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James Holmes

I'll Plead GUILTY ...

to Avoid Death Penalty

3/27/2013 1:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes is prepared to enter a guilty plea in the cold-blooded killings of 12 people in exchange for life in prison instead of the death penalty ... this according to Holmes' lawyer.

Holmes' legal team offered the plea deal to prosecutors during a court session earlier today ... but according to the AP, prosecutors did not immediately accept the offer.

Prosecutors have not commented on Holmes' offer yet -- but it's likely they will consult with the families of the victims before reaching a decision.

Besides the 12 people he killed, Holmes shot an additional 58 people in the Century movie theater in Aurora, CO on the night of July 20, 2012. He was charged with 24 counts of first degree murder and 116 counts of attempted murder.


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Cold Azz Honkey    

If he killed one of my children I would bail him out with my own money just to blow his head off. Enough said.

583 days ago


he is a totally waste of spaces, let him die.

583 days ago


Why would the prosecutors even entertain the idea of a plea deal with him? Just say no.

583 days ago


After he tells them he indeed killed all those ppl they need to fry his ass. After that they should inject his ass. Then they might have to shoot his ass. Then please stone him but not before he's been hung out to die for a week or two. Just to make sure he makes it to hell.

583 days ago

Darth Kai    

Death Sentence!!! How many killers are gonna just say plead guilty now to avoid the punishment they deserve?

583 days ago

Sacko worries, now that CO implemented laws that don't allow Magazines over 10 rounds, this wont happen again....what a joke. Sad thing is people actually believe that those new laws will keep this from happening. NONE of these laws will keep people like this from WANTING to do this. That part of the equation will be overlooked of course.

583 days ago


These psychos reloy have nerve! This proves beyond a reasonable doubt he's not nsane. He is/was fully aware of what he was doing. For him then to basically say " I killed all ths people because I'm a punk, despicable, coward....but I'm afraid to die. Please don't take my life. Even though I've taken many" I hope the families don't take his offer, I'll pull the switch. Just thinking about him and Lanza gets my blood boiling!

583 days ago


Saw this coming...No trail means the truth will never be known. This whole thing stinks just like sandy hook. No pics/vids, always reports of 2nd shooter....the list goes on and on. Do you ever wonder why these cases never go to trial? Could it be that someone wants the truth hidden???

583 days ago


What about those 12 people he killed? How come he felt they couldn't have a plea bargain instead of death? An eye for a eye...

583 days ago


I hope he gets life in solitary and not put to death, Because that would be an easy way out for him. May he live another 70 years in a pre-purgatory, before he lives in it for eternity. May he receive forgiveness from his victims in order to bring them the peace they deserve and may kindness be wispered upon him without him being capable of touching it forever. - For the future generations that will never exist because of him, and for the pain every human has felt because of him, please let him live a very long life. If he gets a life sentence because of what he did, we will forget what he did. The longer he lives, the longer we will remember those who were killed by him.

583 days ago

Most H8d     

I think they should sentence this sick demented ******* to 12 life sentences plus 199 years and still execute him and his entire family.

583 days ago


He deserves the death penalty **** all tht life in prison ****. He ain't crazy or mentally ill he's just trying to act like he is.

583 days ago


No. Death Penalty. Set the date. Within the next 12 months, kill the basturd!

583 days ago


So let me get this straight.....he'll plead guilty even though there isn't a court in the world that would find him otherwise?? I hope the prosecution is not dumb enough to accept.

583 days ago


He needs to be fed to hogs & rats to be eaten alive!!!!

583 days ago
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