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O.J. to Parole Board:

I'm the Mother Teresa of Prison

7/25/2013 2:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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O.J. Simpson says he’s been nothing but a saint behind bars -- a model prisoner-- and now he’s begging Nevada prison officials to go easy on him because, well,  he really didn’t do anything wrong in the first place. Suuuuure, pal.

At his first parole hearing today, O.J. said he’s spent the last five years in prison with some really bad dudes -- guys who’ve robbed banks, casinos, and gun shops.  But, he says, his crime was much different from those ... because he was merely trying to "retrieve" his OWN stuff.

O.J. is serving time at the Lovelock Correction Center for a botched robbery of sports memorabilia in a Vegas hotel room in 2007. He was convicted of kidnapping, robbery and burglary and was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison.

During the parole hearing, Simpson tried to convince a parole commissioner that he’s kept his nose clean these past few years and hasn’t gotten into any trouble while in the big house.

The board didn’t issue a ruling today -- and won’t for a couple of weeks -- but don't expect The Juice to get out of prison anytime soon.

Because he's serving concurrent and consecutive sentences for crimes stemming from the Vegas incident -- O.J. will have to serve AT LEAST a few more years behind bars, even with a favorable ruling from the parole board.

Guess the search for the "real killer" will still have to wait ...

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Tmz is unimportant, hardly accurate news translated by a 13yr old girl

420 days ago


OJ, rot in prison you P O S.

420 days ago


I was shopping yesterday when I saw the headline on the National Enquirer that read OJ only had three months to live. I didn't read the inside story because…well it's the NE.

420 days ago


The kidnapper from Cleveland went to the memorial for one of the girls while she was in the basement. Don't trust anyone. This guy is exactly where he should be. He was always a charmer and always a double murderer.

420 days ago


Surprised no one in prison has killed him yet.

420 days ago

Hell If I Know    

Rot in jail O.J.

420 days ago


It's funny everybody is commenting on his 1990's murder case... You realize that's why he's in jail though? Oh wait yes it is, y'all still mad about that white girls murder lol get over it.

420 days ago

Hell If I Know    

O.J. has ALWAYS been an Azzhole. His first wife, who was his high school sweeheart once said "O.J. was just the most awful person when we were in high school". Moral of the story: People don't change!

420 days ago


KRISTINAJP : You still not getting it..

This is not T.V.. This is real...

Somebody with a big brain put this
plan together... If the hit man killed
Nicole the way a hit man would
normally kill someone, the cops
would think a hit man did it..

A real professional killer can turn
on the pitbull rage if they were
told to make it look like a crime
of passion.. .

You have to think out of the box...

420 days ago


OJ is innocent, just like Zimmerman. Deal with it.

420 days ago


just further proof he is a psychopath!

420 days ago


He needs to stay where he is. Loser liar manipulator and killer

419 days ago


too bad OJ... maybe you shudda thought twice before doing the things you did to put you behind bars. Rot in there you murderer

418 days ago


I don't think Mother Theresa had a black dick.

416 days ago


All I want to know is who in the hell are you all to be talking about this man as if he has done something to you all you all are not god and don't have a heaven or hell to put him in if this shiy had happened to a black person I guess that would be ok since a black man got off maybe because he really didn't do the killings you all are mad especially the "WHITE FOLKS" THE ONLY THING I AM MAD AT O.J ABOUT IS THAT HE FELL INTO THE TRAP THAT WAS LAY FOF HIM TO BE IN JAIL YOU "WHITE HATERS " DIDN'T STOP UNTIL YOJ SENG HIM TO JAIL FOR SOMETHING MAYBE HE'S SAFER THERE BECAUSE OUT HERE YOU ALL ARE TRYING YOU BEST YO RUIN AND KILL A BROTHER I MUST PRAY for all of the hate and haters of GODS Z people in the world shame on all of you that speak so negative about someone that you all don't even personally know.

167 days ago
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