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CeeLo Green

No Rape, But Drug Charge Looms

10/21/2013 8:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


CeeLo Green's alleged rape case is finally coming to an end -- more than a year after the woman's initial claim, he will NOT be charged with sexual assault -- but ecstasy is another story.

Plus, Eminem's album and new song "Rap God" are being hailed as one of his best ever -- even though it includes a ton of gay slurs. Em thinks he should get a pass because he supports gay marriage. You buying that?

And, Robin Quivers joins to explain her incredible battle with cancer -- and to take a hilarious shot at Rush Limbaugh for dissing Howard Stern.



(0:00) CeeLo Green's rape charge was dropped -- but he's getting hit with a felony drug charge now ... and it's pretty shocking.
(6:00) The plot thickens over Kylie and Kendall Jenner's underage appearance at a 21+ club.
(10:00) Robin Quivers joins to explain her incredible battle with cancer -- and to take a hilarious shot at Rush Limbaugh for dissing Howard Stern.
(14:00) Dr. Conrad Murray ... looking for representation!
(18:00) Lamar Odom -- signs he's back on the right track?
(24:00) Justin Bieber had a hell of a weekend -- strippers, cash, partying, booze and a whole lot more!
(29:00) Kanye West supports Kim's naked photos shoots -- and then accidentally shows too much skin himself.
(32:00) Eminem's homophobic lyrics ... why is he getting a pass this time around?
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Beyonce's death-defying fall!

No Avatar



Eminem has been makin fun of gay people for years... are we still crying about that.. get over it

337 days ago


He'ss get a pass after i tear up his skinny white a$$. Just let me finish up w/ the Bieb 1st.

337 days ago


We don't need this losers voicing "support" for us. But we will take his $.

337 days ago


It was so nice when Mike was gone, now to hear his voice and look at him, makes me very sad! :)

337 days ago

Heather m Godshalk    

Why are we so worried about Eminem sing about gay this and gay that.. I dont here anyone talking about the singer that are singing about beatin ther Hoe, and F^%king that B&%ch. Or what about the songs that talk about killing Nigs on the Street.......

336 days ago


If you're asking why Eminem gets special treatment, it's because not a lot of celebrities have to put up with getting shot to become famous.

He has the devil's luck.

336 days ago

Flying Blind    

4 post during the show with a few replys, the end is near.
Soon i'll just be walking through an empty warehouse on visits. WHAT WAS THAT!!, just the wind i guess.

336 days ago


You can't do slurs unless you do it the way All In The Family TV show did. Otherwise you are a part of the hate and bigotry.
I can't see why he gets a pass-just because he sung with Elton John? GTFO.
Bigotry and hate towards woman and gays in songs is never okay.

336 days ago


He's just Marsha with an L. He even looks like a Brady girl with that platinum blond hair. Marsha Marsha Marsha!

336 days ago


Eminem and controversy is what works for him for after all he would not be for gay rights if even though it does come off hypocritical of him saying he should get a pass. and love Robin saying she does not know what rush is good for her.

335 days ago

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