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President Obama

Victory Phone Call to Gay Marriage Leaders

Caught On Tape

6/26/2013 9:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cool moment captured on live TV ... when two of the pro gay marriage plaintiffs in the anti-Prop 8 case got an unexpected congratulatory phone call from President Obama ... moments after today's historic Supreme Court ruling.

Kris Perry and Sandy Stier were giving a live interview on MSNBC ... when someone ran over with a cell phone and said Obama was on the line.

The phone was quickly switched to speaker ... and everyone listened in as the Commander-In-Chief congratulated the two on a job well done.

In fact, one of the people huddled around the phone invited Obama to the wedding.

Very cool moment.


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A said day in Calif The most perverse thing ever 80 % of the united states is against this , Only tv and Hollywood are for it , Why is it the tiny % rules . How Sicking

482 days ago


People sure are acting like this decision means gay marriage is legal in California. It is for now but what if another proposition passes? This decision only threw out Prop. 8. It didn't say gay marriage is legal no matter what. California is a weird state though. It's so Democratic now yet a proposition like that gets passed. I guess a lot of Democrats must be Catholic and don't want gay marriage.

482 days ago


Glad to see Obama's priorities are on gay marriage. Duh.

482 days ago


I am never voting again. It doesn't mean anything anymore if the Supreme Court can overturn it. Can't wait for the overload courts will have with the divorce petitions.

482 days ago


awesome!!! kicking those bible thumps in the rear!!! jesus is dead and the bible is for children !!!

482 days ago


A lot of you people don't really understand what is going on. You hear about the Supreme Court's ruling, and all of a sudden you think, ya!, gays can marry. Um, no, that is not what the court ruled on. The Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act which means that the Federal Government has to recognize gay marriages in states where gay marriage is legal. It does not mean that gays all over the country are allowed to get married. That is still up to the states.

Also, yesterday, the Court also ruled on The Voters Right Act of 1965. They dismantled a portion of that Act that allows the Federal Government to oversee some state's voting practices for states that have had a history of discriminatory voting practices. The court's reasoning is that all states should be treated equally when is comes to Federal oversight on voting practices. Beginning to see a trend?

The third ruling that we are waiting on this week from the Supreme Court is on Affirmation Action. It appears that the court is taking a position of Formal Equality which means they will probably do away with affirmative action this week. What that means is no more special treatment whatsoever for blacks. No leg up on college admissions, no more minority job quotas, no more government scholarships just for blacks, and a whole host of other things.

People want total equality, you got it. And it is pretty much the gay rights movement that tipped all this off.

482 days ago


Let's remember kiddos, Obama ADAMANTLY supported marriage between a man and a woman since 2006-2012 the he $UDDENLY evolved on $AME $EX marriage. He is such a disgusting piece of opportunist $HIT.

482 days ago


Funny....just 18 months ago odumbo was totally against gay marriage. Idiot

482 days ago



482 days ago


Someone told me I would regret my support for Pres Obama. Never thought I'd see the day. But I think they were right. He very well may be sending this Country to hell, literally. No thanks, I'll take my own car, in a different direction.

482 days ago

BB not bb    

This country has officially become Sodom and Gomorrah. All this does is make a mockery of marriage. Adding rights to sin doesn't make it holy as a union, like a marriage does. God is going to be even more fed up now. This country is going to preciptously come to ruin shortly as a result.

This is called one nation under God and this is how they show it? Our standards are becoming a joke and a lie. This is not in keeping with the laws of a Christian nation that is blessed and favored by God.

This is part of the antichrist spirit and the spirit of iniquity taking over. Homosexuals are lost souls being led further into sin by the sanction of their very own government.

The FDA bans dangerous drugs but what about things that are dangerous to your soul? The Bible clearly and unequivokely condemns homosexuality in all forms. Marriage means nothing. The only marraige that is Christian is between a naturally born male and a naturally born female.

482 days ago

Blink twice     

This president is the biggest embarrassment. I thought Bush was bad. This guy is just a freaking joke.

482 days ago


Marriage has always been a lie and the biggest joke. It doesn't need gays to make a mockery of it as it always has been. I say if gays want to partake in the misery, disappointment and heartache which is marriage then they should have the right. Already their track record in "marriage" isn't so admirable. Just look at Melissa Etheridge, Rosie O'donnell, Jane Lynch. Although, heterosexuals haven't exactly had an admirable record either. At least not for the last couple of thousand years. This is what I mean about the lie everyone wants to believe. But I guess this is more about the financial part of it and the benefits. LIke everything else in life.

482 days ago


This man Obama, was and I'm sure still is , not into accepting what is going on with the gay rights today. As I remember , he was not for same sex marriage. Yet now because his rating is once again tanking, he has to make sure he makes nice with the news today. You know,trying to make himself look good.

481 days ago


Actually, it's a very SAD moment. A sitting president calls to celebrate perversion. Absolutely disgusting. These people need help! "How many legs does a dog have if you call a tail a leg? Four. Just because you call a tail a leg, doesn't make it a leg." Abraham Lincoln. SMH.

481 days ago
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