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Rep. Mark Sanford

on Tiger Woods:

It Might Be Our Year!

5/16/2013 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rep. Mark Sanford and Tiger Woods are in the midst of legendary comebacks ... considering cheating scandals ruined both of their lives ... but Sanford tells TMZ he hopes 2013 is the year they can BOTH stay on top (of their careers ... not other women).

Sanford -- who was just sworn back into office after leaving his position in shame in 2011 following an extra-marital affair in 2009 -- was strollin' around in D.C. yesterday when we talked about how he and Tiger are both turning things around.

FYI -- Tiger just won a pretty big tournament earlier this month and golf experts think he's got a chance to take over the sport again.

As for Sanford, we asked if he felt Anthony Weiner is also due for a comeback -- to which Sanford replied, "I'm worried about trying to get it right in my own life."

In other words -- he doesn't have time to focus on other weiners right now.

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Az Heat    

Haha other weiners!

526 days ago


I guess Sanford does idolize Tiger Woods. Lots in common. Neither one knew marriage vows required maturity, honesty, and effort. The only effort these 2 did during their marriages was to see how fast their zippers could come down for their respective whores.

526 days ago


Repugnant!!! We have lost our moral compass. He miss used funds...lets put him on the finance committee!! He makes a joke of it all and we still put this fool in power. Sad.

526 days ago


LISTEN UP TMZ IMBECILES!!! Sandford used to be GOVERNOR-I REPEAT-GOVERNOR of S.C. and was poised to run in the next PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION as the FAVORED Republican candidate before he used our tax dollars to sneak off to South America and EFF some wh-ore . Now he's our state rep. simply because his opponent was more of a loser than he is and he won by default. Some diehard Republicans abstained from voting because they did want Sandford representing their party. I would hardly characterize his winning a comeback. Your pitiful grasp of the English language implies he won his old job back. He will never get back what he threw away. NEVER. You TMZ imbeciles need to stick with what you know and report yet again-although incorrectly-that Crackie is going to jail or how fat a.s.s.ed Kim is still a size 4.

526 days ago


Harvey disinformation strikes again!! Sanford was NOT FORCED out of his Governor's office. He fulfilled his term. Although uber Libs like Harvey tried to make him resign he held strong and completed his term. A vote of confidence was given by the South Carolina Legislature. That means they considered him competent at his job. Harvey also likes to lie about him telling folks he was hiking on the Appalachian trail. Not so. His office suggested that because they had no idea where he had gone but had a contact number. When you get down to it he was in a cold marriage and fell in love with a former friend. Its a bad situation but has zero to do with his job performance. If we kicked out every politician who had an affair Washington would be empty. T.Kennedy, B.Frank( had a prostitution ring running out of his house, C. Dodd, etc, etc,etc.

526 days ago


OMG, I can't believe actually voted him in.He screwed his wife and kids, don't you think he'll screw the people who voted him in. Hope and pray he doesn't vanish during a walk again.

526 days ago


Says a lot about the people in South Carolina.

526 days ago


I'm starting to like this guy.

526 days ago


This is ALL Tiger needs right now...

525 days ago


So Anthony Weiner gets kicked out of politics for being a "pervert," but Sanford (who spent taxpayer money dressed in a diaper with a hooker - while he was married) is something to be celebrated? Yup, gotta love those Republican "family values."

525 days ago


South Carolina deserves this fool if they voted for him but, unfortunately, all the taxpayers pay his salary and I don't like paying the salary of a lying **** hound.

525 days ago


I'm sure Tiger would want nothing to do with Mark Stanford

514 days ago

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