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Lil Snupe

Suspect Sought in Killing

of Meek Mill Protege

6/22/2013 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0622-lil-snupe-gettyPolice in Lousiana believe a 36-year-old man shot and killed 18-year-old rapper Lil Snupe during an argument over video games earlier this week.

Snupe -- a protégé of rapper Meek Mill -- died on Thursday after being shot twice in the chest. Police have issued a warrant for Tony Holden, but have not been able to locate him thus far.

Holden is a convicted violent felon who should be considered armed and dangerous.

Lil Snupe (real name Addarren Ross) was just signed to Meek Mill’s Dream Chasers Records earlier this year.


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Yet ANOTHER rap music related murder. How many is this, does anybody know, going all the way back to Biggie and Tupac? How many country music related murders were there in that time? How many Rock music related murders? How many Jazz music murders? How many Pop music murders? Hell of a business to be in for rappers.

457 days ago


Over video games? These types are real bright. The more they take out themselves the better.

457 days ago



457 days ago


Your kids want to be just like them. They are good enough to jam to in the car. Good enough to watch on football Sunday. Good enough for you to ram out and by their shoes....but in the end and behind computer screens to to you, they're just another black person dead. To bad for most of you white people... Your kids will either marry a "ni***" or get knocked up by one. Talk about KARMA. Black people are laughing at you.

457 days ago


Aren't any of these "rappers" smart enough to come up with a name other than "LIL" something?

457 days ago

Jericho Morton    

So it is news that Meek Mills rod swizzler got shot having a screaming bitchmouthing scrap about a video game?

457 days ago


Funny hw all these racist mf's talk like dude deserved to die because he was a rapper just remember rappers not shooting up movie theaters nor schools oh my fault the ppl that did that was white, not to mention all the murders and stealing white ppl did to my ppl and other races so tell me why point fingers all violence needs to stop and I wanna hear u same ppl talk **** when another guy do something stupid

457 days ago


One less rapper to pollute the environment with nonsensical noise. Only a few thousand more to go and this will be a better world.

457 days ago


Too bad there isn't a bounty paid for rapper's tongues and lips.

457 days ago


Um............ Who are these people? O_o

457 days ago


I find it disrespectful to the fam how the media handling this dude was a kid an cousin to a close friend of mine just pray for the family stop being disrespectful country stars talk about snorting coke cutting they self an rappers like #ripsnupe who didn't have none made a name by doing some he loved and lost his life to bull**** god calls his angels when it's time but as a black male we get scrutinized for our everyday life people look at me and say thug that's ****ed up snupe was a kid living his dream and **** what anybody say he made his mark I want let him be forgotten and you crakers not to wish bad on nobody but Justin beiber worst off that wigga need help he think he black and acts worse than us lil twist from the d he smarter than that we have to be **** that white boy he not gone get away with all that **** he doing he worse than Aaron carter n Lindsey Logan 2 x tmz NO HARVEY Y'ALL NEED BETTER PEOPLE WITH Y'ALL YOU HAVE MY INFO I'm tired of the racism in America if you judge us judge us all white black yellow blue I didn't ever think racism would be in 2013 the people of yesterday need to leave it in the past #ripsnupe gone but not forgotten

456 days ago



456 days ago


A young man is no longer alive and all some of u people can think bout is his skin tone or the fact he was a rappe ya think just because he didn't wear a suit an tie he wasn't nothing but trash. He was a son a brother a uncle an a savory to the ones without a chance! Black people ain't born with silver spoon an maids. So they an me find our calling other ways such as football basketball golf soccer rapping movies. These are the ways to get off the streets an in a better lifestyle so we can go back an save the ones from our hometown! Black people music ain't junk or garbage its their true life story an only the ones without racism in their heart an mind can understand!! That's why you see black mean with ya white girls us as black mother's raise our sons and daughters to stay away from white as do ya but we are. No longer in those days so we become one an that's all. White people ain't becoming extinct black people are because ya white people lock our sons uncle father's brothers up or worst murder them. We just building our blood lines back by mating with ya jungle fever daughters.. I am a young black woman who was raped by a white gut an two of his friends at the age of 15 but because of my race they thought I was trash I was nothing but there to services them when thar ain't true.!! Leave this young man alone show respect for his mother because I recall us black people sending prayers to ya white folks when Moore was hit. And just cause they call them lil Wayne or lil sunpe don't mean anything what bout the white rapper AB they dumb names hug???

456 days ago
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