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Miley to Matt Lauer

People Stop Bangin' at 40

... And You're Way Past 40

10/7/2013 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Miley Cyrus just told Matt Lauer she'll probably stop being so sexual when she turns 40 ... because that's the age when people STOP having sex.

Miley appeared on the "Today" show this morning -- in a pair of really short shorts -- when Matt asked if Miley's hyper "sexual side" is just a phase or something she expects to grow out of?

Miley replied with a pretty direct shot at Lauer ... a shot he didn't really seem to get at first.

Best part of the exchange ... Matt reveals his age (way older than 40) ... and Miley says, "Then you're really definitely not sexual."

Still, we gotta ask ...



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The Zombie    

If Matt bent her over the anchor desk and screamed "HOW'S THIS FOR SEXUAL?" while reaming her little butt, it would be the most lucrative sex tape ever.

350 days ago


What a immature 21 year old! She is emotionally undeveloped and needs to learn a lot about life!!!

350 days ago


being sexy is not being naked. sexy means not having to take it all off and show what you have. it takes awhile for some people to get it, and some people never do.

350 days ago


Human beings never stop being sexual. As women get older they stop feeling like being "over sexual" is what makes/keeps them interesting. I honestly feel sad for Miley. Because it is sad to see such a beautiful young girl think that her looks and her body are what people want to see from her and not her talent..I think people hating on her for being this way are wrong, she needs pitied not hated.

350 days ago

Cool Breeze    

No talent ho

350 days ago


I'm tired of Miley Cyrus, and her big tough mouth, and her dyke haircut. She thinks she's all that because she she has half a billion hits on her porn video, wrecking ball, but if she hadn't taken her clothes off, nobody would be watching that video. Skank.

350 days ago


Sex with Miley at 40 will be like throwing a hotdog down the hallway

350 days ago


I would say people will stop wanting to bang her by about 25..that is her shelf life

350 days ago


I watched Hanna Montana with my daughter growing up. I remember one episode where Dolly Parton was on it, the scene was nothing but Miley, Dolly and an Acoustic guitar.. and Mileys voice was so beautiful it gave me chills all over my arms and I almost cryed.. I can honestly say, I have NEVER seen/heard her sing like that ever again.. I believe in my heart Miley is a true country singer, because she can sing, but no on knows that because of the "pop" **** she is trying to do. She needs to pick that acoustic back up and get back to her roots. I know alot of you will down vote me, but after you do... go to you tube and look up Miley (Hanna) with Dolly Parton and see if I'm right..

350 days ago


my questions are, Why did Liam stick around for so long? What is wrong with him? Were there children present at this GMA concert, because it was NOT a PG "concert"? and What is with her obsession with little people? The way she treats them on stage looks degrading, I feel very embarrassed and sad for them. I think Liam was really done with her once he saw his birthday cake (a chocolate penis cake), if he wasn't shocked and disgusted by that and her behavior, he is a fool.

350 days ago


Really Miley??? Some people should really think before they open their mouth to speak! I really hope she was joking around.Just being in Hollywood see should know that people do not stop having sex at 40. Hell I will be 40 in 6 months and i have more sex now than i did in my 20's. Damn i guess someone needs to tell my 25 year old husband that we will not be getting it on anymore after March 18 of 2014.

350 days ago


I saw that and thought it was Justin Beiber until it spoke.

350 days ago


Wonder what her parents think of this comment? Pretty sure they are over 40. Come to think of it, if it stops THEM from having sex, and no more kids, wouldn't definitely NOT be a bad thing.

350 days ago

Britt TYnes    

Please tell me that Miley is really not that stupid. I hope she was joking!!!!! WOW people stop at 40! well im 39 and 1/2 and i am having more sex now than i ever had in my twenties--- guess someone better let my 24 year old husband know i cant have sex with him in 6 months ---- ahhhh the horror

350 days ago


I got news for you Miley, we been married 64 years and everything still works!

350 days ago
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