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James Gandolfini

Possible Last Photo Before Death

6/20/2013 11:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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James Gandolfini dined at an Italian restaurant and was photographed during his meal shortly before he died.

We've been getting unconfirmed reports Gandolfini was at Vitti restaurant in Rome -- where the pic was taken -- hours before his death.  Although we know he was there, the restaurant can't confirm if it turned out to be his last meal.

And now we know ... doctors tried in vain for 40 minutes to resuscitate the actor.  They tried everything -- heart massage and other methods but there was no electric activity from the heart, meaning he was probably dead before he even got to the hospital.  The hospital confirms that.

There will be an autopsy, which will probably include a toxicology report that will reveal if drugs or alcohol were in Gandolfini's system.

The chief doc at the ER says it looks like the "Sopranos" star died of natural causes -- a heart attack.


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You nimrods at TMZ, as usual, have no idea what you are talking about. Natural Causes means of old age. A heart attack is not natural causes, it is a heart attack.

490 days ago

BB not bb    

Usually if you are about to have a heart attack, you show some signs before hand. Maybe you get numbness or tiredness or shortness of breath. If he was feeling poorly, I don't think he would have set off for a vacation to Italy. I think there are things that they can slip into your wine that can make you die of a heart attack on the spot.

490 days ago


Sorry but stupid fat American dies.... Look now fat hè was. No wonder hè died. He's son is also fat and will die just like him

490 days ago


Don't Stop Believing. RIP.

490 days ago


This is sad but He did have a major cocaine problem for many years...Also a weight problem..The two dont mix..So its no surprise that this is the outcome. With all that money you think he would have went on a diet and got more healthy. As for the cocaine the dmg was done..

490 days ago


How did he look so much thinner at the tattoo shop a few weeks ago?

490 days ago


He was rapidly turning into a very fat f*ck.

That's a warning to anyone in their early '50s (or earlier) - watch your weight and be good to your heart,

490 days ago


I posted this photo yesterday because a local news reporter here in Seattle who I follow on twitter posted this. Thanks for giving the proper reporter the credit TMZ you *******s

490 days ago


He looks really bloated in that picture. I still can't believe he was only 51. Why is it so hard to believe that he had clogged arteries at his weight?

490 days ago

Thomas Jefferson    

Not a good promotion for this restaurant Ciampini in Rome.

490 days ago


He does not look good in this pic. He has the same look my Aunt had in pics takend a few days before she died of a massive heart attack right at the ER check-in desk. So really sad.....may he RIP. :-(

490 days ago


Now that's a spicy meatball!

490 days ago


Stay classy, TMZ....

490 days ago


R.i.P much love & prayers

490 days ago

BB not bb    

Maybe he suddenly started pigging out so much in Italy that he suddenly put on weight and it overtaxed his system. I hear the food is very good there so if he had no self control, he might have been eating everything in sight.

You should probably go slow and eat light when on vacation because you have the stress of a new place and a lot of walking around. He maybe just wore himself out.

People are trained like Pavlov's dogs to just jump at the sight of delicious food and devour everything in sight. I hear in Italy they give you smaller portions, but maybe they give you a lot of them and he ordered too many.

490 days ago
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