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Paula Deen Backlash

Stop the Madness!!!

6/27/2013 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Paula Deen keeps hemorrhaging money and business partners -- another handful jumped ship today. Is this just out of control now? We say it absolutely is!!

Plus, candid photographs of Michael Jackson as a loving father are released -- are they enough to make you look past the masks?

And "50 Shades of Grey" has more women giving S&M a shot -- and Mistress Nina Payne is teaching 'em the ropes (and chains). She joins us to explain why her biz is suddenly booming!

(0:00) Paula Deen has been dropped by company after company -- and it's time the madness stopped.
(6:00) Wade Robson finally files a creditor's claim against Michael Jackson for allegedly molesting him as a kid.
(10:00) Gilbert Arenas' ridiculous firewords bust.
(14:00) Aaron Hernandez -- a photo we posted with him holding a gun was used in court today ... just one of his many, many problems.
(18:00) A celebrity dominatrix joins us to explain how "50 Shades of Grey" has her buisiness booming.
(24:00) "Superman" star Henry Cavill -- has famed changed him? Our videos of him suggest it has.
(28:00) Candid photographs of Michael Jackson as a happy father have been released.
(32:00) Rihanna rips a reporter for saying the way she dresses basically promotes rape.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) It's time again for Tim's rejected pitches of the week!

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Ethel Barlow    

Can I sue my nighebor for call ing me a ******, he black and so am i,This is a problem that has existed since i been in the world.So tell what is ******?

449 days ago


Those trouble-making bleeding heart liberals are working overtime to make this big a deal out of nothing. The N-word is a word those of us who listen to rap hear everyday. I don't like divisions between black and white. If it's ok for rappers to use the word, it should be ok for anyone to use the word. Will rap be pulled from the stores next?

Singling out Deen is just wrong. I don't believe she used the word disrespectfully. I live in the South and the only time I hear the N-word used disrespectfully is when it's preceded by the word uppity.

Richard Prior tried to desensitize the word in his comedy routines. I loved Richard Prior. He knew what it was all about.

449 days ago

D. Smith    

In the past, I have always counted on most of you to be the voice of reason, but you really failed on this one. All this woman did was describe to her husband that the thug who put a gun to her head was the "N-word." She didn't even call the thug this to his face. Is being described as the "N-word" the worst thing that she could have done to this worthless POS? She should have pulled out her own gun and blown his stupid head off. Problem solved. On the other hand, you showed a clip of that puss, Chris Brown, called a white woman a bitch. You seemingly have no problem with how these black men treat white women, so where do I begin on this way of thinking? Do you think it's okay for blacks to behave this way toward whites? Do you think it's okay for black men to victimize white women? Apparently, the only crime you see is that someone used the "N-word." What would you call a thug if he put a gun to your head? If this country continues down this path, I expect you'll have a chance to answer this someday. Incidentally, any man, black or white, who victimizes women, is a puss.

449 days ago


The amount of backlash in the Paula Deen Scandal is CRAZY to me. It practically screams conspiracy. Who is trying to take Paula Deen down, and why? All I know is I am less than 30, and almost ALL of my relatives over 40 use the N-word, and I was in the 3rd grade before I realized that almost everyone I knew was racist. I am so-anti-racist and was so offended I experienced reverse racism, and as much as I HATE the N-word, even I am guilty of having said it. WHO HASN'T? And if you haven't, what have you said that was just as bad?

449 days ago


OMG- 50 Shades of Grey is NOT the first bondage smut novel- HELLO? What happened to Stealing Beauty- the Ann Rice series. Did people just now learn to read, or is this more "monkey-see-monkey-do" - Reading is now "cool" thing. Psh.

449 days ago


QVC is full of it. They are going to 'phase out her products'. If it is so morally wrong to support her by selling her products then dump your inventory.

449 days ago


Oh my word! People need to stop excusing Paul Dean with the "she's from the South" - it's giving all of a bad name! I am from the South and no, that word is never "bound to slip out of my mouth". Ever. Period.

There are racists everywhere and not everyone in the south is racist!

I'm not saying anything about if the punishment fits the crime or not. However, I do think she needs to just take a break and stop talking!

449 days ago


The business with Paula Deen is getting ridiculous. I lived in Georgia for many years and 30 years ago, that "N" word as everyone has taken to calling it, wasn't a HUGE deal as it is today. Problem is the hypocrisy of the black/white war on words. Cracker, honkey, redneck are acceptable ... why? They're just as disrespectful

448 days ago


This comment is definitely not an excuse for Paula's past forever. Deen did in fact grow up in a time where prejudice against black Americans was common, especially in the south, and also 30 years ago people in the south still weren't as accepting as they are now, so she doesn't exactly deserve all the backlash that has been given (though I still do not approve of her behaviour.)

448 days ago

Carol Colvin    

Dear Paula. you just ignore those who are dumping you.They are just jealous of your success.You just go on being your sweet self and remember that God will take care of you.There is no one on this earth that hasn't said or done something wrong. NO ONE.

441 days ago
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