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Kate Gosselin

Sues Jon Over Tell-All ...

He Hacked My Computer to Steal Secrets

8/26/2013 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Kate Gosselin
has just filed a massive lawsuit against her ex-husband Jon Gosselin -- claiming he hacked into her personal computer and bank accounts in order to expose her darkest secrets ... all for a tell-all book.

The book is called "Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World" -- written last year by Jon's business partner and tabloid journalist Rob Hoffman -- and Kate claims the bulk of the book's dirt was illegally obtained.

Kate claims the book has since been removed from major distributors like Amazon as a result of its nefarious origins ... but the real dirt is Kate's allegations against her ex.

Kate says Jon stopped at nothing to dig the skeletons out of her closet -- funneling Rob personal information after hacking into Kate's email accounts, and stealing her confidential bank and phone records -- even pilfering her hard drive right out of her personal computer.

She's suing for invasion of privacy, identity theft, and a bunch of other stuff, demanding unspecified damages ... possibly even millions.


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This woman will stop at nothing to keep her name in the news. Go ahead and drag your family through the court system, Kate~ nobody's watching.

426 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

Please go away for good. The last 5 minutes of her z15 keeps repeating

426 days ago


I'm usually never ever judge someone, but thiswoman is just plain EVIL!

426 days ago


I cannot stand this betch. It seems like all she cares about is the money, money, moneyy.

426 days ago


and I thought we were safe from this hag....

she ropes us back into it.

Nice to see that Jon got a job at the NSA with that level of hacking skill...

426 days ago


John is a crybaby!!

426 days ago


No one cares !!!

426 days ago


She trashed him so much millions of people hate him, but he trashes her, and she thinks she's owed money?

426 days ago


Millions? Isn't this guy living in the woods?

426 days ago


This woman craves attention be it good or bad. Reality hasn't slapped hard in the face to realize that the majority don't give a rats azz about her. Good luck trying to squeeze millions out of your ex who barely has a pot to piss in. Not going to happen! Get a damn job and stop trying to make A Buck at the expense of others. "LOSER"

426 days ago


If Kate thinks this will make her look good and people will feel sorry for her she is sadly mistaken. She is so hell bent on destroying her ex that in the process she is destroying herself, but more importantly their children. She blames Jon for her lack of a television career but she managed to ruin her own career by being a total B**ch. I hope she will rethink her position on this and withdraw this suit. She may not have to as the court may throw it out.

426 days ago


Like Bluto can pay millions. At least he has a job and a life. She hasn't exactly returned to the health care field, has she? Those 15 minutes were up about five years ago. Time to move on. Note to self: Be sure to change email passwords after divorce...

426 days ago


I feel sorry for Kate, and think that she has done a great job raising her kids. What kind of a man does this??! Jon is a loser; he ran around on Kate, and has basically shipwrecked his life. People watch reality shows all the time and yet cannot seem to understand that at least some of the marital drama on Jon and Kate plus 8 was there as a result of how the show was put together and edited. I would guess that almost none of her critics have as large a family as she does and, thus, don't really understand how difficult it is to raise that many kids alone. And if I hear one more person say she should get a nursing job I am going to scream. I AM a nurse and, trust me, the pay is not that great and it's exhausting and all-consuming as well. I hope she wins the lawsuit against Jon.

426 days ago

Dead account Delete at will    

At least their not smoking crack, beating women, defacing public property, selling , doing, transporting drugs, beating innocent paps and autograph seekers. Oh no wonder. Those are black people problems.
At least according to the TMZ site

426 days ago

Dr. Cornelia J. Dogbarker PhD    

Oh, the repugnant moron Kate figured out how to get more attention: file frivolous lawsuits. Are her little brats old enough to read yet? I hope they begin to read about how everyone hates their disgraceful bitch of a mother, and they all turn against her ha ha.....

426 days ago
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