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Casey Anthony

You're Not Big Brother

My Life Story is MINE!

4/5/2013 12:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Casey Anthony has just lodged a strong legal objection to her bankruptcy trustee's proposal to sell the rights to her life story to the highest bidder ... even though she hasn't put it on the market.

The trustee already got a $10k offer from someone who wanted to buy it and then shelve the project so it could never be published. Anthony's lawyer says in new legal docs it's an outrageous proposition ... taking someone's thoughts and memories that are solely within their mind.

Anthony's lawyer calls the proposal a "terrifying Orwellian prospect."

If the trustee wins -- which frankly he shouldn't -- Anthony would be precluded from ever selling any part of her story.

Anthony says the trustee is going so far -- she couldn't counsel "other victims of child abuse" if the groups tried to pay anything -- including plane fare or hotel.


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If something sits on the curb all day & seems to do nothing but stink up the place, we call that trash. Am I right? If the trash could talk & swore up & down it wasn't , does that change anything? Just a question. Does swearing you're of value (if your a bag loaded with trash) make you of value? I dunno, I have to go with no.

529 days ago


This evil skank has been dying to gain fame and I pray to all the saints above she does not succeed as she did in court. She was already known for lying to authorities so it was pretty obvious her word could not be taken truthfully even under oath in court! Following the story and her psychotic face, all I see is evil. She lied and changed her story too many times and for all we know is suffering from dissociative disorder. Cold hearted B#*&*! No matter if she was abused as a child or not, it does not give her the right to kill, yet alone her own child. Regardless of how many fingers were pointed at all different members of the family, I feel there's no doubt about it SHE IS GUILTY! The court system has failed us yet again and another monster is set free to carry on with her life while an innocent life that should have been cherished was taken. Clearly she knew her child was missing and did nothing but party and lie. As a mother of 2, I would report my children missing to family within a few minutes if they disappeared! Every time I see her face and watch her short videos she makes no sense and not once has she showed any type of emotion besides narcissism. Her focus is herself. In her warped mind she is the victim. I hope she does not gain fame and in reference to what someone posted before me, she is not even worthy of porn, she should be bound and rotting in dirt somewhere for what she did. She has been living in a fantasy land, in her mind she probably went from working in disney world to being an actress now. She does not deserve to be heard. Hope you're resting in peace Caylee, as well as every other child who has had to endure such horror.

505 days ago


She is going to counsel on child abuse! Really what a joke! She really needs to get some mental help. She is still living in her little fantasy world. Grow up and be grateful that you got lucky. You will never be able to exploit your story because you will have answer real questions. You will be nothing amount to nothing but tabloid news People are done hearing your lies.

502 days ago

Shia Labeouf    

Check out Casey Anthony's new pictures realsesed July 3, 2014

78 days ago
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