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Jermaine Jackson

Defies MJ's Policy

Kids Need Their Mom

4/23/2013 4:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson
is rolling in his grave -- because brother Jermaine Jackson is now encouraging MJ's daughter to spend time with her birth mom.

MJ famously never wanted his kids Prince and Paris to have a relationship with their biological mother Debbie Rowe -- cutting off all contact between Debbie and the children after their divorce in 1999. Debbie gave away all custody rights in 2001.

But Jermaine has reversed Michael's policy -- telling TMZ, it's great that Paris is getting to know her mom.

Prince on the other hand ...


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Mary P    

It's been do***ented that although she wasn't exactly primary in their lives, she did have some contact with MJ and the kids. And just like the last story you dramatized, Paris wants to do it... why not let her? People give up their kids for adoption for better lives all the time. Was she not allowed to do the same? Perhaps she didn't want (or he didn't want) to spend their time staying together when they were divorced (I still maintain he was asexual, he wanted companionship, a good relationship and to give love). How would she have given them world travel and excellent education? We could debate the little things, but at the very least, Paris seems well-rounded. You don't see her running around slutting up it up like that youngest Kartrashian sister, or Frances Cobain or other crap celeb kids are doing.

Just let it alone. We don't care about her personal relationship with her mother being talked about endlessly with 4 stories a day. Inform us once but quit harping on it. How is it that TMZ seems to only have a a spotlight on the same 6-8 people, when there are thousands of celebs out there? If it isn't Kim (which it is 7 times out of 10), then it's Miley, if it isn't Miley, it's MJ, if it isn't MJ it's Rihanna and if it isn't any of them, it's a dumbass TMZ guy with a camcorder.

550 days ago


For the love of GOD PLEASE stop asking this jackass anything!!

550 days ago


She's the mom, the other parent is dead. End of story.

550 days ago


Michael didn't want Debbie in the kids' lives because he wanted to be the sole parent, to make all the child-rearing decisions on his own. He didn't want to have to check in with the other parent to make joint decisions, he didn't want to compromise with the mom or have joint custody. He didn't want to share them. Now that he's dead, who cares what he wanted.

550 days ago


"Michael Jackson is rolling in his grave..." Nah, MJ would be moonwalking. I'm glad these kids are having a semi normal life and the older two--rarely see Blanket--seem happy. That's all good but I DO NOT TRUST this woman. For Paris' sake I hope this "oh I've changed my mind and want to be part of my (rich) daughter's life" is sincere and doesn't hurt this young girl.

550 days ago


Cut the crap. This was after Jacksons arrest for child molestation. Jackson and Rowe had a deal. She always kept her part. Now the kids are old enough to know the truth and why she did what she did.

All of the Jacksons always knew this. Hey it's Michael Jackson the entertainer. This man was never a saint.

550 days ago


It makes you wonder what kind of life these kids would have, if he was still alive. At least now they can actually go outside like normal kids

550 days ago


Well I guess MJ should have gotten help and not continued (and died) as a hardcore drug addict. Instead of rolling in his grave he should be happy their Mother cares about them and wants to be in their lives. Makes you wonder if he cared more about drugs them them!

550 days ago

marco balletta    

What is wrong with @TMZ ? Do u really think that MJ would' have pushed his kids away from DR if they would have wished seeing her?

550 days ago


You spelled Jackie's last name wrong! Jacksun?

550 days ago


I'm glad she is spending time with her mom. A mother daughter relationship is a pretty cool thing usually. I'm also pleased to see the kids are doing allot of 'normal' things, for kids their age.

550 days ago


Jermaine is going to be 1 scary looking old man.

550 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

HEY! It's JackSUN, memba? You'd do well to remember that next time, buster!

550 days ago


What Jermaine needs to do is boil that Crisco out of his hair

550 days ago


Dude looks like a lady...i'd say b cup at least

550 days ago
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