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Chivas USA Star

Latinos Are Baby Making Machines

Of Course We're Taking Over Cali

3/30/2014 12:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MLS player Carlos Alvarez isn't shocked white people are now officially a minority in California because as he puts it, "Latinos have a lot of kids" -- but he tells TMZ Sports he thinks this is the beginning of a revolution. 

We spoke to the Chivas USA midfielder about the huge news that Cali's Latino population hit 39% this month ... edging out the white population (38.8%) for the first time.

23-year-old Alvarez is 1 of 6 siblings raised in East L.A. -- born to Mexican immigrant parents -- and says almost everyone he grew up with was also a 1st generation American from a large family.

Alvarez says he thinks the Cali milestone could be huge for the Latino-American community -- "This might cancel people's fears about going to the polls" because they'll feel better represented.

Translation: there's strength in numbers.

Alvarez is a registered voter, but says he's still trying to convince his own parents to turn out on election day.

He adds, “This is a teaching moment for our community to really understand and make sense of the issues – and get out there and vote!

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How do I move to Canada??

176 days ago


Most Latin American countries are a cesspool and economical disasters due to the corruption. Exactly what this country would look like with Hispanics as a national majority. Revolution you say ? Let's get this party started.

176 days ago


I ride public transportation to work, these hispanic women get on with their 5 kids, don't speak english and are under 30 years old, who needs 5 kids - have no job and no wedding ring on? Sorry but the problem is people having to many kids just because they "can". Then I see the teenagers and their babies....same story, because they "can" if we stop the handouts this crap would stop. Where is it written we have to keep giving out money because these idiots make bad choices? Make their families support them or take the money out of their parents SSI benefits or garnish their wages, you'd see these kids not getting pregant real fast!

176 days ago


The only way they've become a majority is, as usual, cheating and breaking the law. It's how they all roll.

176 days ago


All that means is higher taxes to pay for all these *******s and there kids... Great.... Why not re-name California.. Halloween we just give things away for free housing, money, cell phones, groceries .... Ughhhhhhhhhh

176 days ago


Hispanic, Mexicans, Latinos etc... Don't usually benefit from federal or state programs because they don't have social security numbers or proper identification. They are constantly afraid of being deported and work 2-3 jobs if they have to in order to provide for their family. It's sometimes there kids that end up using help because they r brought up by parents who r to busy working and the kids get into trouble. It's also hard for the second generation to become successful because its harder for them to assimilate because they r taught their parents culture while trying to learn a new culture. Of course this is just one perspective, I am second generation to immigrant parents. I am college educated and so r my friends that have similar backgrounds. I personally never met another Latino, Mexican or Hispanic who's on welfare but I have met people from other races including whites that use help and it's okay. All races have people that need help, I don't judge, I am just grateful to have an education and a good job.

176 days ago


Mexicans do have giant families. I think culturally, they have tons of kids so the kids can start contributing to the survival. Mexico's poverty is super high. And their education is extremely low. So when they come to the U.S. for a better life, they still have that same mentality. They don't speak the language nor are they educated so that literally puts them right back where they started, except they have a slight better lifestyle than in Mexico, AND their children have better opportunities (if the actual children have any drive to surpass their parents, they'll take advantage of it). It's all really a giant cycle. But luckily, they do the jobs we wouldn't dare to. Cause I guarantee not ONE of you would ever think to apply for cook, dishwasher, graveyard shift factory worker or any low paying, backbreaking job like that. No, Americans leave those jobs for illegal immigrants and non english speaking legal immigrants, while instead signing up for food stamps and government aide.

176 days ago


White American Europeans stole California from Native American tribes and Mexican North Americans by war and killing. It belonged to Mexico until the mid 1800's.

176 days ago

Mike L    

They should be neutered.

176 days ago

Vic Creed    

TMZ really knows how to get the racists excited.

176 days ago


By reading all these comments you'd think we'd be in the 1930's.

176 days ago


Funny seeing all of the online racists. I'm Mexican and I've never gotten into trouble with the law or asked the government for help. I'm sure people will still hate me because of the color of my skin. Very sad.

176 days ago



176 days ago


California is doomed. If it's not this, the BIG ONE EARTHQUAKE is closer every day. The rest of the country laughs at you.

176 days ago


Mexicans (CA majority) are very Catholic, having sex without marriage is severely frowned upon and having an abortion is absolutely taboo. They are for the most part brought up to shun education and start a large family as quickly as possible. I have never known and have read that Mexicans consider it a point of pride to not take public assistance, they take care if their own. They do, however, clog up emergency rooms with their gigantic, ill families who have never had preventative care and don't treat their chronic illnesses.

176 days ago
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