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Mick Jagger

Gimme Shelter from Katy Perry's Lies

I Never Hit On Her

10/31/2013 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mick Jagger pulled the lamest rock-n-roll move ever today ... denying he flirted with a young, hot chick named Katy Perry.

In case you missed it ... Perry told an Australian radio show this week she had dinner with Mick when she was 18 -- and singing back-up for his solo project -- and claims the rock legend hit on her.

But today the 70-year old singer actually took the time to release a statement saying he "categorically denies" making a pass at Katy ... adding, "perhaps she is confusing him with someone else."

First he accepted Knighthood from the Queen, now ... he's officially denying hitting on women?

Damn, Mick. Maybe Keith Richards was right.


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There are funnier ways to handling this than DENYING it - and I'm glad she told the story.

We all love/respect Mick - dude can do no wrong...

This is actually something just else Mick did RIGHT.

You HAVE to try - you just HAVE to !!!

"Wanna go back to my place... I mean what hotel are you staying in... my bad..."

I respect Mick even more now.

In ten years he should try again...

252 days ago


Great TMZ story choice and title, but ...

Better SONG choice might be:

"I'm Just Waiting On A Friend."

Meaning an erection at age 70.

MIGHT wanna look in the old medicine cabinet dude.

252 days ago


I take Mick's side, Katy Perry is THE most un-sexy girl out there. She's normal normal normal. She tries to be edgy by changing her look every 3 weeks, but it doesn't work. I like some of her music, but she's not edgy and she's not interesting and she's certainly not sexy!!

252 days ago


I believe Mick - she didn't have her tits (as Nick would say, "her plus twos") installed yet back then, plus she is fairly ugly without her makeup.

252 days ago


She wishes he did. The only dudes hitting on her are greasy men like Russell Brand.

252 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Here's the thing - who are you really going to believe in this story: the known sex addict who admitted to have f*ck everything that walked near him throughout his career (even some dudes during the 70's) or the singer who greater assets are definitely her boobs who's pushing her new album, which is turning out to not be as popular as her previous efforts? Oh, and are we suppose to be believe that Kathy Perry would actually say NO to Jagger, but YES to Russell Brand and John Mayer!?!?

Gotta go with the sex addict on this one.

252 days ago


I believe him. She's looking for publicity for her crappy album.

252 days ago


Women have a habit of saying a man "hit" on them implying the guy was turned onto them.
I think its fine for Mick to say No, I did not. She does not seem to be his type anyway and it was stupid to say.

252 days ago


she looks ok.but really is not all that and a bag of chips.i see prettier ladies walking up town in my area.

252 days ago

Jay W.     

Can't blame Mick... If I was involved with Katy in any manner professionally or privately, I'd try to move in. The girl is hot... has a sweetheart personality and without a doubt is a "Super Star!" Numbers don't lie.

252 days ago


I don't think he hit on her, because he has always admitted it when he has hit on others. He would have no other reason to deny it after all these years.

252 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

Why would he hit on her he can still get good looking women that can actually sing.

252 days ago


Most folks that read what McKenzie Phillips has said about her, I guess you could say "relationship" with Mick, would believe Katy. When you see the story keep in mind Mick had known McKenie since she was a child , he was pals with her father. Also , I've never seen Mick deny what she said. I think the difference with Katy is , he's not used to hearing the word NO. Fame & money can get you alot of things, but Katy has plenty of that already & doesn't need his.Seriously if you haven't read McKenzie's story, look it up. YUCK!

252 days ago


It seems to be the fashion these days, to lie about getting hit on by a big celeb. The other popular allegation for darn near everyone who writes a book is that they were molested by somebody. I don't believe either of those lies.

252 days ago

The Zombie    

Why would he NOT hit on her? I sure as hell would!

252 days ago
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