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Kendrick Lamar

Drops Nuclear Rap Bomb

Lindsay Lohan's a Pathetic, Porsche-Smasher

8/13/2013 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

R.I.P. ... Kendrick Lamar just killed the game with a RUTHLESS verse on Big Sean's new track "Control" -- and nobody escaped his wrath ... not Drake, not A$AP Rocky, not Mac Miller, not even Lindsay Lohan.

There are no words to describe how nuclear this is. The rap game hasn't felt this kind of lyrical earthquake since ... we can't even remember ... and the Internet's on fire talking about it.

Bottom line: Kendrick's tired of the superficial BS in hip hop these days (cars, bitches, drugs) and he calls out his own friends for playing into the nonsense (Drake, A$AP, Mac, you name it).

The verse is a gold mine ... but the standout lyric is the unprovoked attack on Lindsay: "Mollies'll prolly turn these n****s to f***in' Lindsay Lohan / A bunch of rich ass white girls lookin' for parties/ Playin with Barbies, wreck the Porsche before you give 'em the car key."

Translation: the trappings of luxury (specifically drugs like Molly) are turning grown men into "a bunch of rich ass white girls" who act like children and take what they have for granted (Porsches). Kendrick's unsuspecting poster child ... Lindsay.

Now somebody please call an ambulance, or twelve. We got burn victims everywhere.

Here's the full uncensored track (WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS). FYI, Kendrick's verse starts at 2:58. Sorry Sean.


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Dang I was saying all the way here, let tmz be reporting the video, let tmz be reporting the video...dang.

344 days ago


"but the standout lyric is the unprovoked attack on Lindsay."

Ummm, according to whom? TMZ that's who.

344 days ago


Funny reading white people comments on hip hop like they know what they're talking about. If you don't understand it, good and don't listen.

You don't even listen to black rappers and then crown Eminem the best, even when he himself said "Reggie (Redman slow people) Jay-Z, 2pac, Biggie, Andre from Outkast, Jada, Kurupt, Nas, AND THEN ME."

Even he knows he is not the best. Just because you make up a larger part of the population and buy his albums more than other rappers (which contributes to lopsided album sales) does not make him the best. He knows it, you should too.

344 days ago


I think this is awesome and needed to be said. These dumb asses are selling out and throw it in the faces of their fans, while their fans suffer through the great recession.

What are we supposed to be happy that you can't relate to us anymore. You take trips to Cuba have dinner with Presidents and sign deals with the ruling class, while we struggle to stretch a minimum wage that isn't meant to sustain, we are merely meat to the grinder. And you dance in front of us with your white girl problems.

Seriously **** the rich and what they stand for.

344 days ago


Honestly, when will this racism the black community harbors towards whites end? Justice for Zimmerman. Set him free from the shackles of the black communities racism!!

344 days ago


U effing idiots dont know hip hop. That verse was crucial.

344 days ago


someone has to teach this guy to sing!

344 days ago


he don,t know how to sing!

344 days ago


he,s sings alful!

344 days ago


please teach guy to this sing!

344 days ago


WHO??? never heard of this clown!!!

344 days ago


I love Kendrick Lamar and his lyrics are real. So haters can have a seat

344 days ago


everyone that is talking **** is a bunch of haters. He just tore the rap game apart right now. and it was amazing. no one is saying anything like that right now. like jesus christ. lmao

344 days ago


I <3 Kendrick Lamar

344 days ago


Now TMZ is gonna blow thus out of proportion. Anyway lamar killed it,but Joell ortiz assassinated his ass. My opinion!

344 days ago
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