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Jameis Winston Accuser

Let Me Be Clear ...


11/22/2013 5:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1121-getty-jameis-winstonThe woman accusing Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of rape just issued a new statement in response to her detractors -- "To be clear ... THIS WAS RAPE."

The accuser, through her attorney, is taking aim at Winston and his lawyer -- claiming the defense of "consensual sex" is nothing more than "reactive damage control" after Winston's lawyer learned the DNA in her panties matched Jameis.

The statement says, "To be clear, the victim did not consent. This was a rape."

The accuser is also calling BS on Winston's claims that he has multiple witnesses to support his account of consensual sex ... noting that Winston waited for months after the allegation was made before claiming to have witnesses.

"If [Winston's lawyer] had knowledge of witnesses beneficial to Winston back in February 2013, it seems logical that [Winston's lawyer] would have immediately provided those alleged 'exculpatory witnesses' to Detective Angulo.  Theoretically, Detective Angulo would have taken the statements of the alleged 'exculpatory witnesses' at that time. Instead detective Angulo placed the case on 'open inactive' status."

FYI -- the accuser claims the alleged rape took place in December 2012 -- and the investigation was closed in February '13.  The State Attorney has since ordered the case reopened after finally learning about the case last week.

Story developing ...

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I sure wouldn't be surprised if he did rape her, a lot of big time athletes think they can do whatever they want.

333 days ago


Let's see, alleged "victim" has continued attending football games supporting her "rapist" at fsu and only recently left when her name got out as the "victim." rumors of her hooking w/ football players all over school, and her best friends do it as well. sounds very suspicious is all im saying. media needs go interview her sorority and friends for the true story!

333 days ago

Mr Barcliff    

WOW! Who's lying or truthful here is beyond me. The only way to avoid being accused of rape is abstain from sex and the only way to avoid being date rapped is to abstain from dating. She says "NO, STOP" is she serious? He keeps going and he finishes and the next day she realizes or even later, I was really raped, I said NO! He has no clue it was rape! WHY? The idea he has of rape is physically violent and holding her down during the act of sex. What needs to be done also is better educating young men what rape is, what it truly is! When a woman says STOP or NO immediatley stop. When on a date with a man, if no sex is wanted woman be safe, dont assume something like this cant happen. Is she the blame if she was rapped? NO absolutlely not. That said, I just dont know if Jameis knew he rapped her when she said No in his mind. Football and all athletes are used to getting woman so, being told know he didnt get it. Now he may have ruined his career and worse this girls mind and trust of men. Young people need to be educated better about date rape and rape all together. Its a thin line between sex both parties wanted and rape. Lets educate young men and woman so this never happens again. There is non forced rape, happens more than we may think and had a friend tell me its happened to people he knows as well. Hope the young lady is ok! LGNM

333 days ago

The Truth    

Federal Authorities are now investigating this for the cover up by local authorities in violation of the victims civil rights.

FYI: the state is now saying there are 3 women who had previously reported being sexually assaulted.

The Truth Hurts

333 days ago


Misleading headline. The Accusor still hasn't spoken publicly. The Accusors lawyer said that the accusor was raped. No "I' in that statement. We still don't know the full story from the accusor. Guess it ups your page hits though.

333 days ago


I seriously hate it when I hear stories such as this one.....Having daughters...If something like this happened to them I would be devastated...If in fact the alleged victims (note...I used the word alleged....not because I doubt her story...but because the case is still under investigation) allegations are true...I believe that justice should be served.

I also have a stepson...who while playing college ball...watched a couple of teammates who face similar allegations...they were kicked off the team...and two weeks later the alleged victim admitted that she had lied....In the end she found herself right smack dab in the middle of a defamation case....for both....slander and libel.
Therefore I think it is unfair to pass judgement on either party until an investigation is complete... Regardless of the outcome...guilty or not guilty...a young mans character and integrity will always be tainted...and despite how cruel it sounds...the alleged victim will be known as "the woman who cried rape." There are no winners or losers in a case like this...
I find disturbing that people are so quick to judge in these situations...The truth will prevail and until it does...they are both victims...

333 days ago


Ain't it just like the other little boys, with quick fame, to grow up thinking they are indestructible? Guess what??Yah are! Bye bye.next.

333 days ago


I don't think it was rape. I think she got mad when she found out he had a girlfriend and wanted to get back at him. If he raped her why are there pictures of them together before and after this supposedly happened. Plus he was not even playing football he was red shirted last year. Plus if there was any truth to this he would have been arrested by now. I think this is all a set up.

333 days ago


Parents need to teach their girls how to act like ladies & boys to act like gentelmen! The bad thing is the girl usually is drunk! I'm not placing the blame on the girl, but it's not a good look. That's when the guy need to run! If this was a cover up, heads should roll!

333 days ago


Why aren't you posting the pictures of her all snuggled up with Jameis before AND after the alleged "incident" ? Or the twitter and facebook feed? Why aren't you reporting on all the reliable information coming straight from the heart: Florida State students, club owners, people that were there first hand? It is public knowledge across campus that they were in an ongoing relationship and she was furious he was pushing her aside because his girlfriend was coming into town. Why aren't you mentioning any of this? Isn't trashy gossip right up your alley there at TMZ? Or are you too busy being paid off by the accusers family to report on what is really happening and being discussed around Tallahassee?

333 days ago


What is being alleged is that Victim and Winston or other players continued the hookup after the incident. Who does that?

Maybe this is why prosecutors are having a hard time charging. If you are raped, you distance yourself from your rapist. When things go so far and it's embarrassing to retract being that the authorities are involved, some people think to keep going forward with what may be a deception.

If this incident was raped, he should be prosecuted. If this incident was consensual and she won't stop this rolling wheel, she should be prosecuted as well.

In any event, they are trying this case through the media and the pox on both their houses.

333 days ago


Reportedly, the accuser's name is Erica Kinsman.

333 days ago


Not to be racist or anything but i been watching this happen to athletes for so long now with black skin and undeniable talent.... Wat yall doing is called Hate... Women lack class, ambition, and whitts these days anyway... Partly the families fault but u should never put ur faults on another.. if it happened the wrong way its done and over dont ruin this guy life all over hate or greed... And yall wonder why we always say the white man is always trying to keep the black man down perfect example.

333 days ago


You guy have the information wrong. Jameis as never been interviewed by police and he don’t plan to. She said she never knew her attacker that a lie on her Facebook, Instagram, and twitter which she deleted and set on prevent she has pictures of her and Jameis kiss and hugging and I also read on a spot website that there is picture or video of them having sex, and it about her wanting to be the number one girlfriend because he has a girlfriend and she was coming to town that weekend when this happen go on terezowens.com and read it. www.terezowens.com/heres-what-allegedly-happened-in-the-jameis-winston-sex-scandal/

332 days ago

jon cipher    

The word in Tallahassee is that his so called accuser needs to be real quiet about right now Willie Meggs's office is contemplating filing charges against her for making a false report. Jameis and her where dating she got mad when he told her she couldn't spend the night because his girl friend from home was coming to Tallahassee and attack Jameis. Jameis's roommate and her roommate both corroborated the story the chick in done.

332 days ago
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