'Big Trouble In Little China' Star Yes I'll Sign Your Ass ... Wonder Woman!

11/26/2013 6:13 AM PST
James Hong -- who famously played Lo Pan in the 1986 classic "Big Trouble in Little China" -- is still an ass man ... as in, he recently signed one at a comic book convention in Austin.

It all went down when a superhero nerdette dressed as Wonder Woman approached Hong at Comic Con in Austin this week and asked for his John Hancock on her right butt cheek.  Hong obliged -- and included a strategically placed arrow above her crack (nice touch).

The woman was so proud of her new body art -- she posted the pic to Reddit for all the world to see (also, nice touch).

Fun Fact -- Hong also played Cassandra's father in "Wayne's World 2" -- remember the fight scene??!?  Zang.