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K. Hump Goes AWOL

Score One for Kim K.

4/12/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Finally, Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian ... squaring off in divorce court -- only problem is ... Kris decided to play hooky. Now, the judge is PISSED! How will this affect the trial, and Kris' bank account?

Plus, all signs point to Kendall Jenner being the heir apparent to take the Kardashian throne away from Kim -- but the question is ... will big sis be willing to hand over the crown?

And, DMX joins TMZ Live -- UP IN HERE, UP IN HERE -- to grunt about blowing the roof off Madison Square Garden, and his other passion ... sweeping and vacuuming.

(0:00) We'll tell you why Kris Humphries got reamed by a judge today.
(6:00) Halle Berry's stomach doubles in size in one week flat! Was she using Spanx ... and if so ... isn't that dangerous?
(10:00) Lindsay Lohan is going to Coachella ... which is the worst idea ever for someone who's about to go to rehab.
(14:00) Katherine Jackson thinks Conrad Murray and AEG are in cahoots.
(18:00) DMX calls in to talk about his badass cameo at Madison Square Garden last night!
(23:00) Kendall Jenner -- ready to take the Kardashian throne?
(25:00) Harvard students are protesting Tyga's upcoming concert because his lyrics are misogynistic -- what ever happened to free speech?
(28:00) Oscar Pistorius is being supported by an unlikely group of people.
(31:00) Randy Jackson racially profiles our cameraman ... but was there a reason behind it? 
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Ke$ha cleans up nice!

No Avatar


Kim K dresses like a nun for today's court appearance.

558 days ago


Kris is the meat in a stank hoe sammy.

558 days ago


TMZ better hurry and start backtracking, Radar on Line just came out with their take on this whole thing. It's pretty freakin' bad when I have to go to a site I LOATH to get at the truth, not a bunch of radishes.

558 days ago


Quit lying re Kris H. TMZ

558 days ago


Who knew getting knocked up would bring Halle back in the news.

558 days ago


TMZ is exaggerating the possible effects of Kris being MIA. He didn't need to be there and other sites don't give a hoot about him being missing.

558 days ago


I have to laugh at the two recent pictures of pregnant women. First up, we have Halle Berry who has suddenly doubled in baby bump from three days ago. She hasn't put any weight on anywhere except her belly.
Kimmykakes on the other hand has gone down two sizes in her belly if today's picture is actually recent. That two women with fluctuating baby bumps, come on TMZ, get to the truth.

558 days ago


im sure KH has the best lawyers money can buy, does TMZ really expect us to believe KH would've missed court if it was really that important? I bet his lawyers told him!not to show up!

558 days ago


Happy Friday fellow posters! Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend.

558 days ago


God, we've got four possible segments that will bring out the most annoying voice at TMZ.
Harvey, stop lying.

558 days ago


A charade, Harvey? Like the marriage Kim tricked Kris into, Harvey?

558 days ago


Yeah because you dumb f*cks know the judge personally and he allowed to go around and say how he feels. You know bias like you dips*ts. You know nothing and you're spinning sh*t in Kardashian favor. Your are just collecting your checks from those idiots, while generating hate comments from your followers. it's okay it will soon tank your site. Keep it up with favoring these skanks. No one takes you seriously anymore and you already lost a lot of followers who would rather go somewhere else. you are not even credible anymore. People go somewhere else to hear the truth. We all know Kris doesn't have to be there and he had a game in Indiana. Lying p.o.s.

558 days ago


OMG - I have to sign off TMZ. This K-Dash lovefest is too much for me.

558 days ago


Let's see, Kimmykakes blew off three depositions but according to TMZ it was okay because she had PRIOR commitments. Kimmykakes gets to blow off her first day of their divorce hearing because kimmykakes has a prior commitment. KrisH didn't show up today because of a prior commitment but he's garbage and doing this on purpose. Harvey, no one is buying what you are selling.

558 days ago


why the H*ll does she need 9 Sherrifs? YOu guys are so far up the Kardashians buts that even an enema wouldn't get you out~

558 days ago
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