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Charlie Sheen

'Pig Circus' Will Fail ...

Judge's Robe Will Burn

11/8/2013 1:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is going nuts over the judge's decision to give Brooke Mueller's brother Scott guardianship of their twins and then allowing her brother and the kids to live at her house -- a house Charlie owns.

What Charlie is telling friends is choice, so it just can't be paraphrased.  Here it goes ...

-- "This pig circus overflowing with buffoons, sycophants and heretics cannot be trusted to safely raise a colony of ferrets."

--  "Brooke will fail and her brother [who lives by the beach] will be selling his ass under a pier and the evil nanny will die from ugly."

--  "When, not if, this psychotic and desperately irresponsible sham goes sideways, DCFS will burn to the ground, topped off with the smoldering robe of the judge."

To add insult to injury, Brooke is living in the same gated community as Charlie.  As we first reported, the judge's decision effectively gives Brooke immediate full custody of the troubled twins, with a babysitter brother.


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Sounds like Charlie needs to go back on some meds.

349 days ago


Well, it seems like it hasn't ever even been a possibility for Charlie to raise his own kids. Shut up Mr. Sheen, you are as unfit a parent as your druggie ex is!

349 days ago

Good riddance!    

Brilliant, Chuckie! Say exactly what you're not supposed to say and see how this turns out. The kids are a write off at this point. Juvie Hall will be their residence in no time flat, thanks to BOTH of these cracked out idjits!

349 days ago


Charlie is sounding more like King Lear approaching madness!
I don't get why Charlie himself doesn't take his own 2 kids in to live with him?

349 days ago


I think the judge has lost his ever loving mind. Those kids do not need to be with Charlie or Brooke. Denise should have remained their managing conservator.

349 days ago


Were is your legal team? Why are they not talking for you? Your twins need help...Please Charlie help your twins...........

349 days ago


C'mon Charlie, you are the one that isn't being a father. Quit complaining and give your kids a decent upbringing.

349 days ago


If Charlie Sheen gave a damn, he should have shown up at the damn meeting that concerned the guardianship of his children.

349 days ago


All he can think about is winning--he gives no thought to doing what's best for his children. Even if he disagrees, he needs to help the people in the children's lives right now, not make things more difficult. It never occurs to him that other than putting out big money, he is a lousy, selfish father, who can't raise his own children. Charlie belongs in jail or a mental institution. He should be ashamed of his behavior.

349 days ago


We all knew this rant was coming. Might not be eloquent but it gets the point across.

349 days ago


Can someone @TMZ (Harvey ?) please explain the meaning of " selling his ass under a pier " ?

349 days ago


Oh-oh. Terrorist threats against DFCS and a judge. Charlie has got it coming to him on Monday.

349 days ago


If Charlie cared, he'd be the parent he says his kids need. He's great at pointing fingers & ignoring the fact that he's negligent & unwilling to put his children first.

Those kids will end up in foster care soon if this mental case doesn't change.

349 days ago

Pudding Tang    

Once again Charlie is RIGHT ON!

349 days ago


Wow these kids don't stand a chance in the middle of this mess....judge needs to get those kids into a safe, loving foster home far away from hollyweird

349 days ago
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