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Stars and Their Kids



5/18/2013 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0517_rockin_out_launchWith the news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West plan to hit the road with their new spawn for Yeezy's upcoming tour, check out which stars weren't afraid to rock out at a live show with their adorable offspring.


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Phishie from Philly    

Of course the ear protectors have to match the outfits. I bet honey Boo Boo's don't match!
Phishie from Philly

527 days ago


This is the top story?

Slow news day?

527 days ago


Hey TMZ are you blind?? Did you notice none of the children in the photos are newborns??

526 days ago


Hey TMZ go find us some photos of newborns on a tour bus!

526 days ago


I seriously doubt any of these people brought a newborn baby on a full tour. Sleeping in hotel cribs every night and being exposed to germs and illness all over the world. I think it's fine that people bring their kids to see their parents or other family members perform, but babies don't belong on the road. They deserve a good stable environment. I think their baby would be better off at home with a nanny.

526 days ago


None of those children are three months old, idiot.

526 days ago


These kids probably went to what... 1 or maybe 2 shows? That's awesome that their parents let them go enjoy some live music- Dave Grohl looks like such a cool dad. Gwen Stefani looks like a great and fun mom (hell can those two just adopt my 26 year old ass and take me to shows too? lol). These parents know that the road is no place for kids though. Kim needs to say "screw Kanye" I'm doing what's best by my baby and raising him/her in a STABLE environment at home at one location. Kanye can always come see them when he gets breaks or they could even travel to see him occasionally- but all the time on the road for a baby? Geez. I'm surprised Kris Jenner would actually "let" that happen lol.

526 days ago


I know Dave Grohl and Gwen Stefani are not together BTW but if they adopt me they can just split custody :)

526 days ago


Rockin out at an occasional show is NOT even close to being the same as taking a newborn on the road. Newborn babies should have limited contact with people in the first few months. This is happening because Harvey's Kimmie-bear threw a fit about being a mom on her own because she is smart enough to know it's not going to be easy or her thing. Kanye thought the little--euphemism not an actual adjective--woman would stay home with the kid while he continued on his merry way. Kimmie-bear ain't staying home for anyone not even her own baby who is turning into a major inconvience for her. Get used to it Kanye.

526 days ago

Nosy and Concerned    

Im a bit offended that you are already referring to Kim and Kanye's baby at a "spawn"...that baby has nothing to do with how his/her parents behave.

I am a living witness that although I have paid to some degree for the "sins" of my parents in the face of public opinion, I am NOthiNG like my parents (and thank GOD for that!)

I just hope that you will be kind to this baby as you are when reporting on every other celebs child...regardless of how you feel about Kimye.

thanks:) btw I bet the baby will be really cute and well dressed for that matter;)

*wishing all new babies the best in life*

526 days ago


Kudos to y'all for just showing photos of kids with ear protectors and helping to make that the norm--I cringe when I see kids without them at concerts, even local ones in the park they should wear them. As for the comments re K&K, who cares if they want to go on the road together? Babies like to ride around when they can't sleep so this one should sleep well.

526 days ago


The adults should be wearing ear protectors also. Hearing loss is no fun.

526 days ago

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