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Somebody Must Need Stitches

'Cause I Smell ....

5/2/2014 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

24 hours after T.I.'s showdown with the LAPD officers, something new is making him angry -- snitches!! Or as he describes it ... anyone who records stuff.

So, basically everyone from journalists to parents suffering through a kid's recital ... just made T.I.'s s***list. 



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And we are supposed to care?

145 days ago


Someone send him back to jail

145 days ago


Lmao. He looked like a fool blaming the LAPD and then finding out it was security from the club

145 days ago


What a stupid Douche. he wants to be famous but then when hes filmed he calls the people snitches? What a idiot.
Kids your role models are ignorant fools

145 days ago


Are he and Tiny (IQ of 10) cause they film a VH1 reality show. Dude's washed up. Soon, it will be Hammertime bankruptcy.

145 days ago

Northwest Airlines    

I do not like TI he is a very arrogant guy when he went to jail I cared about him because he was a fan of mine back when he first started off. So I wrote to him. When he got out he stated to all his fans don't worry about me I'm rich I will be alright. I'm sorry I will never feel sorry are care about any blacks again. I was looking for thanks for the fans that cared. Your fans are the people who made you rich. The rappers, singers, wrestler, NBA players and etc never think of that. All they no is now.

145 days ago


Says the guy with a reality tv show.

145 days ago


...ok let's backtrack a bit...this guy T.I. ( T.ypical I.diot ) was arrested a few years ago in a sting operation for dealing with high-powered firearms he planned on putting out in the streets of ATL. And only did A YEAR long prison stint for it... While Ron Isley of the legendary Isley Bros. RnB singing group did THREE YEARS for tax evasion...hmmmm...what kind of a deal did this self proclaimed king of the south ( in the land of make believe ) strike with the prosecution in that case...hmmmm.... #ISmellARat...#YouRuleNothing #

145 days ago


T.i.-the informant

145 days ago


Shut the f*ck up and quit being a little b*tch.

145 days ago

patrick flatley    

t.i is a snitch himself unregistered fire arm in candada gets you 3 years manditory minimum ...its illegal to posess a firearm in the united states if you have been convicted from a crime, which mr harris was before the gun bust. He had army assault rifles with 100 round barrels and sold guns to u.c's ...11 months? please tip who u foolin u rat snitch...and im sure harvey could back this up too...pot callin the kettle black (no donald sterling intended)

145 days ago

all about the money    

So because he was filmed making a fool of himself and his posse trying to start a riot with the cops the people that recorded it (including his own people) are to blame? Oh and someone needs to muzzle that little Chihuahua that was mock charging the cops too.

145 days ago


Because criminals don't want to get caught. The black community has fostered this "no snitches" mentality and look at their communities. Filled with violence. Those who do wrong want to keep doing wrong and do not care about society. Society is having values and rules so everyone can live together and be productive and enhance each others lives. Criminals are the fringe of society, but in the black communities with the "no snitch" mentality, the criminals are not the fringe of the society, but make up the bulk of the society and since they do not follow any rules, their society breaks down into bloodshed quicker. If the community would hold up values and keep the criminals in the fringe and not give them such a big voice (tmz with your constant elevation of all things immoral) the crime rate and criminal behavior would decrease and they would have safe communities.

145 days ago

yo moms    

what is he worried about?
is he still on probation on those gun charges?
(it's hard to keep up, since he's been arrested so many times.)

145 days ago

Ben IncaHutz    

He must be mad that someone is recording him and his ugly ass wife.

145 days ago
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