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Nicole Kidman

Ready for War After Violent Run-In With Bike Pap

9/13/2013 12:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Nicole Kidman crushed by an out-of-control photographer on a bicycle -- we'll tell you how he could skate on charges despite video evidence of his major mistake.

My Fair Wedding" host David Tutera took breaks up to a whole new level -- leaving his partner and splitting up their twins in the process! Is this just insane for him to be doing? David's ex-partner Ryan Jurica will tell us how/why they came up with this plan.

Plus, Dina Lohan busted for being absolutely HAMMERED ... allegedly. Michael Lohan joins us to voice his concern about Dina's continuing bad influence on Lindsay ... and how rehab is NOT in her life plan.

(0:00) Nicole Kidman gets creamed by a photographer on a bike -- and she wants to press charges. We'll tell you why it could be hard to prosecute him.
(6:00) Ryan Jurica calls in to explain why he and his ex David Tutera decided to split up their twins.
(10:00) Selma Blair wants to sue Charlie Sheen for firing her off of "Anger Management."
(14:00) Tom Hanks jury stint was cut short by a rookie lawyer who seriously screwed up after falling victim to being starstruck.
(18:00) DJ Steve Aoki joins us to explain whether or not a photo of him leaping over a plane is real or not. The answer may surprise you.
(24:00) Michael Lohan calls in express his disdain for Dina Lohan's DUI ... and he says she doesn't want help with her drinking problem.
(29:00) Lamar Odom charged with DUI ... but there's something weird about the single charge.
(32:00) Katie Couric replacing Barbara Walters on "The View"?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Kim Kardashian and Kanye West continue to build their ridiculous mansion.

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Michelle Neal    

The first thing that came to mind about David Tutera is that his kids will do a Parent Trap in 13 years! Kids should not be split up, even if they're babies, twins need each other!

372 days ago


They are NOT biological twins,2 embryos were implanted into a surrogate-one was fertilized with David's dna,the other with his husbands.Saying they separated their twins makes it sound cruel and sensational.I'm not really sure why I care but I do love me some David Tutera.

372 days ago


Hmmm tricky situation. It's bad for the kids to be separated but its also bad for the kids to see their fathers fight. I thinking separating them is good but they should still have a relationship.

372 days ago

some guy    

Charlie sounds extra coked up on TV.

372 days ago


Another case of people doing what is best for them without little regard as to what is best for the children.

372 days ago

Wow ...    

Yes that photog got the exclusive. Exclusively ran into a woman on a sidewalk...nice, real nice.

372 days ago

Wow ...    

A deputy of the court should know better than to talk with a juror, even if it is a celebrity juror. SHe should have waited until the trial was over. The public at large knows this - why wouldn't she?

372 days ago

Wow ...    

Oh no, Milo is coming on? Why let the rage-a-holic get air time...bad choice. Peace out.

372 days ago


No story is too insignificant to be raked over in multipal postings, I see.

372 days ago


Hands out of your pockets Harv whaddya trying to pull

372 days ago

Flying Blind    

i show by accident clicking sites, must have started late today.
first thing harvey wants to talk about at the end is the story on the gay man, imagine.

372 days ago


These Lohans have such narrow, short, narcissistic vision

369 days ago


both Nicole and Selma's lawsuits will go no where. for the bike thing was an accident nothing more. and selma's suit sadly unless she can prove wrong full dismissal or retailation by charlie will get thrown out. and the only thing katie will do with the view is be guest co host for both Barbara and katie said so themselves though maybe things will change next year when barbara is officialy retired.

369 days ago

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