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Lindsay Lohan

NAILS 'Anger Management'

And Charlie Sheen

3/26/2013 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan
had great, post-fake sex on the set of "Anger Management" Monday ... and in the process won over the entire cast and crew.

Sources on the set tell TMZ ... Lindsay's first scene featured her in bed with Charlie Sheen ... according to the script they had just had sex. We're told, "Lindsay knew her lines cold and her timing was perfect. She was really funny."

Lohan -- who showed up 45 minutes EARLY -- was "incredibly nice" and spent a fair amount of time taking pictures with the crew.

One source says Lindsay, who plays herself, "proved she has talent. You watch her and you know why she became a star."

Lindsay is back on the set tomorrow. One day at a time.


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still wont be hotter than that Indian chiq on AM,

577 days ago


Saw Sheen on Dr. Oz the other day. Totally drugged out! He couldn't sit still, fidgeting, wild-eyed. Wish Dr. Oz had called him out on it, but he's too much of a gentleman. (chicken) I can't believe anyone would hire Sheen or Lohan.

577 days ago


They always do this til it's over...the truth comes out later. And how does one ACT to be themselves. Get real, it is a cameo...not a starring role. Charlie most likely put out the word to the her up people, or else.

577 days ago


I think lindsay broke her own record. Showing up one day on time..because no word today about her great attendance

577 days ago


Ok Boys......this sucker is dead in its time for another spin after all its her only source of income ....
One good story .....One good report ......and you have idiots posting comments like so glad to see shes getting it together.....or doing do much better .......Idiots if they are that easy to fool then damn I got a few acres of swamp land that stays dry all year long I need to sell really cheap......
FACT: the most dangerous and notorious of sociopaths in the world were all considered extremely appealing and charming when they wanted something....Yes sir look at the Black Widow Blanche Moore as a example of a woman like Lindsay.....She would be sweetish and light and oozing love and caring as she feed each of her victims with arsenic in their food she cooked especially for them.... even bringing her 'treats' to the hospital to her victims as they lay dying...... so sweet....

577 days ago


I've got a few things to add to this. I had to puke a little in my mouth when I read this little blurb sent from Dina today. 'You watch her and know why she because a star." Uh, she's not a star. Jennifer Lawrence is a star. What has Lohan accomplished other than pi$$ing away a fortune, etc? It's been proven she doesn't have talent as an adult actress because she's been fvcked up for years and also simply can't act. Notice anything she's gotten praise for, she's played herself. Mean Girls. That was no act. It was Lohan playing herself. Ugly Betty she wanted to play herself and kept moving that way even though producers insisted she don't. Ultimately it cost her. She couldn't pull it off on a Lifetime movie and what, gets 5 gold stars like a second grander because she showed up 43 minutes early to work and allegedly was Emmy material on this cameo? BTW, this is all from Lohan's camp. I want to hear the real story because it's never all roses when she shows up. And I've never commented on Gavin before, but this fvck O is the biggest loser to take the abuse he does and continue to not only be attached at the gross hip of her, but blows off depositions. I guess if he wants to lug around a suitcase for her with her home and drugs, that's up to him. I could be all wrong, I don't know. Maybe she turned her life around since her last court hearing.

577 days ago


Duh she's playing herself. Doesn't take any acting skills to play Yourself.

577 days ago


Hell everybody's acting like this was a starring role or something !!!! its a damn cameo on a losing, drying show nobody but diehard Sheen fans who are as bad as Lohan fans......and they talk it up like it was a academy award winning movie performance....Shyt I could talk a girl off the street and film the same scene and it would prbably be ten times better ....This is just pure Lohan shyt Fat Mikiey and that little twerp Ryan...

577 days ago


i dont understand why everyone wants to see her fail. i really hope she proves everyone wrong

577 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Dina forgot to say there was an audible gasp when she walked on the set made up to look like Lindsay Lohan.

My God, she had become Lindsay Lohan, the resemblance was amazing!

577 days ago


New Thread

577 days ago


They reported very early yesterday that LiHo was early why haven't they given a report today on fabulous she has done? #LOSING

577 days ago


Who cares about this waste of space?

577 days ago


So boring! That is why I haven't been visiting this site for awhile. It's either LL or someone else nobody gives a crap about. Enjoy giving losers and addicts some free publicity to extend their free money.

577 days ago


"Anger Management" is still on??? I've not watched 1 tiny bit of that program, and have zero plans to do so in the future! Both are D rated stars that need to fade away into the past.

576 days ago
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