Strip Club Lawsuit Doctor Accused of Trying to Weasel Out On $135,000 Tab!!!

4/22/2014 3:09 PM PDT
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Scores -- a famous NYC strip club is going after a customer in court because he allegedly weaseled out of a HUGE tab ... claiming he was drugged by Scores employees.

Scores claims Dr. Zyad Younan ran up a $135,303 bill last year on his American Express card during FOUR visits to the club. 

The gentleman's establishment says Dr. Younan was not a gentleman when it came time to pay  ... challenging the charges by claiming he was not in his right mind when he racked up the bill.

According to the lawsuit, Dr. Younan told the credit card company he was drugged by club employees.  The doctor also claimed he wasn't even there on the dates in question ... although the club claims it has him on video.

Scores is suing for what it is owed, plus interest.

Calls to Dr. Younan were not returned.  He's in surgery ... which will probably pay for numerous lap dances.