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Phil Robertson

Shocking Sermon Ruffles New Feathers

12/31/2013 8:48 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


"Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson promotes marriage to 15-year-old girls -- and people are still defending him. You won't believe the arguments in support of his controversial sermon.

Plus, Beyonce backlash after she uses audio from the Challenger crash in one of her music videos -- former NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson joins us to but her on blast ... and to tell us what he thought about "Gravity."

And, Dwyane Wade had a kid with another woman just weeks before proposing to Gabrielle Union -- would YOU have taken that ring if you knew what was going on?



(0:00) Phil Robertson does it again -- encouraging people to marry 15-year-old girls before they get old and turn into gold diggers ... and people are actually defending him.
(10:00) Dwyane Wade had a son with another woman just weeks before proposing to Gabrielle Union. Would you have taken the ring too?
(14:00) 10-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis has the best agents ever -- her contract for "Annie" is ridiculous ... and we'll tell you why.
(18:00) Former "Jersey Shore" star Angelina Pavarnick is hanging up her reality show boots -- she joins to explain why ... and what she plans to do to make money.
(24:00) Beyonce uses audio from the Challenger disaster in one of her songs -- NASA astronaut Clayton Anderson joins us to say why it was tasteless ... and how she should have handled it.
(32:00) Amanda Seyfriend wasn't pleased with a headline we posted about her dog raping another dog -- and her Twitter response to it was great.
(34:00) Camille Grammer's ex fires back -- he says she's the violent one ... not him.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Our final bikini battle of 2013 -- Jennifer Aniston vs. Katie Holmes!

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Another attempt to fire the Duck Dynasty guy? Jeez, you tolerant, open-minded types sound pretty darn intolerant to me. Do you even know what the word tolerant means?

304 days ago

Dax is stupid    

STFU Dax.... Every time you open your mouth, you show how much of a misguided dumbass that you are.

304 days ago


Is it possible that Robin Roberts girlfriend didn't want anyone to know until now. Maybe it wasn't Robin's decesion

304 days ago


What's that's mans name in the red dress ?

304 days ago


Harvey has a pretty good eye for women considering

304 days ago


Yall are not very good investigative reporters. Everthing he has said in this new scandalous video is on duck dynasty and in his book. He also says" now that's a joke". Give it a rest. You and GLADD are terrified of a redneck duckhunter.

302 days ago


i knew phil robertson reminded me of someone ...

302 days ago


Nice to know someone in that office of your can actually READ. This s h i t has been in his book for over a year. For F Sakes... grow brains TMZ, trying to down the Ducksters is futile. Leave them alone. There are far bigger douche bags for you all to properly go after Phil and Co are not the enemy.

302 days ago


this story is SO played!!!

300 days ago


From what little I have learned of the men within the Robertson family, they are not ignorant nor an uneducated people, and have experienced more than the average concerning important events in life, as result having a more informed background with tendency to be caustic around sensitive folk. Today being informed of what is actually going on within our nation and world, can let's admit, color a persons conversations. In fact, about the only citizen today I experience having a normal unobtrusive life, these appears mostly the result of a considerable ignorance (or denial) relating to most everything of importance going on around themselves.

I believe it is time to cut some slack concerning all of this media hype denigrating the Robertson's, and start discovering why informed people can be challenging to the norm... and perhaps join the ranks of caustic and colorful conversations themselves (i.e. become informed).

277 days ago

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