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Reese Witherspoon

You Be the Judge

5/4/2013 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

VideoLaunchThe Reese Witherspoon dash cam arrest video was definitely the most entertaining footage so far in 2013. But was it revealing? We gotta ask ...



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The cop was correct in stopping them but was an arrogant a s s when it came to arresting her. He was in the wrong, and that's why people snap in this country, because we are not the land of the free anymore, it's bullying by a cop as usual.

545 days ago


She wasn't the one who was driving drunk, so anyone crying a big river about how dangerous drunk driving is can shut the hell up.

The police were, yet again, completely out of line. Yet again, everyone mindlessly defends them even though they could just as easily be on the receiving end of the baton. Really boggles my mind.

Don't give me this crap about her being "snotty" either. I never really gave two craps about Reese Witherspoon, but I officially now have some respect for her for giving these pigs a hard time. We should be "entitled" and "snotty" in the face of JERKISH behavior, especially when it comes from an authority figure.

Only part of this that I don't like is that she apologized. I suppose that she kind of had to, with all of the sheep-like advocates of law enforcement that contaminate the "land of the free."

She should have raised her two middle fingers to the air and shown as much "entitlement" to the crowds of outraged morons as she showed to the pigs. Her career might be shot, but that'd be martyrdom, man. I'd think it more than respectable, but even admirable, to

And calling her a "little snot" is so stupid. I don't know if you people have ever been confronted by an a**hole cop before, face to face. I have several times, and it is scary. Your anger goes out the window and is replaced by a crippling fear, knowing that this is a large, brutish individual who can do anything he wants to you and get away with it, as so many police have in the past. To mouth off to them is a truly underrated bravery, and Reese should be praised for it.

545 days ago


Reese pleaded no contest, paid her fine and moved on. I suggest TMZ move on to another celebrity story. This one is finished.

545 days ago


Haha this reenactment of Reese's arrest by characters from her movies:

545 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

They both did the right thing in court, apologized and now it is done.

545 days ago


Just who the hell does she think she is? Who the hell is Molly Sanders? Does she even know what "jurisdiction" mean? "Free ground to say whatever she wants to say?" Did she finish the 8th grade?

545 days ago

Matt B.    

Everyone makes mistakes. Who hasn't had a few too many drinks and shot off at the mouth or done something embarrassing?

545 days ago


My cousin who is an MD says that people become more of who they truly are in old age. I think the same could be said for those who drink a lot.
You can't be a mean drunk if the anger isn't inside you already.

545 days ago


I am with you Mary please leave her along its too much stop with this!!!!!!!

545 days ago


I am with you Mary please leave her along its too much stop with this move on she did what she has to do she make a mistake and she did excuse her self stop with this news ....move on

545 days ago


I don't like double-negative questions--especially when ain't serving no purpose.

545 days ago


Anyway you couldn't put more double negatives in you poll questions? Make them clear as mud.

545 days ago


This story is old already. Move on.

545 days ago


I don't see what she did wrong other than get out of the car. I live in GA and redneck cops like the one that arrested her all have an attitude.

545 days ago


She got drunk and acted a fool. Inside thoughts become outside thoughts - thoughts you'd NEVER say out loud, thoughts that make no sense given the situation. She has admitted as much. End of story.

Well, this is TMZ, so let's milk it for a few more cycles. ; )

545 days ago
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