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Seahawks Superstar


I Kicked Your Sorry Ass!!

1/19/2014 7:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Seattle Seahawks hero Richard Sherman is all about TALKING TRASH in victory ... and he BLASTED 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree after the NFC Championship in one of the most epic rants of all time!

Sherman -- who broke up Colin Kaepernick's final pass to Crabtree in the last seconds of the game, clinching the W for Seattle -- posted up with Erin Andrews after the victory and WENT OFF.

In what felt like a WWE style rage session, Sherman said ... "When you try me with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the result you gonna get. DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOUT ME!!"

There's more ... the Ultimate Warrior would be proud.

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go hawks!!!!!!!!!

186 days ago


First and foremost this douche bag is not a hero! What has he done to make you idolize him? Wow! He can play football with a bunch of other guys. But, can he stand his ground in a war zone full of people who want to kill him? Or does he stand up for others rights? Can he actually give you one example of a heroic thing he has ever accomplished in his life? Probably not! Grow up people and realize these people are not hero's they are paid athletes! They get paid for their skills AND to entertain others! Just my rant for the day... You need to find a better person to idolize because he nor any other athlete fit the "hero" bill.

186 days ago


That rant was both stupid and out of place. It was a good defensive play but he just proved he is a jerk.

186 days ago


He's creepy... Those eyes...

186 days ago

tdelia 91    

You've got to b joking did no one see when Sherman tried to shake his hand Crabtree mushed his face I would have flipped too. 49ers are sore losers

186 days ago


Seahawks going to get their ass kicked!

186 days ago


Niners are dic**! You're nothing unless you have a championship Kaepernick! Andrews' face is priceless... Bet she was covered in spit after that interview

186 days ago

Keyser Söze    

Sports fans bitch all the time about athletes being boring, soulless during interviews, following a script and being unnatural, lifeless.

Once in a while, some dude like Sherman shows up right after a hard-fought game and keep it real - no BS lines, no scripted comments, just RAW EMOTIONS

186 days ago


After the Seahawks lose the SB, while Manning will be going to Disneyland, this moron will be invited to North Korea...

186 days ago

Keyser Söze    

... Genuinely feeling against the opponents they've just faced. And yet some people will still bitch about it because he's being too real!

Man, don't know what the hell you expected from Sherman - the man truly hates the Niners; he truly detested Crabtree; there's actual hate here. And he responded accordingly.

So I salute him for a great play, for not being bogus and to keep it real. the Seahawks will have their hands full in two weeks, but give the mofos their dues. They can boast however they want, cause, at the end of the day, they won this chapter of their West-coast war.

186 days ago


This clown went to Sanford University? He sounds like he should be Fred Sanfords relative not a graduate of Sanford University. ....He is an embarrassment to his team and the city of Seattle the way he acted after the game. Sanford must have lowered their entrance requirements. If he was able to get in.

186 days ago


Sherman play receiver for all the teams, because he the best GO SEAHAWKS. oh and by the way he rich real rich them any of you bitchsssss.

185 days ago



185 days ago

craig williams    

Richard Sherman has a lot compassion for the game an his skill. and there is a lot of Jaw jacking on the field. I heard a lot NFL guys talking about oh Richard Sherman should show some respect toward game. but what you see from the tail of the tape is Richard Sherman putting his hand out for a hand shake from Carbtree and what Sherman got was his hand in his face . So who should show respect here

185 days ago


Who did Ritchie's home work at Stanford

185 days ago
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