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12/14/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Good week for Khloe Kardashian -- she's just lost around 200 pounds.  And her step-dad is on his way to losing his Adam's Apple.  So we gotta ask ...


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Regarding SeaWorld, I think your poll would be more meaningful if you added the option of "Discontinue Orca Shows." I'm an average citizen who happens to have visited SeaWorld a couple of times, and read the 'Death At SeaWorld' book and watched 'Blackfish.' I feel more educated about Orcas and I realize captivity is not good for them. But SeaWorld does have some noteworthy attractions and educational pursuits. I don't want the park shut down, but I cannot morally support SeaWorld as long as they keep breeding the Orcas and keep them as a show. These animals belong in the wild. I think most people who read the book or saw the do***entary are probably a lot like me - not "extremist" on either side, jut citizens who are more educated now about these animals and want what is best for them. Phase out the Orcas and I will once again become a patron of SeaWorld.

278 days ago


Who the hell are these backwards ass red necks voting to save Sea World #ignorancenotbliss

277 days ago


Who are these backwards ass red necks voting to save Sea World?? #IgnoranceIsNotBliss

277 days ago


Ridculous polls, where several times´voting is allowed.

277 days ago


Did SeaWorld hire students to click "I like it" in the poll? The only convincing explanation for 45% saying they do.

277 days ago


On the seaworld issue, captivity of cetaceans (orca, whale and dolphins) is extremely cruel. I also saw the polar beat exhibit at san diego and polar bears roam thousands of miles in the wild and are not suited to captivity. The polar bears I saw at seaworld had clearly gone mad. That was the point that put me off going again. I've since learned so much about cetaceans. I could go on for hours but it's not just an animal rights issue. In India they have been recognised as non human persons. They are self aware. They can't use their primary skill sonar in a tank. They have 4 lobes in their brains, Land mammals have 3. They are MORE emotional. Dolphins have a best friend for life. Orca stay with their mother for life. They can swim 100 miles a day in the wild. So they just aren't suited to captivity and even if a marine park gives them good physical care by todays standards it is still a psychologically damaging life for them and also physically they can't swim as far or dive really deep like they can in the wild. There is a movement against animals in circuses generally and it's outdated for seaworld or any other marine park to have animals turn tricks for an audience. Cetaceans are very intelligent so do need mental stimulation but this doesn't have to be done in a repetitive and humiliating way in order to get food. Seaworld are brandishing opposers as radical extremists. But we aren't we have just learned a lot about cetaceans and want a better life for them. If seaworld stopped captive breeding of cetaceans, stopped circus tricks, moved their cetaceans to Seapens (which public could still visit) I wouldn't have a problem with them continueing to trade as a centre for ocean education and place to see fish and go on rides. But sadly I don't think seaworld will willingly make changes without pressure from the public.

277 days ago


You know what is funny? Seaworld is so desperate, the Floridaattractions website is actually directing people here to vote "like it" on the Seaworld pole. Wow! Desperation much? I really don't think a TMZ poll is going to make a bit of difference, but just in case I voted "shut it down". There is no way I support Seaworld.

277 days ago


shut down seaworld screw this celebrity bull****. it's not actually important it just drowns out the true disasters.

275 days ago


the real story here is seaworld. please vote to shut it down.It is barbaric and if we really want to be called civilized maybe we should start acting like it. vote to stop seaworld from having Orca shows!! sign petitions to free the orcas humanely!! please make a difference! forget the celebrity jargon! make an actual difference.

275 days ago

Carol Brignull    

Seaworld is a miserable place for those incarcerated

273 days ago
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