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Lindsay Lohan

Trading the Best & Worst

Years of Her Life

8/29/2013 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's looking better than she has in years -- but you can still celebrate all her other ups, downs, boyfriends, girlfriends and arrests she's had ... with LiLo trading cards!

Calm down, sickos -- they're not real. Not yet, anyway.



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Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Bear and everyone else....

We're over here:

234 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

Hey TMZ - this is one fvcked up website you have here now. If you had listened to us 2 months ago when we were screaming for you guys to fix the "Technical Difficulties" bug, maybe this board would not have deteriorated into the worthless piece of shyt it has now become.

233 days ago

LA Native    

Lemon drops currently being served on my large deck

233 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Because i'm still not technically gifted I must stay here. I overheard some people talking about Lindsay Lohan at a soccer field. Most people were not h8turds or Lindsay Lohan stalking freaks. Just normal people with young kids. A lot of them were saying they were just sick of Lohan. More spin and crime and drugs than actual work
They all seemed to think she looked awful. One lady said that Rachel McAdams looked a lot younger but was really older than Crackie. I didn't contribute to the conversation. People with kids hate her. That's the gist of it.

233 days ago

Suzy Q     

"Flabulous" "Mankini"

Holy Sheet, Bear, you are on firah!

Hold onto your thunder thighs, the Brits have given Lindsay Lohan good reviews for her work in The Canyons. Mostly because everything and everybody was so much worse.

I think they thought she was Bennie Hill or something. Or Turbanators own those newspapers.

233 days ago

Suzy Q     

Zeph, thanks for the ROL story link. My god, the bar is soooo low for this bitch that if she shows up on time for a meeting they gush like she just invented the Post-it.


If SNL has her as host again, that's it. Just cancel it. It's dead.

233 days ago


Stupid lynn set me up with a rich guy. And i aint even gay. Now me and lamar odem are going to hit the pipe in some sleezy hotel roim. U hate lynn

233 days ago


"two yuts"__"two what?"__two yuts"__"yut,what is a yut?"

233 days ago


I hope this posts -have just read the exchange between Bear and Andy-You have made my day-thank you for the laughs.

233 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

GM GUYS! My favorite movies: Igby Goes Down and Fight Club. Of course Animal House. Garrett told me how to get on Radar. Bear that's not gonna show up on facebook right? I'm still unemployed. Since Sandystorm. Learning Word and Excel now. Just learned a lot of stuff about computers. Did you know that there is a list of words that you have to put in a resume to get it read by a human? The computer dumps it if none of some of these words are used."best in class" is one suggested phrase."advanced","excelled","successful ",increased revenue" ... crazy huh? Now I 'm going to try rol I guess. I also have made a business email account now.

233 days ago

Bear King of the Dead Thread Heads (and he means it)    

It's Family Fun day for my kids..........Everyone have a great Labor Day weekend. You all deserve it.

233 days ago


New thread.

233 days ago
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