting adults, who cares.

Look again at the profile of a pedophile, here's one example.

You can also cite the Sandusky case as one example of how children act after such abuse, and how others turn a blind eye to things out of a feeling of self preservation.

547 days ago


OMG Dope, give it a break already!

There is much more solid evidence to prove Michael's innocence than there is to prove any guilt.

Your arguments fail miserably........

And to continually try to compare him to Sandusky is ridiculous.

Keep at it as it is actually quite laughable, in a rather pathetically sad sort of way.

547 days ago


Don't waste your time on this nic ‘dose’,
leave it to bridga because she favours having ''intelligent'' dialogue with Trolls these days as she doesn’t know who the heck she is talking to anymore, she thinks the old posters are gone. Little does she know, they are still here, and don’t agree with her current stance.
Just leave it to her…..
‘You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink’ springs to mind.
Good luck to Brigha.

546 days ago


Paris Jackson Deposed In Katherine Jackson’s Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against AEG

Posted on Mar 21, 2013 @ 11:38AM | By jenheger


UPDATE: 1:43 p.m. PDT: Paris Jackson is about to begin her deposition, and is wearing a blue top, jeans, and brown Ugg boots. TJ Jackson, her co-guardian, is also with her.


Michael Jackson‘s daughter, Paris, is being deposed Thursday afternoon in Los Angeles in connection with a wrongful death lawsuit her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, filed against concert promoter, AEG, is exclusively reporting.

Katherine contends that AEG was responsible for her son’s death because they were responsible for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray to be his physician.

“The deposition will take place in a private interview room that is big enough to accomodate lawyers for Katherine, and AEG, beginning at 1:30,” a source tells exclusively.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Shows Off Edgy New ‘Do While Cheerleading

“The deposition could go all day. Even though Paris isn’t expected to testify at the trial, AEG wanted to take her deposition because she is a co-Plaintiff in the case.

Prince Jackson, Michael’s oldest child, “was also deposed last week, and it didn’t go well for him. In fact the proceedings grew so intense for Prince, that a break was called, and it had to resume the next day,” the insider tells us.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Shows Off Really Edgy New Look

As previously reported, Prince plans on testifying at the trial, which is scheduled to begin in April.

Katherine suffered a huge legal setback recently when a California court dismissed all but one of her claims against AEG and its president, Tim Leiweke.

PHOTOS: Paris Jackson Patrols The Field

The defendants have filed legal do***ents with the Court of Appeal in California to dismiss that one claim, on the question of whether AEG Live negligently hired Murray, Jackson’s long time personal physician. Additionally, all but one of her claims against the remaining defendants were dismissed and the California Court of Appeals ordered Michael’s medical records unsealed.

Murray was convicted in 2011 for the involuntary manslaughter death of Michael after administering a fatal dose of propofol to help the pop singer sleep.

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson’s Kids Star In Tribute Concert

Murray hadn’t formally signed his employment contract with AEG at the time of Michael’s death, and say they aren’t responsible for his tragic death

546 days ago

Dose Of Reality    

MiMi & SaraJane,

Sorry if many of my posts are too hard for you to understand. Many of them are essentially me pointing my finger in your direction saying "Hey, look at the retard!", with a logical explanation of course.

546 days ago
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