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James Holmes

I'll Plead GUILTY ...

to Avoid Death Penalty

3/27/2013 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is prepared to enter a guilty plea in the cold-blooded killings of 12 people in exchange for life in prison instead of the death penalty ... this according to Holmes' lawyer.

Holmes' legal team offered the plea deal to prosecutors during a court session earlier today ... but according to the AP, prosecutors did not immediately accept the offer.

Prosecutors have not commented on Holmes' offer yet -- but it's likely they will consult with the families of the victims before reaching a decision.

Besides the 12 people he killed, Holmes shot an additional 58 people in the Century movie theater in Aurora, CO on the night of July 20, 2012. He was charged with 24 counts of first degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder.


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if he took his needle and said he was sorry how is that wrong as he took so many lifes for nothing other than his death fame cell cards and place in the crazytrain murders hall of shame

541 days ago

river rat    

Funny how these sniveling little cowards are so keen on saving their miserable lives! I'm not a violent person, but I would love to see this creep swinging from a gallows!

541 days ago


Life in prison will cause the state money not to mention it is already overcrowded. Better to kill him and give the victims family a true justice.

It is just like animals, better and more humane to just kill the crazy dog then continue to keep it alive.

It is same to me for James Holmes.

541 days ago


Throw him in general population then Real talk!

541 days ago


WHy on earth should this guy be allowed to sit in jail getting a roof over his head and three meals a day meidcal attention if he needs it all at the taxpayers expense? He should be taken to a dark movie theatre and any of the surviors or victims families that want should be able use him for target practice. Keeping him alive is just a waste of air.

541 days ago


he wanted the PR and still does...take the needle ask for forgiveness or rot away anyway you want to in a hell cell you built for yourself.Maybe rotting away his pay back? no I don`t think so he is in fear of the same deaths he handled out to the little kids.

541 days ago


Why should my money be wasted on a person who did not give a damn about the people he killed or the lives he ruied. Rather my money go to providing food and shelter for the homeless.

541 days ago


Really? those 12 innocent people you slaughtered didn't want to die either !!!

This s*** off the devil's shoe needs to be destroyed !!!

541 days ago


those whom bear arms don`t get shot to death but whom wants to bear arms all the time?.it`s too much to baby set a M16 everyday for the rest of your life

541 days ago


MK-ultras don`t do mindless actions like these,He is a PR trill killer wanta be hall of famer and in his mind he still is

541 days ago


The goverments have no interest in building out of control killers.Defending your country from people like this is the FRONTLINE and ground zero in todays world in the USA and the NSA the DOD the FBI anone one of those agencys and agents would ALL would have liked to have bagged him before the fact in the actions of committing this action of pure hate

541 days ago


They should take the deal. We don't need a trial where he gets to try and justify what happened. The death penalty will be abolished in the next decade or so anyway so even if they had a trial and he got the death sentence it wouldn't happen.

541 days ago

I'm not black    

Why is the death penalty so expensive? Just shoot him

541 days ago


Good I would rather know he's miserable in jail.Than to have him killed and not suffering at all.

541 days ago


Colorado is trying to do away with the death penalty as I write this. They only have 3 men on death row and Colorado doesn't put people to death so give him life. He will be killed by the other prisoners.

541 days ago
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