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Mike Rowe

Donald Sterling Should Leave USA


4/29/2014 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Donald Sterling should change his name ... get on a plane ... and LEAVE the United States for good -- at least, that's the advice he's getting from "Dirty Jobs" star Mike Rowe

He may have been joking ... or not ... but Mike raises a good question -- what does Donald Sterling do now?? 

As Rowe points out, he does have the resources and the money to live out the rest of his days in another country where no one knows who he is ... but then again, he's old and stubborn. 

Does he stay in L.A. and try to rebuild his image?  Or self-imposed exile? 

Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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Maybe we'll have no more Sterling articles if he does

145 days ago


Seriously, you've jumped whatever a group of sharks is called with this. Enough already.

145 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

I'd rather read celebrity news from Perez Hilton than TMZ right now, this is plain ludicrous.

145 days ago


Mike Rowe is an moron. Whether or not you believe in God, those that wrote our constitution believed our rights --which protect our freedom-- described so eloquently, came from God...and therefore can never be taken away from us by men.

So, Sterling expresses his opinion in a private conversation with his girlfriend...yeah, it's an unpopular opinion...but it his God given right under the constitution to say it and believe it.

And now Mr. Walmart who claims he is a patriot wants to scrap the constitution and fry Sterling.

I'd much rather see our constitution and freedoms stay along with Mr. Sterling and see Rowe and Walmart go.

145 days ago


nobody in Beverly Hills gives a crap, he'll be fine

145 days ago


Couldn't agree more

145 days ago


Karma is getting old Donald and I suggest there is much more to come.

145 days ago


Amen to that...Sterling is a racist pig he does not deserve to live in the USA in the year 2014...deport him out so we can move on.

145 days ago


If this was a black racist would yall want to move on...no u would love everyday to post how much u hate him an his thoughts..so just sit back an digest it.

145 days ago

dr murphy    

Hey he should go on vacation asap,look a george zimmerman his image is done,he can't get a job nowhere.he needs to do like Monica lewinski and go overseas she got a degree while over there and recently came back to the u.s.no one cares about her today.

145 days ago

dr murphy    

I'll say this racisim came from all who came to this country,each group has some racist people in it,I have tribal friends from boston to Vegas they dont show racism tribal people,the 100 percent native tribal indians,it came with the new people us.

145 days ago


He is laughing his ass off at you people

145 days ago


Mike Rowe, get a life.

145 days ago


How bout a recording of a high profile African American in the the privacy of there own home on a rant about whites. I bet a healthy bounty for such a recording would yield several examples to choose from. Exponential Equality!

145 days ago


OMG---Leave The White Man Alone---WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!! They call each other the N word all the time and its accepted. Rick Ross has a song and the only word he says is N, N, N and is making millions on it. I bet Sterling wishes he would have called them ******s instead of black people. This is nothing more then a WITCH HUNT!!! It's so funny that everyone wants to beat him up and say he's a bigot---Black people are the most raciest people on earth so get it right--if a white person says anything then OMG it't taboo--Please *****, Blacks are the first in line to play the race card. That little girlfriend of his sure was an expensive piece of ass it cost him 2.5 Million and a ban for life! Truth be know she probably had a Lot of BBC on the side!

144 days ago
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