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Charles Ramsey

Our Kinda Hero ...

Funny As Hell

5/7/2013 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Ramsey -- the Cleveland man who helped free 3 missing women -- is the best kind of hero ... the kind that saves lives, and makes you laugh your ass off.

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Barber shop version of Eddie Murphy in Coming To America. I LOVE THIS GUY!!!!

451 days ago


I like this dude!

451 days ago


I don't even think he was trying to be funny. I think he is just one of those guys that keeps it real. He seems like a genuine guy and for that reason I like him.

451 days ago


He should get a reality show and it would be the first one I'd watch-and not to lampoon him, but because he's awesome. Or a movie-Sam Jackson would be perfect. Definitely has a "Black Snake Moan" thing going on. Now to piss off the bleeding hearts on here: this is a prime example of why illegals should be deported and borders closed. The black/white paradigm (as well as LEGAL, tax paying melting pots, latinos included and welcomed) would get along swimmingly (as evident here) if we could stop singing kumbaya and recognize that this ship only holds so many people. Thanks, Chuck Ramsay, as a Buckeye and an American. You are a breath of fresh air.

451 days ago


His action saved three young girls lives. Hero.

451 days ago


Love him ..what a humble hero and indeed he is. Funny and real and just plain super .. we'd like him for a friend and neighbor forever. HERO HE IS !!

451 days ago


So funny how he thought something must be wrong for a pretty white girl to run to a strange black mans arms for protection. I disagree with him. I totally believe God put this man in her path (you know these women must have been praying for help non stop for ten years) because he knew he was a good, brave man and would step right up to the plate. That's what I believe.

451 days ago


What a great man ! Need more ppl like him in this crazy world we live in . He is a undercover super hero who who sprang into action when he heard some1 calling/yelling out 4 help . WAY 2 GO BUDDY !!! YOU ARE AWESOME . A MODERN DAY SUPER HERO ! HIS MOTHER MUST BE VERY PROUD OF HER SON ! WAY 2 GO CHARLES RAMSEY !

451 days ago


Oh TMZ you are so late with this news. But I'm sure by next week you will update as the story develop using your famous line "TMZ broke the story" haha...
But I luv this guy who freed those women and child. God bless them and him, what an horrible ordeal they must've endured over the years. However, that was the most funniest interview I have ever saw-- Charles Ramsey is truly a hero and I hope they pay him well and the media treat him right. :)

451 days ago

BB not bb    

Too cool. I noticed that when a great act of heroism is required, it is often an unassuming black man who steps in. When someone falls on the tracks in the subway, a black man jumps down to cover the body with his own till the train passes.

I heard that the neighbors heard screams for ten years and never saw the women who were inside leave the house. They were too afraid to look into it or report it though.

Then you get this guy who just moved in and thought the neighbor was no one special, and he cracks a ten year old missing persons case and saves people from sex xlavery.

People like this are what help keep America going. You need people with a heart around when the people who can't be bothered look the other way.

451 days ago


Imagine how many people would tune into TMZ Live if you could persuade this man to sit in.

451 days ago

BB not bb    

Salt of the earth, I think this man is an example of that. He told Anderson Cooper that he is a Christian and his mother taught him to respect women. That makes me feel so proud as a Christian. He said if there is reward money for finding Amanda Berry, he wants it to go to her and her kid. He said he has money, as a dishwasher, and showed his check to Anderson.

How beautiful is that? He has a beautiful soul?

451 days ago

Fred Farkel    


451 days ago


Only thing is, Ramsey is NOT the one who rescued the women. He's just taking credit for it. I thought he was funny until I found out he's a liar. Now he disgusts me.

451 days ago


He needs to be a "layman's terms" newscaster!

451 days ago
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