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Kate Gosselin

Twins HUMILIATE Her on Live TV

1/16/2014 7:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's attempt to show how great things are going for her kids blew up in her face on live TV this morning ... because the kids CLEARLY didn't follow the script.

Kate appeared on the "Today" show with her 13-year-old twins Cara and Mady ... they were SUPPOSED to talk about how their mom has raised them as normal teenage girls who haven't been damaged by being on a reality TV show. 

But when the cameras went on ... the girls refused to perform in Kate's dog-and-pony show ... and Kate was clearly PISSED.

"It's your chance ... spit it out," Kate demanded. 

You gotta see this ... it's one of the most awkward TV moments in a long, long time.


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paul kimi    

can't trust children :P

247 days ago


I just watched the WHOLE interview on the Today Show. Kate did not seem mad at the kids when they clammed up. Why do people always seem to make her sound like such a terrible mother? She seems like a good mother to me, wants what's best for her kids. Their father on the other hand and from what I see in the 'news', is a total idiot. He is out to get Kate, don't know why though. He could never take care of 8 children for more than a couple of days all by himself. If he made it through a couple of days with the kids, they would be unkempt, hungry, tired, etc. I would like to see them back on TV, I enjoyed watching the kids grow up.

247 days ago


Gotta wonder if it as all a PR stunt with her and the kids behind it. Look at all the press it's generating.

247 days ago


I seems like the two twins are normal teenagers dealing with stage fright. When they did the TLC it was reality tv not being questioned on a huge talk show like the TODAY show. They agreed to be on the TODAY show but probably weren't expecting what TV brings verses reality tv brings. Yes, the mom was surprised by their silence and any mom would be in this situation. Also I totally agree with Lynn M -- Jon's on the war path and the girls fear what they say could get them in trouble by their father. He says he wants to be a father to his kids -- where were you during the many years you were so high with drugs, parading with women, and more things that aren't parent like. At least Kate has been sober through this all and she genuinely loves her kids. All in all, Kate allowing them to be on the TODAY show isn't poor parenting. It wasn't like a 1 hour segment. It was for a few minutes and it was a learning opportunity for the girls. You can't shield them from everything in the world. At least she was there with them instead of sitting on that stage by themselves. Gosh! Don't read into their silence. They weren't intentionally trying to hurt their mom (or their dad). They were stage fright and probably scared about their father too. He's the one that goes shooting with a gun warning shots into the area and running after people! Ugh! Jon is a loser! Team Kate all the way!!!

247 days ago

Ronda Anthony    

Lol them kids are so cute but you can tell there afraid to speak cause they may say the wrong thing and really piss her off she is very selfish and very much controlling of her kids and them kids will resent her one day she in this for the Glamour and fame and money

247 days ago


I honestly think they were just nervous about being in the live studio. They seem pretty normal to me. People read into what they want to be true. If they weren't happy about the tv shows then they would have never said yes to the question of another tv show so quickly, they would have stayed silent. Just my opinion..

247 days ago


Kate was not pissed. Way to make something into an issue when it's clearly not.

247 days ago


Kate, Copernicus called. It seems that you ARE NOT the center of the universe.

247 days ago

Black Adam    

All 8 of those kids are mentally retarded. I swear Jon has some form of Down syndrome. Kate is definitely slow, because here dancing on dancing with the stars was beyond brutal. Go watch the video of it you will see what im talking about

247 days ago


I could watch this all day! HAHAHA. They are starting their rebellion period and it's only going to get better or we can hope. You know she slapped them both when they got away from the cameras.

247 days ago


I saw their segment this morning and it was dreadful. Kate is awful and sorry the children just proved they ARE damaged. They couldn't even politely answer a single question Savannah asked. They aren't 3 they are 13 they understood what they were doing. They were actually showing the world how damaged they actually are. Maybe their dad should take the 8 kids for a while. And if that dog & pony show was a ploy to try to get a TV show. No way. Kate and those two kids were the most boring dreadful creatures. And I don't like to **** talk kids but Jesus they were awful.

247 days ago

Hell If I Know    

This woman got a taste of the good life: plastic surgery, tanning beds, hair extensions, fake nails, teeth bleaching, all expense paid trips, five star hotels, nice cars, having a "bodyguard", lots of money rolling in and lots and lots of media attention. She simply refuses to go back to her old life of being a "nobody" and standing on her feet all day working as a nurse or "peanuts". She is way above that in her estimation.

247 days ago


As soon at their able too, the Twins ought to EMANCIPATE THEMSELVES from Mommy Dearest.

we all know their counting down the days to their 18th birthday. Kate i think would uses the $$ to bride the kids into her total submission and control. They can write a tell all book when they hit 18 KA-CHING!!..Kate's WORST NIGHTMARE!!

The twins can live off the money earned from the book $ales.

247 days ago


I felt so bad for this Mom. I watched less than a minute. I felt humiliated for her. Children can be mean and disrespectful sometimes. Maybe they just didn't want to be on the show..and if that was the case, than Mom should just of opted to cancel. These girls knew they were being filmed, they disrespected not only their Mom, but the interviewer, and the public that was's a shame.

247 days ago



247 days ago
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