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Paul Anka

Spills Sinatra Sex Secrets ...

Not a Fan of Gangbangs

3/31/2013 5:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0331_paul_anka_frank_sinatra_gettyIf you thought Paul Anka's new biography was going to leave out the good stuff, think again -- the prolific songwriter is dishing out the juiciest stories about his life ... including the sex secrets of Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

The new book, aptly titled "My Way," details Anka's days of rolling with the Rat Pack in the 1960s. Anka says long nights would end at a health club that would stay open only for them. The fellas would each wear a robe Sinatra had bought them (with their nicknames sewn in) and there were girls everywhere.

Anka writes, "The food was great, the girls were hot, tiptoeing into the steam room giggling. These beautiful women, standing there stark naked.”

He says massage rooms were set aside should any of the guys want to sneak away with one of the girls ... but Anka says Sinatra was not into gangbangs. So now you know that.

Anka also writes about how Sinatra and Dean Martin both agreed that Angie Dickinson was the best in bed, and how Sammy Davis Jr. confided in him about his bisexuality.

The book is due out on April 9.


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Interesting. I didn't realize Sammy Davis Jr. was a pervert.

571 days ago



571 days ago


Yeah it would have to be the lil Black blind guy who was bi-sexual, but if you ask me, they all were gay in the lil circle of friends~ so what if Sammy was bisexual it was his life, God rest his soul. So Mr. Anka, can we look for a tell all book when you're gone too?!

571 days ago


I remember years ago on the Phil Donahue Show, he had these prostitutes with paper bags on their heads. They were saying Frank and Sammy paid them $5,000 to have sex with dogs. Wonder if Anna was/is into that also.

571 days ago

some guy    

Wonder why Frank didn't like gangbangs. Maybe he would've been ok with it if they classy'd it up by wrapping bowties around their penises.

571 days ago


Sammy Davis bi-sexual, huh? No surprise there, since black men on the down low are about as common as a ham sandwich. Everyone from Obama, to Jesse Jackson, to Will Smith, to Eddie Murphy, to Jay Z, to Kanye, to Lil Wayne, to P. Diddy, to ... well, just about EVERY BLACK MAN IN AMERICA loves the penis, while refusing to identify as "gay" (instead calling it "just fooling aroung") and trying to put up the toughest, most macho image possible. Ask any white gay male about their years of sexual encounters with "straight" black men. Keep living the lie fellas, while clueless black women continue to contract AIDS. DO NOT SLEEP WITH A BLACK MAN WITHOUT A CONDOM. AIDS is the #1 cause of death for black women between the ages of 18 and 35, and they are getting it from DL BLACK MEN.

By the way, both Jay Z and Kanye West's well-known DL sexuality is the reason neither Beyaki nor Kim Kartrashian actually got pregnant by these two penis- loving men. Neither wanted to risk AIDS, so each hired a surrogate.

571 days ago


I don't think this is bad. People just want to complain. Talking about steam baths and hot girls is nothing compared to some of the tell alls you hear from Rockers and some of the things you see on TV and the Computer today.

Also, Angie Dickinson is still alive and she can refute this. Have anyone read Sammy Davis Jr. Book? This was into some wild things. So Anka is just relating what he experienced.

571 days ago


Not so different from the celebs today. Justin Bieber or the Kardashian family,of perverts. The big daughter sniffs her sisters' crotches, fondles other womens' bodies and has the most vile tongue on the planet. The midget has 2 illegitimate children & is vulgar,as well. One pretends to be pregnant & scams all of her teeny bopper fans.This is all do***ented for posterity,on their raunchy t.v show. No need to write a book. Boycott RYAN SEACREST, their enabler.

571 days ago

Slim Whitman    

Can anyone be surprised by the goins on in HOLLYWOOD? Actress's wanting to make it big would do ANYTHING to get a movie role, and same with many actors. Get real bitch's - anything you can imagine is going on in HOLLYWOOD right now, as I type and you read. Anka probably left a lot out of his book!

571 days ago


Wow, very low class

571 days ago


Kudos, TMZ. This is the best story in a long while. A hundred Justin Bieber or Lindsay Lohan burn outs couldn't compare to this one bit. Keep 'em coming.

571 days ago


You too it down, but you will hear the truth regardless...

And this is the same lifestyle jb leads with his friends, (just minus the real gangster part and probably half the drugs)...but in jb case they are all kids
In Frank's case they were grown men behaving like teens
But I guess the older generation will give franky and his real gangbangers a pass
But are quick to jump down our generations throat about what's right and what's wrong (and what music we should listen to)...
The older generation failed us...and that's why we still have racism, sexism and homophobia....
they taught us nothing about compassion, respect and co-existing with fellow mankind..
This generation (my gen) sparks the real fire of change, for a fair and balanced America, for all Americans (not just one group).....stay off tmz with your outdated opinions!
you should've paved the way when you had the chance, but you were too selfish and wasted all of your time and energy on race nonsense.....till this day the old generation wants America to stay in a hateful caveman comatose state, while the rest of the world moves on.......
you guys did the same thing that you criticize kids for today! Truth hurts but eyes need to be opened......
hopefully my generation will strive to live to the fullest without hate, exploring every culture with compassion and curiosity, knowing this world is our oyster.......
none of the hate bulling sh!t will matter in 10 years anyway...not worth dying or getting old over.... Live, love, learn.....

571 days ago


Oh yeah thats right Paul Anka was a part of the Rat Pack, yeah maybe their towel boy....Wishful thinking there Paul!!!

571 days ago


Paul Anka Has a lot of nerve dishing out secrets. I was close friends of 2 teenage girls that he f"ed for years they 14 at the time and when they turned 18 he traded them in. I'm just saying . . .

570 days ago


I thought there were a lot of rumors about Angie Dickinsin doing President Kennedy too.

570 days ago
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