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Justin Bieber


... Carry Me, Bitches

10/1/2013 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like a real life King Joffrey, Justin Bieber ordered his goons to carry him up the Great Wall of China today ... and, lucky for us, someone took a picture. 

Biebs is in the middle of a tour in Beijing -- and in between shows, he decided to check out one of his fellow wonders of the world.

But, alas, Bieber didn’t feel like stretching his royal legs (or he just wanted a goofy shot to post on his Instagram) ... so he chose to traverse the stone steps by the old “man-mule” method.

Kinda par for the course these days with Bieber. Still, we gotta ask ...


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Just My Opinion    

Jesus carried his own cross (after being beat), and this young able body guy can't walk that?

349 days ago

Just My Opinion    

These rich people sure can waste their money on needless, stupid, or lame azz things.

349 days ago

I won't grow up    

This kid is a talentless little ****. Aren't his 15 minutes over yet?

349 days ago


Oh. I see he has a possible "Lil Lil Lil LIl" friend with him? I guess that didnt last very long. Back to bashing Beiber.

349 days ago


You know you need to get your act together when people prefer King Joffery over you. That's really saying something.

349 days ago

Conrad Kovash    

He could not see over the railing so he needed a booster seat.

349 days ago

Michael Girouard    

Am I seeing two husky black guys toting their lily-white massa up the wall? I am! Can anyone say "Mandingo"?

349 days ago


What a pompous A-hole. he's needs his a** kicked.

349 days ago



349 days ago


The Media, Press, Paps and Haters are always first out if the gate with their negative comments, criticisms, half truths and made up stories. Worst than this, there are also powerful groups, with their own hidden agendas, who want individuals to fail because they fear them, they don’t like then and they can’t control them. These naysayers are emotionally stunted and swamped in phobias. They hurt others every day for profit.
The negativity never lasts and the truth always surfaces. It’s never easy for these individuals when they put themselves out there. Only these individuals are capable and willing to takes risks. Fame, like life, is temporary; let them enjoy it while it lasts.
It is most important to be aware of this environment and if you must respond, respond accordingly. We can all change. It’s never too late to change. Hate hurts everyone. Think before you speak. Don’t hate, be kind. If you must hurt someone, send it here.

349 days ago

Black Becky    

IT's his money, he can do as he pleases with it. IF you don't like him then don't support him.

349 days ago


If Justin Bieber wrapped his legs around my neck, I wouldn't only carry up to the Great Wall of China, I'd carry him AROUND the entire wall. He's SO hot!!!!

349 days ago

Yu Lee    

The Great Wall of China is the world's longest wall at 5500 miles or 8800 km! SO WHY EXHAUST HIMSELF CLIMBING AN ANCIENT WALL ???
Of course haters fail to mention Justin had 36,000 fans waiting for his evening concert - he always gives a super high energy performance - So u should instead give him credit for getting his priorities right !!!
On the other hand, if Justin had climbed the WALL unassisted and get so worn out and tired - imagine the media headlines when he cancels his concert due to sickness!
So if u condemn him either way, what was he supposed to do?
No he's NOT gonna sit miserably locked in his hotel room, cuz he's not afraid to be unconventional and be CARRIED up the wall, and he’s not afraid of you mean minded media morons! You don’t have the guts to correct this article and apologize for your “arrogant” assertion that Justin was “arrogant” !!!

348 days ago


What a frigging tool...

348 days ago


hey you little punk ass bitch, im still waiting for you to kill yourself. i am so sick of reading about your worthlessness all the time.
your mother must be proud of what a douche-bag you have become!

please do us all a huge favor and commit suicide!
just die already!!!

348 days ago
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