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Kate Gosselin

Twins HUMILIATE Her on Live TV

1/16/2014 7:23 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's attempt to show how great things are going for her kids blew up in her face on live TV this morning ... because the kids CLEARLY didn't follow the script.

Kate appeared on the "Today" show with her 13-year-old twins Cara and Mady ... they were SUPPOSED to talk about how their mom has raised them as normal teenage girls who haven't been damaged by being on a reality TV show. 

But when the cameras went on ... the girls refused to perform in Kate's dog-and-pony show ... and Kate was clearly PISSED.

"It's your chance ... spit it out," Kate demanded. 

You gotta see this ... it's one of the most awkward TV moments in a long, long time.


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Typical white "moms" cracked out kids who blame blacks for their issues her kids should hang with biebs so they can star on 16 and Pregnant

218 days ago


Ole Kate when your done with dem chilluns just drop them off at your local fire department. After this KARMA no TV Show ain't risking thier ratings for your mess. Child Exploiter!!!

218 days ago


Kate really is about the most unlikable person I have ever seen. Her existence is like nails on a chalkboard.

218 days ago


It was a " Mommy Dearest" moment. The girls wouldn't play ball. This chick is "f"d in the head!!!!!1

218 days ago


When is this crazy woman going to stop. She says she is frustrated over what people say?? Well stay out if the spot light. Stop the interviews. Get a job and do what you say your doing..raise the ki

218 days ago


Well I can see how this appears awkward as a fan of the show I can say that this is typical Mady if you ever watched the show she does that awkward pause all the time, Mady is also a control freak like her mother so if she did not get her way that morning that would explain her behavior. Cara was being Cara so I would not read too much into the interview. They both act that way all the time on the show 

218 days ago


If silence means your kids hate you, we're all in trouble.

218 days ago


I dont think it was horrible. They behaved like normal bratty teens. Lol Show that Kate doesnt excatly control everyrhing they do.

218 days ago


They only showed you part of the interview. The girls are only 13 and shy about being put on the spot like that. I would've frozen too. The rest of the interview shows this. I don't know if Kate is a bad mother or not but this interview shows what seems like a normal mom with her 2 normal girls. Guess there iss nothing better on the news to report. Full interview -->

218 days ago

Kay in San Diego    

You know they got a tongue lashing when they left the studio. Poor Savannah, how awkward for her. Kate, keep the kids out of public view, when will you learn?

218 days ago


This was a big "F *&K YOU!" to Kate. Good for them!

218 days ago


Two little disrespectful brats, they could of kept that behavior at home regardless of their feelings. All those two girls did was humiliate themselves.

218 days ago


I feel sorry for Kate & those 2 ungrateful spoiled little girls should be grounded for life.

218 days ago


Looks like they just froze... Nothing more.. Anyone that lives such a public life has to watch **** they say and do.. I'm sure they did get a tongue lashing from Kate but that's only because she knows how everything is taken out of context.... I'm not a fan of Kate but shr is just an over worked, stressed nut trying to raise her children...

218 days ago


Wow. TMZ finally lives up to their tagline for an article.. That was WAY worse than I thought.. completely and totally awkward.. I feel horrible for those kids.. It seems like Kate tried to coach them into saying certain things and they decided to not follow through...
I feel sorry for Savannah Guthrie though.. She handled it well, but wowzers..

218 days ago
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