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O.J. Simpson

Takes the Stand --

My Ex-Lawyer Screwed Me

5/15/2013 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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O.J. Simpson took the stand today in his bid for a new trial, begging the judge to give him a second shot in the 2007 armed robbery case that landed him in prison ... because he believes his old lawyer Yale Galanter screwed him over.

O.J. is currently serving a 33-year prison sentence after being convicted of armed robbery and a bunch of other charges stemming from the September 13th, 2007 incident ... when he stormed into a Vegas hotel room, flanked by several men, and robbed a bunch of sports memorabilia from two collectors. He believes the items in question had been stolen from him.

O.J. has claimed Galanter knew about his plan to retrieve the memorabilia from the 2 memorabilia collectors ... and advised O.J. not to take the stand in his defense so he wouldn't name Galanter as a witness.

During his testimony today, a relaxed-looking O.J. explained that Galanter also failed to keep him informed about a plea deal that would have gotten him out of prison in a few years ... rather than 33.

Had he known he stood a chance of being convicted, O.J. said he would have insisted on testifying ... and definitely would have taken the plea deal if he knew about it. But O.J. said Galanter repeatedly assured him he would never be convicted.

As for the incident itself -- O.J. admitted he'd been drinking beforehand ... but he wasn't "fall-down" drunk. He also said he had no knowledge that a gun was used in any way during the incident.

O.J. said he believed he was legally entitled to do what he did at the time because he didn't do anything his lawyer told him not to do -- i.e. breaking in, or using force.

To prove Galanter was aware of the plan to retrieve the items from the hotel room, O.J. said Galanter had specifically requested one of the items for himself ... an old suit.

And there's this ... O.J. said Galanter only showed him a portion of the audio recorded during the hotel incident, the same audio TMZ posted back in 2007.

Simpson was famously grilled on the stand in the 1996 civil trial when he was found liable for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman -- but he's never spoken under oath in a criminal case. This was a first.


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Hate this guy all you want, BUT...

it is absolutely disgusting that they used his second trial to get him back for being exonerated in the first. That is NOT how our system should work. Manipulating our legal system to punish someone because we believe he got off easy in another case sets an extremely dangerous precedence and is guaranteed to result in an innocent person being unduly punished at some point.

504 days ago


Yes, O.J. Yale Galanter. Was paid handsomely to screw you over. Someone tried to warn you, that this whole situation could have been a set up, but you did not listen.

504 days ago


You deserve a new trial, and the best lawyers that money can buy.

504 days ago


Sorry, TMZ's recap leaves out all the controversial testimony. I watched three testimonies and it looks awful for his lead attorney, who phoned in, but did not appear. Let's recap: he told the media that O.J. did not need money for legal fees and then asked O.J. for more money while the financial guys went nuts (they believe it was not getting to the "experts" and attorney/specialists he wanted to hire; when O.J. wanted to pay the appeal attorney directly, Yale never spoke to him again; he told O.J that never charges him, but that the local lawyer, Grasso needed money and then more money and Grasso testified he was never paid at all, eventhough they used his office space; Grasso thought there should be objections to using a tape and Yale said no; Grasso was researching how to keep it out when Yale overruled him, telling O.J. it was good to have it in with unproven facts/character assassinations; O.J. was told only to speak to Yale and none of the other counsel even though they knew Nevada law and he was a Florida lawyer; he said he never spoke to O.J. beforehand, but the phone records were going to come into the case and he got those kept out with a stipulation that they had never spoken; O.J. never heard that he was claiming they never spoke about the plan to get his things back; his daughter testified she was in the room when he spoke to Yale; O. J. was not given advice that his lawyer was a potential witness in the case and therefore a conflict of interest which necessitated an outsider lawyer be used for advice; the appeals also should have been handled by another lawyer; Yale was about to let the deadline expire for an appeal when O.J.'s cellmate told him that if he did not preserve his right to appeal, he would lose the rights to and not to appeal to Supreme Court because it would get kicked back if you had not appealed at the local level - whereas Yale told him they would get things straight in Federal court and not to worry about the local appeals; the money for experts was never spent and no experts were hired nor did any testify; no investigation was done prior to the trial and in spite of paying hundreds of thousands from O.J.s pension and saying the account had enough to make it through the appeals, he was telling Grasso that there was no money and O.J. was broke. He paid legal fees from his pension (NFL not SAG, I suppose). Let's see, Yale also said not to speak to the judge at sentencing, not to "give excuses" but throw yourself on the mercy of the court. A reporter put up bail (I think, it was murky here) "She will give you bail, but she doesn't want to hear you speak." But then the reporter accused O.J. of not speaking to her. He was getting this story not to speak from Yale. The items were actually ruled to be O.J.s, but the lawyer who handled that was never called by Yale so, he was telling him the correct information about it being fine to get your own possessions. I couldn't tell if this call could have been made before going to get the stuff or if the ruling came after this case. Very interesting drama.

504 days ago


And if he gets out of prison..he 'screwed' the justice system AGAIN!...and I think he will get out!..he's got plenty of bleeding heart friends!.

504 days ago


OJ's sentence is RIDICULOUS .. He was the least involved (Aside from his deep voice) Yet everyone else is FREE including the unknown man with the Gun, and yet he gets 33 years for saying "Nobody Leave" I WANT MY STUFF ONLY MY Personal Things" .. Its ridiculous, and a disgrace to our legal system.It does not matter what "People" think he did do **12 YRS** before this. He was tried and found not Guilty. Thats our system. It isnt perfect.. But its what we have. .. We dont apply double jeopardy over a decade later over a silly mishap, that was turned into felonies that would not hold water for a Homeless person. But if The legal system could put OJ away for a Speeding ticket they would try to turn it into something much worse given the chance. OJ should be Granted a New Trial based on what Ive heard from Him, and His co-council, And by the mere fact he was offered a Deal and never told about it. OJ had to know people were out to get him, which is another reason Im positive he would NEVER bring a GUN.
Then The prosecution would give him the same offer and apply tim served, and set him FREE. He is 65 yrs old. NOT a threat to society in any way. Lets not Muddy our legal system any further.
Ohhh.. And he was VERY GOOD on the stand. I dont know what all the hoopla was about him being terrible on the stand at all. But that was long ago, maybe he has mellowed with time and that has an effect.

504 days ago


Give Oh Jay a break ya think its easy finding the one armed man at the gold course?

504 days ago


I hope they don't give this piece of **** a new trial.

504 days ago


Funny how this poor guy is always a victim, isn't it? It's always someone else's fault.

503 days ago


murderer, what a waste of over ample skin

503 days ago


He's more concerned and upset about his stolen property than he was at his murder trial for his wife

503 days ago


Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman Were known to be heavy drug addicts and hung around that Hollywood LSD crowd. Their drugged up friends killed them like in most Hollywood deaths.

503 days ago


I see OJ...and he wants to try his case all over beating a dead horse, Juice!

503 days ago


Rot muther f*cker! You've been guilty since the bronco chase and what happened the night before.

503 days ago


O.J. forget about it.......your lucky to be alive after that Nicole , Ron thing you screwed yourself!!!!

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503 days ago
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