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Jason Collins Comes Out

Is the NBA Ready?

4/29/2013 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Jason Collins announced he's gay ... making him the first active male pro athlete to come out. It's a brave move, for sure -- but will it help or hurt his chances at getting a new contract?

Plus, ex "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham finally closed the deal for her "private" sex tape to go public -- and she raked in nearly a MILLION bucks for it! Farrah calls in to explain if it's one of many XXX tapes to come.

And, Michael Jordan's wedding -- overshadowed by the worst guest ever, Tiger Woods. After all the mistresses ... does he just creep out potential brides? Would you want him front and center at your wedding?

(0:00) Jason Collins is the first active male player in pro sports to come out -- how will this affect sports from here on out.
(6:00) Ashton Kutcher gets into a brawl at a music festival -- and it looks like he was totally in the right.
(10:00) Big day for the Jackson family -- their $40 billion lawsuit against AEG is finally at trial ... we'll tell you why the Jackson's are facing an uphill battle.
(15:00) Chris Brown hates Drake ... but loves his music. Was their feud a load of BS?
(18:00) Farrah Abraham calls in to talk about landing a high six-figure deal for her XXX tape ... and whether we'll see more videos of her in the future.
(23:00) Ray J's video for "I Hit It First" features a Kim Kardashian look-alike -- is it awesome ... or sad that he's still hung up on it?
(25:00) Jason Aldean files for divorce ... after HE cheated.
(28:00) Steve Nash doesn't want to pay his baby mama any more money -- you have to hear the reason why.
(31:00) Michael Jordan invited Tiger Woods to his wedding ... worst guest ever?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Charles has a huge story -- about how he landed tickets to the Rolling Stones secret show.

No Avatar


Who wants to see Tebow in a thong? Anyone?

544 days ago


Jason Collins was not a good player and is near retirement.

544 days ago


big deal and who cares who you sleep with.
sharing not needed.

544 days ago


Whether or not the NBA is ready, it'll be made so by the militant left.

I wonder how the white left feels that it's a black dude and not a white guy.

544 days ago


Boy, what an A-List, blurry rundown!

Though for some reason, I am kind of interested in that porn star and her fake "sex tape".

544 days ago


I not sure how "brave" it is. The media was pushing to have a gay in sports come out and Nike offered millions in endorsements.

544 days ago


And you know Jason and the militant left will make Jason a martyr and black the "gay card".

The "black card" is now useless.

544 days ago


TMZ still thinks anyone cares about whom is humping whom as long as he can dunk over the rim he mite be glay

544 days ago


Farrahs tape better live up to it's name, if she doesn't get F'd in the A people are going to feel mislead...

544 days ago


Oh, and lets not forget that pillar of anti-gay slurs: Kobe Bryant.

He stands with Jason Collins and called him a phaggot behind his back.

544 days ago


This is America where you can be whatever you want. You should also be able to say whatever you want, yet either way, you better be able to handle the backlash. You can even sell a raunchy porn tape for a million dollars. What a country.

544 days ago


Doesn't it say something about Jason Collins only having 5,000+ followers on Twitter but now he has 50,000+ after he came out?

544 days ago


Harvey was out first and still plays ping pong with his ho crew everyday at the TMZ adult day care center for home less homosexual papporatists what a nice guy and what a good happy camper sport fans!

544 days ago


clint can rip off WTF to say as long as the bill of rights and const isn't in use by the ^^^GOP~SS but no one will watch him anyway

544 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

Oh god Mike's co hosting, where's Harvey the proctologist?

544 days ago
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