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Nancy Grace


Wrestlers Warned to Stay Away!!

4/18/2014 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0417-nancy-grace-wwe-01Nancy Grace is being BLACKBALLED by the WWE over the way she covered the death of the Ultimate Warrior ... with superstars (past and present) being warned stay off her show -- OR ELSE!

Grace most recently enraged WWE officials when she had Diamond Dallas Page on her HLN show and strongly insinuated that Warrior's death was the result of steroid and drug abuse. 

In fact, she even brought a doctor on the show -- who never treated Warrior -- to speculate that steroids and drugs directly led to the deaths of scores of young wrestlers. 

She even scrolled a list of names -- which included Owen Hart -- who died during a freak accident on the set ... which had NOTHING to do with drugs or 'roids. 

Now, we're told WWE is circling the wagons to ostracize Grace -- and though they haven't sent any official memos, we're told there's a strong word going around the grapevine that anyone connected to the brand should STAY AWAY from Nancy if they wanna keep a working relationship. 

... and that's the bottom line. 

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Black Adam    

I hate how the WWE does business. The way they treat female wrestlers.....even though most of their females can't even wrestle themselves out of a handshake. Then the crappy pay, and expecting peak performance, when it is physically impossible without taking steroids. Being a wrestler is a depressing life, which will end in death before the age of 60.

153 days ago


I bet Keith begged for the retard to shoot him after he realized he proposed the Nancy.

153 days ago


Its sad when people die young. Why not see if it can be prevented.

153 days ago


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152 days ago


Yeah not REAL athletes? Lol get in a ring get banged around and tell me if its real. Outcome is known but injuries are real just like your so called REAL ATHLETES. BTW idont see football stars....basketball stars... hell any superstars in the 4 majors staying or lastingin wwe... wait SHAWN MERRIMAN IS COMING theres a so called athlete! What a joke!

152 days ago


i think people should mined there buisness just think of his kids his wife like that nancy bitch is perfect shes a pos and klaus heisler your ****en a dum mf

152 days ago


Ultimate Warrior died from heart disease. Same as his father and Grandfather (52 and 57 years old). That list she posted included wrestlers that died from a variety of reasons like Mark Curtis (stomach cancer), Owen Hart (fell to his death), Brady Boone (car accident), Joey Marella ( a referee, car accident), Chris Candido (blood clot following surgery) and DJ Peterson (motorcycle wreck)."

That pig did zero research on her story and just chose to push her agenda.

152 days ago


as far as the warrior and others are concern nancy grace that pos needs to be sued by owens wife kids because he did not die from steroids bitch get your storys straight and ultimate warrior did not die from that he had a heart condition you act like your perfect go mind your buisness i think your trash

152 days ago


I seriously think Nancy Grace needs to be body slammed....several times.

152 days ago


How dumb does Vince think we all are? It is one thing to not want to talk about it. But to continue to deny the connection at this point is absurd. Unless wrestlers are just REALLY unlucky in in their genes, the sheer number of former wrestlers (and football players) who are having heart attacks in their 50s, 40s and even 30s is startling. These are people that have had plenty of full check ups throughout their lives. So if they had some abnormality in their hearts, it would have been diagnosed

151 days ago


Grace needs a Drone strike. Her views are way too political. She couldn't report the news correctly ulnless it landed in her lap and she still wouldn't get it right .
She still dis-owns the fact that she cut out the key
words out of the Zimmerman 911 call

151 days ago


What's worse than her behaviour while covering this particular story is that she has apparently learned _nothing_ from the last time a wrestling death was covered so extensively. It speaks to her intellectual laziness that she would leap to the steroid angle yet again and refuse to consider any other viewpoint. Now, hopefully, she'll come to realize what her behaviour here has cost her and HLN: any credibility in handling any stories surrounding pro wrestling. No pro wrestler who even hopes for a relationship with WWE will speak to her now, and may be reluctant to speak with anyone from that network. Seriously, the media needs to start boning up on its understanding of pro wrestling before attempting to cover stories like this again.

151 days ago

jeebus chris    

She's a horrible woman. I don't know how she makes a living doing what she does. I get that "controversial" people get ratings, but if she comes on, I turn the channel. Just writing this comment is giving her way too much of my time.

151 days ago
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