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Sinbad Kobe Dissed L.A. With Boston College Visit

1/17/2014 1:12 PM PST

Sinbad -- Kobe Bryant DISSED Los Angeles ... With Boston College Visit


Not everyone's thrilled with Kobe Bryant's impromptu college visit in Boston last night ... in fact, Sinbad's downright upset -- telling TMZ Sports it's a huge INSULT to the schools in L.A.

Sinbad -- who lives in Los Angeles for decades -- pointed out that Kobe could've sat in on classes at UCLA or USC during his 18-year stint with the Lakers ... and didn't have to fly all the way across the country to learn about marketing.

"Is education in L.A. not good enough? Just Boston good enough?" Watch TMZ Sports on FS1 Get the new TMZ Sports app!
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