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The Undertaker

Wrestlemania Loss Was Dead Wrong

4/9/2014 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If the Undertaker's crushing loss to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XXX only happened because The Dead Man suffered an unscripted concussion ... we smell controversy.

No one wants to bury his WM streak at 21 wins!!

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Adults watching fake wrestling, men in underwear pretending to fight, are beyond lame

197 days ago


Wwe sucks now. Its all fake anyways I stopped caring about undertakers matches along time ago. Whats the point in watching him wrestle if you know everytime hes going to win.

197 days ago


It's funny when people say wrestling is fake... Really? I didn't know that... Lol

197 days ago


I worked in pro wrestling for a long time. In a case such as this, they would have cut the match short and given the pinfall to UT if he as scripted to get it. There is NO WAY they would have had him lose his streak because of an injury. He is retiring and he wanted Brock to break the streak. They're friends. I can not stand Brock and think he sucks in every way but that is what Undertaker wanted. He has the respect of everyone in the locker room and there simply is no way that he or anyone else would have called for a change in the winner. Just a change in the length of the match. I have seen guys with broken necks get wins when they could barely move. No conspiracy. Just an awful way to end a legendary streak. Yes, I am aware wrestling is scripted. I wrote some of the storylines at one time.

197 days ago


Same thing happened to Bret Hart to end his carreeer when he lost to Shawn Michaels in the hr long match it was supposed to end the other way but MacMahon had it rigged.

197 days ago


Take your head out of your ass and realise that ultimately this was Marks own decision. It's been well do***ented that he has wanted to end it for a number of years. This is not remotely close to the Montreal screw job, and to say it is is ignorance towards the WWE creative team. They lead you and everyone to believe that the streak would go on. I for one was hoping that WWE pulled something like this out of the bag, purely for the fact that the last WM was very predictable. Everybody is screaming for that 'one more match' from Mark, without really taking note of his own deteriorating condition. The man is knackered and his body evidently cannot take the punishment anymore. The match was a lacklustre for the consideration of Mark's health. In conclusion this isn't the first time a legend as gone out of the wrestling business. Hart, Flair, Michaels just to name a few. If you want to see how bad Mark really is type in Google 'undertaker limping out of hotel' The guy is struggling to lift his own body weight on to the waiting coach. WWE and Mark made the right choice, now Lesnar can be utilised as the monster heel and put over one of the stars of the next generation.

196 days ago


Duh, if it wasn't scripted to end that way, they wouldn't have had the 21-1 graphic ready to put up on the big screen. Along with the pre-planned camera angle of it.

196 days ago


Almost As Fake As TMZ.

196 days ago


Wow - real front page news here

196 days ago


Undertaker...I knew him in college. He was a good basketball player and a nice guy. Hope he is ok!

196 days ago


Its fake!!!!! How can there be a controversery?? His win streak was scripted he didnt actually win 21 straight matches.. A writer allowed it to happen. What a crock of sh it!! You wwe fans are seriously stupid!!

196 days ago


It's fake. Finally something real happens, and tmz wants an asterisk? How absurd.

196 days ago


its fake? really....everyone knows its fake. guess what? fans don't care..its ENTERTAINMENT...hence the e in wwe..just like anything on tv is scripted...wait...zombies and vampires are real right? not bad for a fake show to perform in front of 75,000 plus fans...not to mention across the states and world packing arenas. you dont like it dont watch it. its just mindless entertainment..thats it. go start a wwe is fake webpage or something...and everyone can talk about how fake it is.

196 days ago


Totally crap.

196 days ago

WWE Chick    

-_- Really pisses me off when people say WWE is 'fake.' If you knew anything about the amount of work and energy that goes into it I know damn well you wouldn't be saying that. I'd really love to see how you handle yourself in the ring, especially with all their physical training they go threw. Not to mention some being on the road for three-hundred days out of the year.

With that said, let us clarify. The WWE is not fake, it's scripted. There's a freaking difference. If you don't care enough to know the difference, then you shouldn't care enough to comment on something related to the WWE. With that taken care of.. I shall get this off my chest: I can't stand that Undertaker lost >.< Goodbye last bit of my childhood hope.

194 days ago
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