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Michael Jackson's Family

Worst Ploy for Money Yet

12/18/2013 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Michael Jackson's mom and dad want money to make a documentary about him -- only there's a major twist ... they want YOUR money. If that's not bad enough -- they're using his kids to beg for cash. We'll tell you everything else that's wrong with it ... and what MJ would have thought about it.

Martha Stewart​ threw some shade on Gwyneth Paltrow when we asked which one of them is the queen of lifestyle. So, Martha's choice is clear ... who you got?

Plus, "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson says he doesn't get why homosexual men aren't into vaginas more -- and that they're going to Hell. He's trying to backpedal now, but are you buying it?



(0:00) Michael Jackson's family wants money -- we'll tell you this is their worst ploy for money yet ... and how mad Michael would have been about it.
(10:00) Martha Stewart takes a nasty shot at Gwenyth Paltrow -- but some people have Goop's back.
(15:00) Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson's goes off on homosexuality -- we'll tell you what finally put him over the line and into homophobic teritory.
(18:00) George Zimmerman's painting sells for mega-bucks -- we'll tell you why it's not surprising.
(24:00) Justin Bieber gets super high and then says he's retiring from music -- you gotta hear him string sentences together while fully baked.
(29:00) Paul Walker's death -- Porshe is now helping to figure out what went wrong and caused the crash.
(32:00) Top Shot winner Chris Cheng joins us to explain why he decided to come out the closet -- in a very public fashion.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Time to prove we can take it better than we can dish it -- so we read your blistering hate mail!

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Gwyenth Palho is talentless

316 days ago

Flying Blind    

and Harvey has a problem with people doing underhanded stuff to make money off the public, really!

316 days ago


Quiet Raquel...

316 days ago

Flying Blind    

here comes harvey on his homo erectas duck blind.

316 days ago

Flying Blind    

gosh, that brings back the days of my custom van.
of course the only thing that's changed is I don't have the van anymore.

316 days ago


Harvey,that shirt was really ugly! Sorry!

316 days ago


None of the Jacksons are hurting for money. There are those out there that have nothing. They struggle to pay bills. This just pisses me off. Maybe I should ask for hand outs...

315 days ago

Cry Baby    

Michael who?

315 days ago


Mike Walters, It is 'that person and I', and not "Me and that person".

315 days ago


HEY GWINNIE... you will NEVER be MARTHA...

315 days ago

who dat    

No wonder max left. You have become a joke. Welcome to obscurity.

315 days ago

Yu Lee    

TMZ is not making money out of MJ stories,

315 days ago

Yu Lee    

why is TMZ staff so dumb ???
when Justin says he's "RETIRING",
he meant he's "RE TYRE RING"
he's getting new tyres!

315 days ago


Harvey is 100% correct in what he says about Katherine Jackson's video scam wanting MJ's fans to donate. This story goes much deeper. This video is being created under the contract KJ signed with Howard Mann in late 2009. KJ signed MJ's children under this contract also, with her lawyer not reading the contract and she agreed to 25% profit from the video. Howard Mann receives the 75% balance of profit. There aren't any %'s written in the contract for MJ3 !!!! Howard Mann is laying low in the background letting his business partner Sonia Lowe handle the video with KJ. No way on earth would MJ fan's donate to anything Howard Mann.
Also TMZ Raquel is out of date with her information. The executor's each receive 5% from running/managing certain MJ's businesses which does not include the ATV catalogue. It is written in MJ's Trust that the executor's are to be paid which is common language in most Trusts.
If MJ wanted KJ to have his copyrights & trademarks he would have written that in his Trust. He didn't because he knew KJ, Joe & siblings would have spent all leaving nothing to his own children. MJ knew his own family better than anyone.
MJ3 have been used as pawns since the day MJ died. The video clips you see for this do***entary are over 3 years old. Paris couldn't tolerate living in that household and look where she is now. Wake up people to what is happening to Michael's children.

315 days ago


Who are you to judge u dicless bottomfeeder let this family be, why should anyone care what they do to get money. Its not your affair to deal with. And for the rest who want to correct me u know where u can go.

314 days ago

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