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Bush's Chief of Staff


Infamous 9/11 Quote

5/2/2014 6:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

050214_andy_card_launch_v2Andy Card -- chief of staff for George W. Bush while he was President -- probably has the most famous quote of all-time that was not heard at the time ... and he re-enacted it this morning for TMZ.

Card was in D.C. this morning -- coincidentally signing the famous photo taken on September 11, showing him telling the President about the World Trade Center attack.

He then stoically repeated what he told the President that day ... and it's sure to send chills down your spine.



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bush is a war criminal and a mass murderer ... and his chief of staff is equally guilty of the said crimes for helping him implement it ... TMZ is doing a great disservice to the people (including the soldiers) who died in or fighting bush's war for profits

176 days ago


Obama the idiot would have classified 9/11 workplace violence.

176 days ago

Y.T. Houx    

so lucky obama wasn't prez at the time, it would have taken forever to find him on the golf course,

176 days ago


Great tactic MS-TMZ: while more and more evidence and facts come out about Obama and how he let 4 Americans Die by ignoring Benghazi, you all divert and pose back to President Bush to attack. How are you going to do this when more evidence comes out on Obama sending the IRS to attack Conservatives ?

176 days ago


No what sends chills down my spine? A self righteous bitch declaring "What difference does it make?" regarding her decision (and her boss's) to save 4 Americans including an ambassador during a terrorist attack. Wait...Clooney likes the youtube story. Oh no...maybe he'll call me an ******* and leave the room? Really, TMZ, could you be anymore hypocritically biased? Such a joke.

176 days ago


Wow, I did get chills!

176 days ago


As someone who was near ground zero that day and lost many friends and neighbors, I started weeping as soon as I heard him say those words. Those of us who lived through it, up close and personal, will always carry strong emotions just under our skin til the day we die.

Reading some of the other comments; I'm am sickened when people use that event to promote a political agenda, either way - democrat or republican. It is an insult to every man and woman who died that day. Some of you posting here should be ashamed of yourselves.

176 days ago



176 days ago


Strange seeing him... well, cheerful... while repeating the quote. Odd moment if you think about it.

And I guess that signed photo will be worth a fair amount one day.

176 days ago


At least Bush didn't spend his non-golf time flying around the world apologizing for how great the United States is. That is Obama's job.

176 days ago

arale norimaki    

the bush administration knew about how to stop 9/11=massive cover-up

The Bush White House Was Deaf to 9/11 Warnings -

But there were other briefings, some seen by Eichenwald, that did warn of an imminent attack.

On May 1 the CIA said that a terrorist group in the U.S. was planning an attack.

On June 22 it warned that this attack was "imminent."

On June 29 the brief warned of near-term attacks with "dramatic consequences" including major casualties.

On July 1, the briefing said that the terrorist attack had been delayed but "will occur soon."

On July 24, the president was told again that the attack had been delayed but would occur within months”

176 days ago


New low guys.

Using that piece of history for celebrity profit.

176 days ago


What he really said: "Mr. President, don't let the other students intimidate you. Reading is learned one step at a time."

176 days ago


We don't have any friends in the world since G W Bush was president a GOP Sraka. Bush made war not love to make the greater USA to be respected in the world. Bush made enemies and was responsible for 911 and all the people and twin towers down. Bush only know how to kill the other side who did not agree with him. Do you remember the word. YOUR WITH US OR AGAINST US!!!! He was given the finger for that comment by other world leaders. THESE WORDS ARE FROM a PERSON WHO HAS NO INTEREST IN OTHERS and world peace. G W had to finish the war in the Mideast that his daddy never finished.
The real truth about G W Bush as President was that he was the go between to the USA American people for Dick Cheney and his people. This made G W a spokesman for the real government in the USA of that time. Obama is a real President who has embraced the office and makes his OWN way in Government But the GOP have said vote not to all his Bill. This BLACK man a non USA Citizen must go.
G W incited terrorism and 911 is all on his shoulders. If one picks on a person to much, the one being picked on will take revenge by fighting back. No need to thank me for the history lesson to all those USA Americans who don’t realize that they are a small part of the land mass call America.

176 days ago


I do not understand why everyone is so critical of Bush. He is the ONLY president in our history that did not START a war. He sent out an appropriate response for what happened by going after the extremists that did this to our people. Yes, we say that he did not have reason for the Iraq war and the search for WMD, but they have more intelligence on these matters than us folks sitting back watching from a distance. Those people needed help to get out from under those extremists and that damned Husain and as Americans that is what we do.... Help. I would much rather Mr. Bush be in office right now than Obama. EVERYTHING has dropped since Obama's administration (including his approval rating). And no, unemployment is not UP since the Bush regime, many American's are not getting unemployment for them to accurately count. The debt TRIPLED under Obama. He has put us into more debt THAN EVERY OTHER PRESIDENT IN OUR HISTORY COMBINED. That is a FACT. And a very sad one. He is responsible for our current state, not Bush. When he stepped into that office, he was supposed to make "change" and improve things, but he has only brought them DOWN. FACT. I am sorry that I ever voted him in. LIBERTARIANS are TRULY for fundamental liberties, privacy, personal choice on many matters, end the FED, no tax, and no more BIG GOVERNMENT. As Americans, these are things that we should all want and desperately need as they are constantly taken away from us more and more. Do your own research on the Libertarian Party and please, I urge you, change your voting registration once you do!

176 days ago
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